Man Accused Of Holding Ex-Girlfriend Captive In Wooden Box For 4 Months


Police in Missouri are on the hunt for a man who allegedly held his own girlfriend captive inside his own home inside a wooden box reports Fox 8.

James Barton Horn Jr. 47, is accused of keeping the woman inside his residence for a long period of time in a box described as four feet long and deep. Fox 8 says a wooden box police found inside the home is consistent with the story she told authorities. On Thursday, the victim had an opportunity and made a run for it and was hysterical” after being rescued.

Sgt. Joshua Howell from the Sedalia Police Department told said that the victim is physically doing “OK” despite everything she’s been through. Howell added, “She was frantic and said she had just escaped her boyfriend’s house where he had been periodically locking her in a wooden box.”

Apparently, according to the report, the victim said she had been held by Horn since January after their relationship turned “sinister.” The box and other items of evidence were taken and preserved by police after they served a search warrant.

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Fox 8 dug into Horn’s past criminal history and they say he has a “history of torturing and holding women captive” after a break up. Another act was committed four years ago with another victim, and a judge even admitted that Horn could commit again. The time time there was no evidence convincing the judge to order Horn to a mental facility, Fox 8 reported.

In addition, the report says Horn is listed on the national sex offender list for a previous incident in Tennessee in 1992 involving a 22-year-old woman.

At this point, although authorities are searching through central Missouri, they admit Horn could be anywhere – and he’s dangerous. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 175 pounds. His pick-up truck has been located, but Horn has not been seen.

Neighbors spoke out and said they were stunned about the incident, and that Horn was known to keep to himself.

If you know anything about Horn’s whereabouts, please contact the Sedalia Police department directly: 719-530-2600

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