Insanely Jealous Husband Shoots Wife’s Friend Over Facebook Messages


It was a fight over Facebook that turned very serious and almost deadly after a shooting. Police say 22-year-old Christopher Romoleroux found out his wife was messaging an old acquaintance on the social networking site, reports the Sun Sentinel.

The Sun Sentinel says instead of letting it go, or having a talk with her, police say he took matters into his own hands. Romoleroux is accused of going over to Clarence Autley’s house, confronting him in person, punching him and then shooting him in the leg on his way out.

On Sunday, the face-tattooed Romoleroux was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder.

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According to a sworn statement received by the Sun Sentinel, the victim received a message over Facebook from Ludwika Duarte – it was sent around midnight on Saturday night. Duarte and Autley exchanged numbers where they began to catch up over text message, instead of Facebook. The pair had not seen one another for six years the report said.

At some point it is believed Romoleroux found out about the texting and took his wife’s phone to begin his own chat with Autley. He was allegedly posing as his wife and asked the guy if he wanted to “hang out,” the Sun Sentinel said.

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Autley reportedly gave his address and Romoleroux got into a silver vehicle to head over. When he got out of the car, according to the report, he told the victim, “Why you trying to get with my woman?” That’s when a fight ensued and a shot rang out.

In the affidavit, according to the Sun Sentinel, the victim suffered three breaks to his femur bone, the biggest bone in your body, a cut and a bloody lip. The victim was reportedly shown a photo line up where he positively identified the suspect, the report went on to say.

Lody Jean told the Sun Sentinel that the facts surrounding this case do not warrant a second-degree murder charge and he will fight it by going to trial.

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Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office



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