Woman Stabbed In Eye With Serving Fork In Fight Over The Last Rib At The Family BBQ


Memorial Day Weekend turned out to be a little more battle-scarred than usual for one Indiana family when two women got in a physical fight over BBQ.

It began innocently enough when Sabrina Davis went to a friend’s cookout. All was going well, except for the fact that the daughter of BBQ hosts (identified in the police report as Angela Watkins) became increasingly upset over the amount of food Davis had consumed. When Davis and Watkins reached the last rib at the same time, things got out of control.

According to police, Watkins finally confronted Davis just as the hungry guest was using a fork to get the last rib. Davis allegedly then used the fork to stab Watkins in the eye. After Davis stabbed her with the fork, Watkins allegedly grabbed a knife and went after her attacker.

Watkins was taken to a local hospital, where she was treated for a swollen eye and lacerations to the eyelid.

Not surprisingly, Davis tells a different variation on the story. She doesn’t deny that the fight broke out over the last rib. However, she told police that she only used the fork in self-defense as Watkins had already grabbed the knife and was coming at her. Davis was charged with felony criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and is being held at the Delaware County Jail on $5,000 bond. According to the police, there was one witness to the altercation.

Time will tell on how this story story pans out.

WXIN Indianapolis brings us this report:

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