Cops: Mom, 22, Punches Crying 4-Week-Old Son, Breaks His Skull

A 22-year-old mom is now behind bars after reportedly admitting to punching her 4-week-old son several times in an incident last month. says the infant suffered from a fractured skull that resulted in a brain bleed, as well as multiple other fractures throughout his body.

The suspect, Peek Gaddis — who is also a nurse’s aide — now faces a second-degree felonious assault charge.

Authorities say Gaddis told them she punched her son several times with a closed fist on May 10. In court on Thursday, Judge Ted Berry, who heard the charges, reportedly reminded Gaddis, “Children are precious gifts God gives to us.”

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Why would a mom choose to hurt her defenseless infant? Reports say Gaddis lashed out at her son after “becoming frustrated” when she couldn’t sleep due to his crying.

Gaddis is now sitting in a jail cell, though she’s been granted a $15,000 bond. Her case is expected to be heard by a grand jury on June 22.

Fox 19 says the state has previous cases involving Gaddis, and both of her children have since been removed from the home.

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