Florida Police Rescue Naked Swimmer Who Got Stuck On A Drawbridge


Skinny-dipping sounds like a great idea, until you get stranded on a raised drawbridge in your birthday suit.

On Friday morning, an unidentified Florida man was caught with his pants down—and, well, completely off—when he was walking across a railroad bridge and the structure started to rise.

Luckily, the nude swimmer scampered to the top and was able to hold on until first responders arrived.

The man was too high up for fire-department ladders to reach, so a brave member of the Broward Sheriff’s Office rescue team climbed the rest of the way—with a towel, no less.

After the man was secured with a harness, the bridge was then lowered down slowly.

There’s no word on why he went skinny-dipping in the first place.

But then again…Florida.

Read more: Bradenton Herald

Photo: Sun Sentinel



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