Man Arrested For Flinging Semen At Unsuspecting Walmart Shopper


Turns out, Walt Disney World isn’t the greatest place on Earth… for masturbating employees.

Stay with us on this.

While inside a Walmart in Florida (where else?), mouse-eared worker Taylor Davis was arrested for jerking off and then throwing his bodily fluids on an unsuspecting female shopper.

The 20-year-old was strolling around the infants section, listening to some enticing “audio pornography” and happened to spot an attractive lady walking the aisles.

He then decided to follow her and, through a hole in his sweatshirt that allowed him instant penis access, fondle himself.

A Walmart security guard watched Taylor’s inappropriate behavior, which culminated with him wiping a “white substance” on some merchandise, and called the cops.

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When officers arrived at the retailer, they found the suspect outside in the parking lot where he confessed to his X-rated actions.

According to a deputy, “Mr. Davis stated that he masturbated and after he ‘finished’ he flung the semen off of his hand.” The substance then landed on a woman who had no idea she had been pelted with jizz.

Davis also told police he was a porn addict who was struggling to keep his public masturbation in check for almost a year. And, yes, he also participated in similar behavior while working at Walt Disney World.

Mickey has yet to fire Davis, but he remains on unpaid leave pending his criminal case.

Davis was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. He was released from county jail yesterday on $750 bond.

We’re thinking he should start a support group with the man arrested for having sex with a stuffed horse in another Florida Walmart.

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Photo: Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

  • Lekecia Streeter

    Keeps getting sicker and sicker.

  • msxmargo .

    Everybody makes fun of Walmart where r low income people suppose buy stuff for there kids oh there not suppose too? Not all low income people jerken off in walmart store some do it at target lol

  • Paula

    people make fun of Wal-Mart hoping to get people to realize how badly employees are treated. I’d prefer doing it directly to Wal-Mart – but what are you gonna do? Now, FLA is another story – first no more Bushes!

  • That poor woman! I worked as a production assistant on a porn set once and had to clean up plenty of nasty fluids, but at least they warned me ahead of time. If you’d like to know what that was like,

    • Philip Worthen

      Interesting blog.

  • Carol Edmonds

    Why is he not still in jail? He shouldn’t be permitted to post bail!!!? He’s a danger to others!! He probably has an STD,or two!!

    • Somebodys Secret

      You cant get an STD from having a PORN addiction, meaning he watches porn, and jerks himself off, Duh. No othere people are included, its just him his hand and a tv screen

  • Jara Matthews

    At least hes cute.
    Couldda been worse, right clarice?

    • David Matthew

      Really? All you really worry about is that he is cute? You are fucked up in the head dude.

      • Laura Korslin-Pavloski

        OMG – it’s a frickin’ joke! Can’t you see that?

        • David Matthew

          No cause not everything is a joke.