Insanely Jealous Husband Shoots Wife’s Friend Over Facebook Messages


It was a fight over Facebook that turned very serious and almost deadly after a shooting. Police say 22-year-old Christopher Romoleroux found out his wife was messaging an old acquaintance on the social networking site, reports the Sun Sentinel.

The Sun Sentinel says instead of letting it go, or having a talk with her, police say he took matters into his own hands. Romoleroux is accused of going over to Clarence Autley’s house, confronting him in person, punching him and then shooting him in the leg on his way out.

On Sunday, the face-tattooed Romoleroux was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder.

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According to a sworn statement received by the Sun Sentinel, the victim received a message over Facebook from Ludwika Duarte – it was sent around midnight on Saturday night. Duarte and Autley exchanged numbers where they began to catch up over text message, instead of Facebook. The pair had not seen one another for six years the report said.

At some point it is believed Romoleroux found out about the texting and took his wife’s phone to begin his own chat with Autley. He was allegedly posing as his wife and asked the guy if he wanted to “hang out,” the Sun Sentinel said.

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Autley reportedly gave his address and Romoleroux got into a silver vehicle to head over. When he got out of the car, according to the report, he told the victim, “Why you trying to get with my woman?” That’s when a fight ensued and a shot rang out.

In the affidavit, according to the Sun Sentinel, the victim suffered three breaks to his femur bone, the biggest bone in your body, a cut and a bloody lip. The victim was reportedly shown a photo line up where he positively identified the suspect, the report went on to say.

Lody Jean told the Sun Sentinel that the facts surrounding this case do not warrant a second-degree murder charge and he will fight it by going to trial.

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Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

  • Angie

    If he was uncomfortable with it, she should have let it go, they already had not seen or talked to each other in 6 years. The husband should have been more important. I would do anything for my hubby and vice versa. He was wrong definitely, but I see how it could have led him to snap.

    • Oscuro

      If the other man was just a friend then there was no problem with it. People should not be jealous of their partner’s friends if they’re the opposite sex. If the husband was uncomfortable, he should’ve asked his wife if he could get to know him so maybe he could be friends too.

    • Katt

      I have already been in a relationship with an extremely jealous person and I would never do it again. This is not healthy or normal at all!!! Jealousy is an issue for the person who has it. Not the other person!! It is a very controlling emotion and never works out well!!1

    • Jenni Klein

      Except for the fact that he never gave her the option of ‘letting it go.’ He took her phone, falsely obtained the victim’s address, drove over and assaulted and SHOT the guy.
      ‘Hubby’ (who is her boyfriend) deserves to go to jail.
      Jealousy is stupid. People aren’t posrssions.

  • Mari Garza

    Wow.. Smh…
    . I see nothing wrong in catching up with any old friends as long as you’re only doing That. “”Catching up” …..not sex-texting…..
    But he pretended to be her in order to lure him….
    Jealousy is No Excuse for Stupidity
    I agree with the charge. ….Apparently his mother did raised a fool….. ( so to speak)

    You know the saying….?
    Momma didn’t raise no fool… Lol

  • Siena Jackson

    Some ppl just can’t let others have simple friendships.

  • Lisa Marie Strackbein

    Second degree murder charges ? I thought the victim only suffered three breaks to the femer bone a bloody lip and cut smh some of these stories I think are off the wall !!!!

    • John Richard Cox

      Did you not read where he was shot in the leg? A .45 to the thigh, hits the bone, breaky-break.

    • Heather Leanna Adams

      Attempted second-degree murder. For shooting him!!

  • cyndi

    Well if they weren’t having an affair they will now when she gets lonely because he’s serving life in prison……lol

  • Tina Ruiz

    Why am I not surprised that it happened in Florida?!?

    • spankee

      Oh like only Florida has domestic violence?

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  • Lora Graham

    First of all, they’re married. Unless they only dated for a week and just got married right before the shooting, then she knows d**n well that he’s a jealous person. So IMO that was dumb to be corresponding by text rather than keeping it to the FB inbox (though if jealous enough he could’ve hacked that too). On top of that does he look like a stable individual? HOWEVER, bottom line, he pretended to be her in order to trap this guy, before breaking a major bone & shooting him. That smacks of premeditation. And if he shot him in the thigh, what if he had hit the femoral artery? Yeah, if I was a prosecutor I’d go for attempted 2nd degree as well.

  • Mexi Cool

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