Woman Texted “Drunk Driving Woo” Before Fatal Crash


If you needed a reminder as to why drinking and texting is dangerous, look no further than Florida woman, Mila Dago, who is facing multiple charges after getting wasted, sending texts to her ex about driving drunk, crashing her car into a truck and killing one person.

The suspect is 22-year-old Mila Dago, who ran a red light on August 14, 2013, and clipped a truck with her rented Smart Car. Dago and the truck’s driver survived the crash, but Dago’s friend and passenger wasn’t so lucky.

Irina Reinoso was killed.

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In the hours leading up to the accident, Dago and her friends had been partying hard, trying to get Dago’s mind off her recent breakup.

Amidst the bar hopping, Dago even sent off a bunch of cringe-worthy texts to her ex, saying things like, “Drunk driving woo” and “I’ll be dead thanks to you.”

Three minutes after sending the last message, Dago crashed into the truck.

Even two hours after the accident, the driver’s blood alcohol level was .178, which is more than twice the legal limit in Florida.

Dago pleaded not guilty to DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and two counts of DUI with damage to a person.

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Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    Now that is a bitch who is proud of her crime… wow, bitch.

  • Anthony Owsley

    How could she plead not guilty? The proof was right there.

    • prettysureitsinfected

      She’s dumb Ass that’s why.

    • Crystal

      That’s beyond ridiculous!


    I hope she gets gang banged in jailed by a bunch of guards. cunt!

    • Darla Marinoni Pirro

      Real nice language! Best part, you so missued the word! What she did has nothing to do with that word! Asshole, idiot, jackass, etc…….you’re an idiot!


        …but what you said has EVERYTHING to do with that word though. Cunt cunt contittycuntcuntcunt.

  • polliwogg

    I can’t believe she hasn’t been convicted already.

  • Cristina

    Her ignorance got someone killed. She needs to serve some serious time!!

  • Stacy Colnaghi

    she still has right to claim not guilty and waste the tax payer’s money. She will be convicted and sentenced to possibly 25 yrs in prison because she texted… I’ll be dead, knowing that she had a friend in the car. She planned it out.

  • Pat Carlson

    You can’t fix stupid…she’s not only stupid but now a killer. Hope she’s happy with herself and rots in some jail cell. She deserves nothing but the worst!

  • Cali Schaeppi

    The fact she was blaming her ex for her actions tells me what type of unstable clingy girl she is, her friend should of lived an she shouldn’t of. She will get convicted an when she does I hope they throw away the key an she rots.

  • Buxton2276

    She’ll plead down and get a light sentence. Her lawyer will argue that the passenger made a conscious choice to get in the car with Dago, knowing that Dago was drunk. So, they will paint the victim as a guilty individual who made the choice to ride with the drunk driver. Dago’s lawyer will argue that she is not a “danger to society” and should be allowed to serve her time on either probation or house arrest.

    • prettysureitsinfected

      I feel ur right with this one. Very sad

    • Shannon

      I’m TOTALLY against drunk driving , have never done it, don’t let anyone in front of me that’s drunk to drive, and I don’t let anyone I know get in a car driven by someone who is drunk , but I do think that the CHOICE of her friend to get into the car driven by someone who is drunk AND TEXTING while driving should be taken into account. Why shouldn’t more people start saying outright in these situations that the victim made a DUMB decision?

      • Buxton2276

        So… it means less that her friend broke the law and got her killed?

        • Shannon

          Honestly, in that situation I’m just glad the person who was sober wasn’t the one killed! That’s usually the case

      • Holli

        I see your point Shannon. It’s like saying, Since the friend knew she was drunk and chose to ride with her, she knew what could happen and accepted the risk. At my current age, I agree with that argument. But, at 22, we all think we are invincible. I’m wondering if the ex knew and could be culpable bc he didn’t do anything…..I say that bc I’ve seen dependents pull that….So & So knew they were drunk and driving but never alerted the police, blah, blah. Regardless, many lives are forever changed bc of 30 seconds.

        • Shannon

          I’m in my 30’s but even when I was young (lol) I refused to get in the car w someone who had been drinking many times. I understand your point because I did do plenty of other stupid things that could have gotten myself killed or hurt. I also think kids make the right decision regarding drinking or drugs if they’ve been taught right & wrong by their parents . My dad told me the day I got my license that if I ever had to call and say I got a DUI I shouldn’t bother calling & that if I do drink just call home and they would come get me no matter where I was or the time. Most kids don’t have parents like that anymore

  • Sarah Roman

    Uggggggg Florida

  • Jara Matthews

    misrepresentation!!!! She sent the text 3 minutes before the crash.
    further, based on the text it seems she did it intentionally.

  • Jara Matthews

    wouldnt it be funny if he fucked the friend that died?
    Men are vile pigs like that.

  • virgo58

    This spoiled ass bitch thought she was too good to be dumped, so she went out and created this horrible situation. I hope they throw the book at her hateful ass. After getting her ass in a ringer, I’ll bet she really will wish she was dead. Her ex should be glad she’s out of his life. What a f**king looser. She could have killed a whole lot of people going through that light. If life was fair, she would have gotten her wish and it would have been her instead of her passenger.

  • John Foytek

    This certainly goes beyond the normal break up. I have always hung around friends who were drinking at parties just to make sure that they were doing okay, and since I don’t drink I would always volunteer to be the designated driver, as I knew that would potentially save lives. It is messed up that people have to be so careless over such trivial things.

  • F Burns

    It should have been her.

  • Sherry Ridge

    how can someone drive at that high of a level? I guess they get use to it if they’re like an alcoholic or hardcore drinker. but actually I take that back course apparently they can’t drive that’s why they crashed.

  • coock12

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  • Valerie

    I say she’s guilty as hell but I think what may keep her from getting the most severe punishment is her age. Barely legal to drink and inexperienced, not saying it’s an excuse.
    Recently, we had two separate drunk driving fatalities and in both instances the guys were mid thirties! In both instances the one’s killed were innocent victims. Now that pisses me off. I hate it when people are obviously guilty but still try to get out of paying the consequences….LOSERS!

  • glideair

    Driving with seatbelts is considered dangerous and the insurance companies lobbied to make it mandatory to wear them while driving, saving them tons of liability out-lay.
    If cell phones are dangerous while driving; why isn’t it mandatory to not use cell phones while driving.
    I’ll tell you why….the phone companies lobby against having such a law. They are getting filthy rich by their use any where and anytime,
    Innocent people die and are extremely put off by there use in certain circumstances.
    Profit before safety, once again.
    Don’t forget to vote.

    • John

      Texting and driving is already not permitted in many places, including Florida. Gee, same with drinking and driving, for that matter. If you think laws would have prevented her from doing what she did, I’m almost afraid to think they might be letting *you* operate a motor vehicle.

      • glideair

        Another voter, I suspect. Critical thinking is not one of your fortes. Not to worry; you have plenty of company.
        I possess a C.D.L. license with Greyhound Lines Inc. and been a Private Pilot since ’72. I’ve witnessed just about every way there is to act a fool and the practicing of non-respect for my fellow man. Self-centeredness and selfishness is the order of the day with those encased in the over-abundance of all the fear-based political landscape.
        Killing two innocent young ladies while drunk and attempting to text on a phone while driving-drunk has to be the ultimate of stupidity and total disregard for human life.
        Next thing you’ll be telling me is that it was an accident.
        Only when it’s cost-effective for the phone and insurance companies, will it become an across-the-board law to not use phones while operating an automobile on the general roadways.
        Don’t forget to vote.

        • CherDash

          It *is* against the law.

          • glideair

            Thank God everybody obeys the law!

  • Forefe

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  • Theresa Maskrey

    Makes me sick. Drinking and driving wooo, and ur not guilty, someone lost their life. She is sickening, I hope u never get out!!