Suspect Nearly Chokes To Death After Eating His Own Poop, Spewing It At Cops


We’ve heard of cuffed suspects pooping in the backseats of patrol cars, but Jonathon Glenn took his rage at being arrested a step beyond gross.

The 29-year-old was taken into custody last week on suspicion of stabbing a victim in Galveston, TX, who remains in critical condition.

Once Glenn was cuffed and placed in the back of the police cruiser, he pooped his pants.



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He allegedly scooped the feces into his mouth and began spewing it at the arresting officers.


Wait! There’s more!

Next, Glenn wrapped the seatbelt around his neck and tried to choke himself to death. Of course, the cops cut the belt so Glenn couldn’t take his own life.

Glenn made to jail alive (and hopefully got a shower) and is being held $100,000 bond. He’s facing aggravated assault charges and kidnapping charges for another incident.

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  • Beth

    Why did they stop him, they should have let him kill himself.

    • Madi Rodriguez

      Really? Then there would be another shit storm about how cops can’t keep the people safe even in custody. If the guy killed himself while handcuff don’t you think someone will yell out “how can he? The cops must have done it!”

      • sasampson

        Nope he was white not black.

      • michael145

        He was white. The media doesn’t care if a white person dies in custody. That doesn’t get ratings.

      • Dale Blankenship

        Shit storm ROFL😂

    • There would be a lot of paper work and an investigation . Darn.

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  • Liz O Hernandez

    My question is, How in the world did he grabbed his own poop and eat it? You would think he couldn’t since he was handcuffed and had seatbelt on..hhmmm thats a wrird story.

    • Sarah Branham

      I wonder the same thing

    • Derek Lee

      The pooping was done in the back of the cruiser, the throwing of it must have been after was un cuffed at the station

      • Liz O Hernandez

        Thats just nasty!

  • Stacey D. White

    That’s just freaking disgusting,gross and nasty. He seriously needs help and fast!!!!

  • Andre

    shouldnt the cops of shot him… i mean he was unarmed, he seemed upset.. its like “judge Dredd” now right?

  • Sheylee

    I should have never read this!!

    • TED

      Lol! I can’t *unread* it now…

  • Roger Rabitt

    Well he has a great case for insanity. Sane people just DO NOT eat their own poop!

  • turtlemouth

    Shower? Give that man a toothbrush!

  • Upone1947

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  • Derek Miller

    how’s a does a hand cuffed person manage to do all that? im finding it hard to believe this shit happened the way its being told.

  • Ali Z

    they shouldn’t have cut that seatbelt…now there’s a chance some retarded female will procreate with him