Cops: Mom, 22, Punches Crying 4-Week-Old Son, Breaks His Skull

A 22-year-old mom is now behind bars after reportedly admitting to punching her 4-week-old son several times in an incident last month. says the infant suffered from a fractured skull that resulted in a brain bleed, as well as multiple other fractures throughout his body.

The suspect, Peek Gaddis — who is also a nurse’s aide — now faces a second-degree felonious assault charge.

Authorities say Gaddis told them she punched her son several times with a closed fist on May 10. In court on Thursday, Judge Ted Berry, who heard the charges, reportedly reminded Gaddis, “Children are precious gifts God gives to us.”

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Why would a mom choose to hurt her defenseless infant? Reports say Gaddis lashed out at her son after “becoming frustrated” when she couldn’t sleep due to his crying.

Gaddis is now sitting in a jail cell, though she’s been granted a $15,000 bond. Her case is expected to be heard by a grand jury on June 22.

Fox 19 says the state has previous cases involving Gaddis, and both of her children have since been removed from the home.

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  • Hagbard Celine

    First of all, this:
    “Children are precious gifts God gives to us.”
    Ever heard of separation of church and state, judge? Children are the result of idiots like her banging without thinking about the consequences of unprotected sex. They aren’t “gifts from god”. They are unwanted little burdens on society.

    Secondly, I can relate. Who doesn’t want to punch an obnoxious crying baby? That’s why I don’t have one. They are horrible little creatures.

    • Karl N Karissa Crofts

      Though I find your comment a little harsh, I do find that I happen to agree with some of your logic. A lot in society today are unwanted burdens… Unfortunate, but true. I also do not have a child, because I couldn’t handle it, but I’m smart enough to realize this, and I don’t participate in unprotected sex to avoid this. If an accident happens, well that is why abortion is legal.

      • Hagbard Celine

        See comment above.

    • missy barksdale

      And with that attitude i want to thank you for not breeding, not being a bitch or sarcastic. Completely serious. More ppl need to think before they have children. Children cry…..alot. You wont get any sleep and forget a social life until child gets older, all your money goes to your kids needs (as it should if you have kids their needs always more important ) You understand your limits and fully understand you dont want kids and if more ppl was like that and didnt take chances of having “accidents” there would be less stories (i would hope anyways) of parents straight murdering their defenceless babies. Even though your statment came out a little harsh and douchebagish (i think it’s mostley ppl who have kids or wants kids who would get a little butthurt but thankfully i got ointment for that so we’re cool ) i still wished ppl had your attitude, i rather a person be a dick w/o kids than a dick with kids , not saying you’re a dick im just saying if you are im glad you’re marure enough to know why you dont want kids ……….and i just came off as a total bitch , sorry bout that 🙂

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        Amen sister!

      • Hagbard Celine

        I never said I didn’t breed. I have a son, he’s an adult. Valedictorian of his high school and received an academic scholarship, top of his class in college. Hopefully he’ll do better better than my MFA and go for a a doctorate.

        You dummies can judge me for my sarcasm, but I managed to raise a child when I wanted one and he turned out way better than I could have hoped. The sarcasm gene may skip a generation. He’s a polite young man.

        I’d never have another, although I’m within age range to do so. But having a child early afforded me the opportunity to raise a child to adulthood while still giving me time to enjoy my relatively young life.

        • missy barksdale

          1st let me say i congratulate your son on his achievements. He sounds very intelligent and mature and im sure you’re very proud of him as any LOVING parent would be. Sarcasm must have skipped your generation also bc you misunderstood everything i said , which to me means you just didnt understand my comments or you purposely read more into it just to get offended (but like i said i have an ointment for that if you need some; -) lol ,im putting lol just so you know im joking) There may have been ppl who judged you on your “opinion” but this dummy (and no im not going to go through my achievements to prove to you that i have smarts under my belt bc your opinion of me doesnt matter, although i do appreciate you making sure i knew you got your MFA bc that made me quake in my boots a little bit thinking im messing with someone out of my league but that thought lasted a millisecond ) had actually applauded your decision to know you didnt want children or as i know now from you response more children . I may not have come out and straight kissed your ass but i wasnt judging you , but like i said sarcasm must have missed you. So let me just APPLAUD you again for your decision to have a child at a time when you didnt want to punch an obnoxious child in the face for crying instead of when you was older and less mature……wait, what? I though ppl was supposed to mature with age? Oh well some ppl do things ass backwards. Either way good on you for continuing not to breed , i mean we cant have mature , responsible adults (?) going around punching horrible little creatures in the face willy nilly bc then everyone would want to………again congrats on your mature and highly intelligent son, im guessing he takes after his mother?
          Side note: i am a bit of a jokster and one hell of a smart ass and couldnt help but laugh when i read your reply, i apologize if you take offense to this but i wouldnt be able to forgive myself if i didnt comment back after i had been called a dummy, either way have a nice day 🙂

          • Hagbard Celine

            Grrr. Don’t be so angry. The comment wasn’t meant for you. It was actually for Kay Kristin (hit the wrong button). I thought your reply was funny, aside from being almost unreadable due to lack of punctuation and grammar.

            And to be honest. My comment was a joke. I just wanted to see how many goofballs came out of the woodwork because it makes me laugh to fuck with them.

          • Peasaint

            You do that too? I thought I was the only one. Problem is, … once they’re out, they’re a bitch to put back without a hammer! You made me laugh out loud. Have a safe day.

      • Lynda Imoukhuede

        Missy Barksdale, yep, he/She is a dock and a douchebag and you, my dear spoke the truth.

    • monica

      LMFAO Jajajaja. I have 5kids and wouldn’t have it any other way. But you are right there are horrible lil creatures. There only Angels from 10pm to 7am lol

    • Rebecca McIntire

      I would love to punch you right in the face you pathetic piece of shit….

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        If you understood the deeper meaning of their message, maybe you’d see that they are a good person. Kids aren’t for everybody, and if you think that every kid out there is a gift and a wanted love, you need to wake up. People that don’t want kids, are doing this world a favor… why? Because they’re saving that child from harshness from them or others because they simply weren’t wanted.

      • Hagbard Celine

        Bring it on cunt. I’d bash you AND you horrible little Wal-Wart brood and send you screaming down the aisles smashing cheap chinese garbage in your wake.

        Honestly, most of the others understood the point about separation of church and state and the fact that children are being brought UNWANTED into this world causing this behaviour.

        If this stupid bitch couldn’t handle dealing with a child she should have been more careful before rutting and it’s not the judge’s decision to decide that children are “gods precious gifts” *barf*.

        A child isn’t a gift to everyone. It’s a burden to most. That’s why there are so many unwanted, neglected, and beaten children in this world. The people that WANT kids don’t do this. Although I’d still like to whack them once in awhile because I hate their screaming faces.

        After you get your next welfare check to take care of your hatchlings go get your sarcasm detector fixed.

        • Kay Kristin

          ohhhhm….ohmmm….ohmmmm….go to your happy place, sir. You’re about to have a stroke!
          By the way, “separation of church and state” has been bastardized to atheists’ ways of thinking. Keep in mind, it’s freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

          • Hagbard Celine

            Shut the fuck up Bible beater. Keep your fake deities to yourself. If you think there’s some “great bearded dude in the sky” giving babies as gifts why don’t you ask him why he allows our government to kill them with bombs? Moron.

          • Angylheart

            You would have benefited society as a whole had you been an “abortion”!

          • Hagbard Celine

            Now you don’t know that do you? I help society out on many levels every day.

          • LadyDamiana

            It also means that religion has no place in the official administration of government…..including the rulings of a judge. Not because of atheism (the default claim of butthurt god-botherers everywhere), but because religion in government can become an obstacle that keeps out, or discriminates against, the citizens who are not of the particular “established” religion. Would a Christian feel comfortable being sentenced in an openly-Muslim court? Or vice versa? Would they be treated fairly? THAT’S why the establishment clause and its pertinent case law exist.

          • Hagbard Celine

            Boom. Someone on Disqus that can spell AND understands the nuances of government!

        • Knick Cole Nastazio

          lol….I “got” your sarcasm as well as your point. Doesn’t change the fact that you came off as a miserable cunt. I’m glad your child grew up to be polite and everything else you claim. Hopefully they stay that way and don’t turn into a bitter old hag like their mother.

          • Hagbard Celine

            Nice duck-face on your profile pic. I bet you’re a real benefit to society. My son grew up great, and yeah his mother IS a bitter old hag and I’d hate for him to turn out like her.

        • Mary Catherine Chartrand

          No offense, but if that’s the way you speak to others, I highly doubt your son is valedictorian of anything.

          • Hagbard Celine

            No offense taken. You’re a hillbilly with a computer. Why should I care what you think?

      • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

        With that temper I hope you don’t have any little ones at home!

    • Kay Kristin

      Wow….yes, thank you for not breeding. Just remember….if everyone had your attitude, YOU would not be here….because, as you see, you were once one of those “horrible little creatures”…. and methinks you grew up into a horrible big creature.

    • sharise

      You are a fucking dumby how would you feel if that was your child and now not only will that child cry that child will have physical problems….how would you feel if you someone punched you in the head when you were a child…….NO CHILD is asked to be here your stupid ass damn sure didnt ask to be here…this is what happens when you have unprotected sex……EVERY CHILD is a gift from God bc i know my was bc she brought joy,peace,love and happiness into my life

      • Hagbard Celine

        The fact that you can’t even spell “dummy” right says all that needs to be said about you’re rambling reply…

    • LaTonya Lige

      your mother should have just swallowed!!! while children can be annoying that is what they are supposed to do! They are babies just as you apparently still are!

      • Hagbard Celine

        The point is “LaTonya” (jesus that NAME is child abuse) not everyone should hatch out a kid because they can. And people like you who probably let their little monkeys run around in the store and scream and cry and act like little pieces of shit are why other people hate you and your kids.

        • LaTonya Lige

          while this is true not everyone should have kids! kids are kids they will be noisy and out of line at times that is what they do. p.s i dont have kids. so that comment was irrelevant. so try harder next time to insult me it did not work NEXT…

          • Hagbard Celine

            I’m well aware that you can’t insult retards, because they just don’t understand it. The real insult totally went over your head.

          • LaTonya Lige

            Lol try again buddy 😂😂😂

          • Hagbard Celine

            You’re quite possibly the stupidest person on the internet. And I don’t mean that as an insult. It’s jut an observation.

          • LaTonya Lige

            Lol once again try harder! Better yet just let it go buddy it ain’t working!

          • Hagbard Celine

            If you could read for comprehension, you could see that I clearly state it’s not an insult, just an observation. You’re trying too hard to pretend it doesn’t bother you, but by continuing to respond you show that it really does bother you.

          • LaTonya Lige

            No not really!!!

    • Elizabeth Pipe

      Who hurt you!

      • Hagbard Celine

        Your ugly face hurt me.

        • Robert Anton Wilson

          Hello, Hagbard. 😉

          • Hagbard Celine

            All Hail Discordia, Bob!

          • GettingOlder74
          • Hagbard Celine

            Who exactly is the loser here? The one who did the fucking with or the one who got fucked with? I drug you into a nonsense discussion.

            By the way hashtags don’t work on Disqus. #dummy

    • nini

      your an asshole, uncaring jerk!!! remember you were a kid once yourself..maybe they should have fractured an uncaring soul like yours you idiot!!!! children are precious and thank goodness you dont have any cause they would be dead now!! children reguardless are gifts from god and they did not ask to be brought here. she should give that child up for adoption to someone who wants a child but canno0t have one themself!

      • nini

        did you hate your son to?? you said thats why you didn’t have any then started bragging about your son?? so he is perfect and all others are horrible little creatures??? no you are the horrible big creature..your son must have been abused by you in some way or another and i am sure the mother is the one who raised him not you if he has accomplished all those things. because you see, you just dont give a damn about any child including your own!

        • Hagbard Celine

          I said I don’t have any babies. My son isn’t a baby.

          And his mother was coke addict and he was born addicted. I took him away from her and raised him on my own.

          You don’t know me. You can’t even spell. I’d hate to see what kind of subnormal idiot welfare mooch you’re raising. I bet your kid won’t make it out of grade school.

          • nini

            for your info stupid, my son graduated college with a degree! my other son works at a factory and also is a magician. both have never been on welfare and have great jobs. i am very proud of their accomplishments. you don’t know me either but hummm, you must be perfect!! no one is perfect. my spelling is fine. you must have raised your son to hate babies and kids to. thats the kind of father you are jerk!

          • nini

            oh and what is this thing about you worried about all our spelling?? thats the least of problems. and calling all of us retards. thats a cowards way because you know we are all right and your wrong. i think and believe your the retard because of the way you love to bash people and kids and don’t understand god loves children and adults and everyone. even you.

          • Hagbard Celine

            If you want to show your intelligence to the world don’t present your writing without proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

            When you write like an semi-illiterate moron one can only assume you are a illiterate moron.

            And god doesn’t love anyone. There is no god.

      • Hagbard Celine

        Learn to spell. Then we can have a discussion. I don’t argue with retards.

    • Lynda Imoukhuede

      O wow! Are you for real? Where is all the gate coming from? I wonder if someone or ur mom had done d same thing to you as a child, if u will be here spewing so much hatred rewards babies

    • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

      That was the first thing I thought when I read that post! Church and state need a very clear line. My son cried for over 6 months because of colic. They are monsters that push you to your limits. If people can’t admit that then they are just lying to themselves.

    • GettingOlder74

      it takes a special kind of ass whole to hide behind a computer and type hateful disrespectful and baiting comments you three can rot in youre miserable hell you call youre life’s I can just imagine 3 fat ass perverts whos hole life is trolling for entertainment but the joke is on you losers
      Hagbard all my typos and lack of punctuation was all for you NOW KISS OUR ASSES DIRT BAGS. Babies are blessings and God will be sure his fallen Angel has a nice toasty bed waiting for you all.
      Peace✌ Love💞 and Happiness 😊

      • Hagbard Celine

        Haha. You are so self righteous you can’t even see the hypocrisy in your own statements. You say all those mean and hateful things and end it with “peace, love, and, happiness”?

        You’re a typical religious idiot. You claim to love god and the baby jebus, but you don’t follow his principles. I bet you’ve never even read the bible.

        Not to mention what kind of loving all-powerful god would let this happen to a baby? If there was a god and he loved babies so much why does he let Obama carpet bomb with drones that kill babies and children? Yeah some god you have there. Sounds like a real piece of shit to me. Are you sure Satan ain’t runnin’ show?

        • GettingOlder74

          Dumb ass can’t see I was giving him a taste of his own medicine. I believe everyone should have peace, love and happiness in their life. ….but for you I will wish for continued misery and self loathing.
          Why do you hate religion so bad? Did they try an exorcism on your evil self and failed? You are filled with so much hate I can read it in your words.
          I’m not a religious person, my comment was to piss your sorry ass off. So happy it worked. You make shit up as you move along the comments, but fail to keep your own story in line. First you have no kids, then you have one, then you have one but you took him from a crack head. You are definitely an Internet troll!! That’s why you hide your profile so no one can see you spread your ugly hate.
          Don’t bother with a nasty reply, been there, done that with you. Yawn😩it was boring😂😂

          • Hagbard Celine

            Religion is for weak-willed morons scared that they are going to die and that is the end. So they make up stories about heaven and god and they pretend to be good people even though they know that the things they do are evil.

            If you bothered to read correctly I said I didn’t have a baby. My son isn’t a baby. He’s a full grown man. And his mother wasn’t a crack head, she snorted cocaine.

            And know you call ME a troll, but you are the one that’s admitting to trolling me. That makes BOTH of us assholes then doesn’t it? And why is it OK that YOUR profile is private, but mine being private is because I’m hiding? What are you hiding?

            And if this discourse was so boring that you had to make some “yawn” emoticon why do you keep coming back? Because it’s NOT boring. Your actions speak louder than your words.

            You are a troll. You are hateful. And you’re not bored. You keep coming back for more because it bugs you that there’s someone smarter than you screwing with you. You can’t piss me off. I’m just here to have fun with you. You’re the angry one. SUCKER.

  • HANG45
  • I hope someone punch this bitch in her face and break her fucking skull. Then tie the bitch up by her toes and leave her there.

  • Robbi Flynn Bishop

    sick people hurt children…. and ALOT of adults are pure douche bags…… Your words show how fucked up of an individual you! Need I say more.

    • Hagbard Celine

      You could say more, and you could start by using capitalization, proper punctuation, and paying attention to spell check. First of all it’s “a lot” not “alot”.

      Anyway, I’ve never hurt a child in my life. Save your righteous indignation for someone else. (now go look that up, you trailer trash queen)

      • Robbi Flynn Bishop


  • Shannon

    She has 2 other kids so she should be used to not being able to sleep or a baby’s crying. 3 kids at 22???…,, she must have never heard of birth control. Poor baby boy is angel now and no one will hit him again

    • Tam L.

      Shannon I don’t think he died, didn’t state. But I agree with you, 3 kids so fast so young.

  • Stormy Cloud

    This is so sad. I hope the children get placed in a loving home that will help erase the hatred she has likely shown them for years. My children were unexpected (despite using BC) and my son had colic, then brain cancer as an infant and cried for what seemed like 3 years straight but NEVER did I lay a hand on him or even think about it, and my daughter had same issues minus cancer. They are loved daily, that is what children are suppose to have, warmth, love, comfort. If you don’t want to give that to them, give them up for adoption and let another couple who would love to provide that to them have them….Hell they might have even received more comfort and love from a group home than in hers 🙁

  • Patty Clark

    whoa…folks using the “C” word….

  • nanahayhay

    There is never any excuse for child abuse and this woman probably should never have another child. My question is – since she was already “on the radar”, what steps were taken to try to help her before this child was born and in these past four weeks? Was Children’s Services aware that she was having another baby?

    • GettingOlder74

      CPS is broken, and these agencies just can not handle all these cases. Once they close a case it’s forgotten until that baby is dead. It’s a sad disgusting world we live in where our poor babies are not given a chance. There are no excuses for harming a baby or child. ….people need to learn to walk away and get themselves together.

      • Hagbard Celine

        Why didn’t GOD step in and save his precious little gift?

        • GettingOlder74

          STF up loser where do you see GOD in my comment? As always trying to bait!! I’d say get a life but GOD wont waste a miracle on you!

  • Lu Solis

    Thank You For Taking the other kids away from her!

  • Cristina

    Let that bitch rot in jail

  • Christine


  • JunadiJuna .

    Disrupting her sleep???? When you have a child your life is NOW about the child, not your sleep. WHO does this to a child. SHAME on her. Tie the tubes on this woman please.

  • Lorraine Bailey

    She needs her tubes tied so no more babies for her! I think 30 years in prison ought to do it for her!

  • florence

    What a waste of skin. Piece of shit. I hope she rots in hell. I hope her Kids are given to a family that shows them all the love,and affection that there mom didn’t give,them.

  • Don Myers

    What kind of human does that?? That’s the kind of people who ruin this world…

  • teaser28

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  • Rita Marie

    WOW! Put her in a room with me for 1 hour… She’ll be carried out with a broken skull, piece of shit.

  • xina

    Her punishment should be sterilization, never seeing her child again and prision.

  • treet45
  • Shelby salas

    I really hope this bitch gets what she deserves and that’s to have a leash put around her neck because she’s an animal paraded around and has a broomstick shoved up her dirty twat then skinned alive with her eyelids cut off so she could see herself suffer

  • CadensMom2012

    So did the baby survive, or did she have 2 children before the 4 week old baby?