Daycare Worker Says He Accidentally Raped 5-Year-Old Girl During ‘Tickle Fight’


It was the end of the day on June 5 when a father stopped by a Normandy Park, Wash., daycare center to pick up his 5-year-old. When he walked in, according to Fox Q13, he couldn’t spot his daughter right away. She didn’t come running to greet him, she wasn’t seated at the table, and he didn’t see her playing outside.

As he scoured the area, the unidentified dad randomly peered behind a bookshelf, where he saw his daughter “crouched” with her 31-year-old male teacher. That teacher, identified as Ian Moore, reportedly told the father they were having a harmless “tickle fight,” but the little girl shared a very different story.

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When they got outside, the child allegedly told her dad that Moore had been touching her inappropriately, Fox Q13 reports. Child Protective Services was called immediately, and the child told authorities she was raped.

When Moore was questioned, he reportedly told authorities that he did touch the child beneath her underwear, but he claims it was accidental. According to court documents released this week, Moore said that “when he slipped on a toy as he was tickling … [the fall] caused his hand to slide into her panties and penetrate.”

Though the incident happened last Friday, other parents and grandparents apparently weren’t notified of the incident until Monday. Katie Burns, a grandmother of another child from the daycare, said, “I am going to grab all of her stuff and I’m pretty sure we are not coming back. You want to … do everything to protect [your kids].”

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The suspect’s grandmother spoke out to the station as well, saying, “It’s hard to believe it’s true. He was raised in a good environment. We don’t know of any reason [why] this is happening. I am very, very sorry if this is true … Please forgive us. I am crying for everybody, I am crying for the little girl, I am crying for our family.”

Moore is currently facing a first-degree child molestation charge and is in jail held in lieu on a $200,000 bail.

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  • Knick Cole Nastazio

    Uhm…..I have no words. This is disturbing to say the least.

  • Alfreda

    Accidentally penetrated?

  • susan rivas

    It was an accident?? Yeah right.

  • Kimberly Boer

    How does your hand go sideways to get under her panties & then straight to penetrate her if it was an “accident”?? Yeah that’s all BS!!!

  • drowsy1234

    How that father restrained himself…..I will never know. I would be in jail for killing that bastard.

    • Sandra Young

      I would be in jail, I’m that body guard mom who had two little one’s. I also have something against men baby sitting

      • monteB

        Men can’t babysit?

        • Rebecca Cowan

          Some ppl have trouble believing men can raise a child with pure intentions. Which is bullshit. My husband was a mr mom and i applauded his efforts her uncle baby sat. Also never would take that decision back. Men r just as capable

          • Eric

            I have babysat numerous times. Men are fully capable of watching kids. Just because there are a few bad apples like the jackass in the article, doesn’t make all men bad

          • Shequita Key

            You’re right my lil girl daddy does a wonderful job with his daughter. He has got rewards from her head start for being a super dad. And my uncle my daughter just loves him and we never had a problem with them touching the way. So yes it’s ok for men to watch kids all men aren’t the same. Females molest kids to.

        • LaMont Moore

          Why in the hell you make a statement such as that.You dont trust yourself ? All men are not sick.

          • Terry Ramsey Haskins

            i think he was questioning Sandra’s statement against men baby sitting.

        • fredbird67

          I too have babysat on occasion. Now I am hesitant to do it if they’re still in diapers, but if they’re older (say, 5-10 years old or so), sure, I’ll do so if asked. BTW, I have ALWAYS greatly resented people who don’t trust men with kids. Scum could, after all, be female, too. Just sayin’.

        • amber

          uh no. unless its the dad, its a little weird..somethings wrong

          • Senpai Gundam

            That’s sexist.

          • amber


          • Senpai Gundam

            So am I.

          • amber


          • Lora Graham

            It has nothing to do with being the father. I have male nephews ages 18 & up, as well as male friends, who would I would trust to watch my kids if need be with no problems. In fact, my nephews have. I’m not worried because my kids tell me everything, even when granny takes them to buy junk food. And when I was in the hospital having my 2nd child, my boyfriend was at home taking care of my oldest. It’s just like everything else in the world, it depends on the person. P.S. biological dads can be molesters, too.

          • amber

            Ur entitled to ur opinion that’s just how I feel…I trust no one with my kids but their dad, but I’m suspicious of everyone. Just saying if I would leave my kids with any male it would only b their daddy.

          • bruces girl

            Lol I was like that. We actually had it that I worked and my kids father stayed home with the kids. Was great til I found out that their biological father was molesting his own kids. He is currently serving time for it in prison, I’ve had him stripped of his parental rights. So don’t think that just cause they’re with their father that they are safe. On that note I’ve also had male babysitters and they have been wonderful! Not all men are bad and they now have a wonderful stepfather who is amazing . You can’t always tell who the molesters are. All you can do is teach your kids how to recognize what’s wrong , keep open communication, and be vigilant.

          • Lora Graham

            You’re right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that’s why my response wasn’t disrespectful (not saying yours is). As far as being suspicious of everyone, that’s how a lot of people view strangers, including myself. My only point is that there are monsters everywhere, and they come in all shapes, sizes, ages & races, and sometimes you won’t even know they’re there – in your life, in your house – until it’s too late.

          • Toni Raska Sams

            I am with you, Amber. Sexual predators are everywhere and in all walks of life. They get by with it because they are usually the nice person next door or the nice uncle. 95 percent of all sexual attacks are done by someone close to the family or a family member.

          • u better wurk

            no its not wrong I’m a male I baby sat my nephew and my niece and I baby sit there kids to!! horrible statement that she said

          • amber

            Ugh its just my opinion why r y guys gang in on me. I was replying to the orig I NAL comment that said u don’t trust men babysitting. Which I dont

          • Tebow

            your right amber we shouldn’t trust a man to babysit or a woman to work. they’re just not made for it…

          • amber


          • Ford

            Nothing wrong with your opinion. I have three kids under 3 and I would not trust a man other than family to babysit. I am not saying men are not capable, but I prefer women as they are typically more nurturing. 90% of daycares have no men working there for a reason.

          • amber

            Its just being cautious n I agree women are more nuturing

          • LuceroLee

            I work in an elementary school with tons of male teachers, behavior techs and aids. None of them are creeps, they all truly love and care about the children. It’s not fair that people should assume men can’t have these jobs.

          • Ford

            Elementary is much different than day care. Most men can teach very well. But, women are better at the day care age. I would not want a man babysitting my seven month old daughter. I don’t want a man potty training my daughter’s or even my son. Yes some women are creepy and not all men doing these jobs are but I will take my chances with a woman. Not all people in prison are guilty but that doesn’t mean I would just take their word for it but I guess you would to be fair to them.

          • LuceroLee

            It’s weird to me that you’re so unabashedly sexist. Not just towards men but women as well – thinking its a “woman’s job” to take care of small children is very sexist.

            Also, elementary isn’t that much different – my youngest students are 4 and 5.

          • Ford

            Wow, I have never met such an uneducated teacher. I never said or implied it is a woman’s job to take care of small kids and if you think so you might get back to reading comprehension 101.
            Elementary is way different, my wife is an elementary school counselor so I have a very good idea of the school system vs. daycare. You are not dealing with potty training as a job. I’m sure you deal with accidents but you aren’t tickle fighting your students and changing diapers. You are also in a classroom environment which is a much different setup than daycare.
            I get three kids dressed, fed, take them to daycare and pick up every day and I think it’s a job any parent would love to do, not a woman’s job but a parent’s joy. Like I have said above, I prefer women to babysit my children over men. Why is it that liberals like you can’t seem to let anyone have an opinion unless it coincides with their own? You said it isn’t fair people think men can’t teach in elementary school when I never said such a thing. You just make up things in your head to prove your illogical point. You also stated I think it’s a “woman’s job” to take care of small children which again was never stated or implied. I didn’t want to go after you on a personal level but since you started it I can see why you are stuck in elementary school as you can’t comprehend at a higher level. What I did say was women are more nurturing and that is backed by years of psychology and studies from Stanford to Berkeley to Harvard. Biologically females have more sensitivity about others’ wellbeing and that’s a fact not an opinion.

          • LuceroLee

            You were implying you believe it’s a woman’s job to care for small children when you previously said you don’t think men should. I don’t need to work on my reading comprehension, i was going off of what *you* said.

            Why is it that conservatives like you always need to reduce literally everything to a person’s politics? lol

          • Ford

            You saying I think it’s a woman’s job to take care of small children implies that I think women can have no other job which is false. Me knowing you are a liberal has more to do with your mind set than politics.

          • LuceroLee

            if you share an opinion on the internet – especially if it’s an opinion that is generalizing/insulting an entire group of people (men) – people are going to respond to it in an unflattering way. Why did you share your opinion if you didn’t want to hear arguments against it? Were you just expecting everyone to agree with you?

          • amber

            I wasn’t the only one. I was agreeing with someone else

          • LuceroLee

            Lol so? Just because you’re not the only one with that opinion doesn’t mean people can’t challenge your opinion…that has literally nothing to do with anything.

          • amber


          • Kayla Haney

            Why shouldn’t men babysit? They’re fully capable of taking care of a child. Not every man is sick and twisted, not to mention, women can molest children, too. Your statement is very sexist. I’m not wanting to argue or anything, I’m just curious as to why you think men shouldn’t babysit.

          • amber

            Its just weird for a man to want to babysit or be around kids all the time that’s not his. I’m just say I n. I’m my experience its never been a good experience when men wanted to babysit…not only from personal experience but even with a few other kids I’ve known

          • Kayla Haney

            Your perspective is very understandable if you’ve experienced, or know someone that has, something like this. I know 2 people who were molested, but 1 by her own father and the other by her grandfather. It is very hard to trust anyone. Women can be just as bad. I wouldn’t let just anyone babysit my kid when I have one, but there are a few men that I would trust to do so, and only a handful of people in general outside of my family. It’s so sad that we have to be suspicious and so paranoid.

          • amber

            It is.

          • Michael Spires

            why is that societies standard? i love children and i love being around children. i am not a child molester! i love dogs and kids, and dogs and kids love me

          • amber


          • tyler sturges

            I’m a man, I’m 19 and got a baby girl and a step daughter I take care of too, I wouldn’t let no men watch them at all so I feel ya, and that idiot about the spelling thing wasn’t even using proper punctuation but he’s coming at you? Lmfao fuck outta here

          • LuceroLee

            It isn’t “weird” for men to want to be around kids or to take care of them. To say only a father can be trusted around his kids is ignorant. Just because there are a few perverts out there doesn’t mean men can’t be nurturing. Some fathers molest their own children, so by your logic you shouldn’t even trust your children’s father.

          • amber

            I don’t trust him 100% I trust no one 100%. Just my opinion n my experiences n now this

          • threadedneedles

            Well amber, with that atrocity you call spelling. I feel you dont need kids. Just saying…. But i feel if you cannot spell properly you dont have a right to have kids.

          • Kristian N.

            I like to think I’m not sexist, at the same time I know my view isn’t widely accepted. I was molested by my grandfather when I was about 4. Sense then I have felt uneasy/wierd around my male family members. My dad and brother have been known to hit on teenage girls. I am pregnant with my first child and this post made me ask myself if I would trust any of the males I know to babysit them and I actually thought: no. Because if I am uneasy about it in any way, I couldn’t fathom ignoring that uneasiness if I might eventually regret it. My male best friend is really the only man I would trust to be alone with my child. It’s just how I feel and it may be wrong, but I have to go by what my gut tells me.

          • amber

            All u could come up with was spelling huh? I’m not trying to spell correctly. And I pray and hope to god u aren’t a parent or around anyone’s kids. U sound like a perv

          • Workn4crap

            Amber fingerbangs little retarded girls…

          • amber

            For u to even post or come up with something like that, tells me your a pervert too

          • tyler sturges

            And if you cannot use proper punctuation while combining the word do and not into don’t, you shouldn’t either asshole

          • tyler sturges

            And does that mean we should start castrating young boys and girls at spelling bees? Lol

          • Thomas Andrew Inman

            Your attention to spelling makes me believe that you care about the English language, and yet you make mistakes in your own post. Amber uses shortcuts that are prevalent in social media. (I don’t like those shortcuts, either, but I have little hope that it will change.) On the other hand, your post misuses punctuation, placing a period where a comma should be used and ignoring the apostrophe. Spelling matters, but so does grammar. You suggest that Amber doesn’t have a right to have kids because of her mistakes. I suggest that your opinion applies to you, as well.

          • Michael Spires

            thats just fukin retarded. im a stay at home father with 3 step children the youngest being a girl. they are MY kids in my mind. child molesters are not just men, they are sick dimented people of all races color religion and gender

          • amber

            😒😒 here we go

          • disqus_i1sZFT5pdb

            You’ve just insulted every male member of your own family. Unless you’ve been molested yourself, why would you say such a ridiculous thing?

          • amber

            I’m not worried about whose insulted in my family, most should b insulted

          • disqus_i1sZFT5pdb

            You need counseling, as it is obvious that there has been some kind of molestation in your past. Your mindset is extremely unhealthy. You seem to have serious emotional issues that you’re not dealing with, and coming here is not the same as professional counseling.

          • amber

            Fine. I’m done. Whatever, and I’m fine. I’ll just delete my post so u ppl leave me alone, because now ur just being mean

          • amber

            I’m trying to delete it now

          • disqus_i1sZFT5pdb

            I’m not trying to be mean. My comment stems from genuine concern. I am a rape survivor and my daughter is a survivor of molestation. I recognize the signs.

          • amber

            OK. I’m really sorry for upsetting u. I deleted my post. I’m sorry

      • terry

        Who would take care of your child if you’re in jail?

        • Janet Packard Miller

          Decent mothers don’t go to jail

      • Brittany King

        I agree. Anybody can molest your kids literally anybody man or woman so it is very hard to trust and you never know it’s going to happen or that somebody you think you trust would be capable of something so disgusting but you just can’t trust anybody.

      • slgh79

        I suppose you’re a mom who also thinks men shouldn’t have equal rights in custody and visitation also…

        • Michael Spires

          what does that have to do with shit? most fathers only want 50% custody to reduce their child support payment. i have 55% custody of my kids because their mother got hooked on pain killers and had a seizure while she was driving with both my kids in the car, but i couldnt cut their mother out of their lives.

          • Sloth

            You should have wrapped your tool.

      • Jackie Casey

        Females can be child molesters also…

      • Peter Gallegos

        Men can babysit equally to a woman, just matters if a person man or woman is a perverted piece of scum. Many woman “teachers” have taken advantage of boys in schools

        • Ashley

          I don’t think she meant men were bad at baby-sitting just that she is very protective. She didn’t say anything about women though so idk.

      • Denn Green III

        I babysit my nephew constantly. He loves being babysat by his uncle. I let him watch all his favorite train shows, i get new apps on my phone so he can play his little train games almost every time he comes over, i give him all the juice and peaches he asks for, i hug and kiss him and tell him i love him at least once every 20 minutes, I spend time with him, i play cars and watch him ride his bike in the yard, I tell him no when necessary, I teach him new ways to speak (for example he now knows that instead of saying “too” he can instead say “as well” or “also” if he wants) when he’s not here I call my sister to see how he’s doing and have her tell him I love him. I tell him he’s my best friend and he tells me I’m also his best friend. He will randomly hug me and tell me he loves me so much. He is my nephew, I love him to death and I’d do anything for him. I am also a man. Men are just as capable of babysitting and parenting as women are.

        • Jessica Lynn Carnell

          You rock! My brother babysits my son all the time and is just like you in how you interact and entertain your nephew. My son thinks the sun rises and sets in my brother. What an example you set! 😊

        • Sunney

          That sweet..

        • Kayla Haney

          That’s really adorable, Denn! You’re gonna make a great daddy someday. Your nephew is so lucky to have you! ♡

        • MsChelle Mc Hugh

          aww that’s so sweet! There needs to be more men and women like you Denn!!

        • Chelsea Smith

          You sound like a wonderful role model for your nephew. My brother babysits my son sometimes because i fully trust him. I was molested by my 14 year old female babysitter when i was 3 years old. Its not only boys/men.

        • Ninerzchick

          That reminds me of my little brother (he hated when i said little because he was bigger than me….but I’d tell him he will always be my LITTLE brother ♡) anyways, that reminds me of my 7 yr old daughter and him .and He use to pick her up to go to IHop. That was their spot ♡♡ I was looking at his FB page and saw a pic when she was 3 and he called her his best friend :'( He passed away a month ago. Shit like that bs molestation never crossed my mind. He loved her too much and like an uncle should (just like you) he was the only 1 to babysit her and her only uncle around. He had his own kids now age 1 and 3 months and worked full time but still always found time to spend time with her. ♡♡

          • Lyndsi

            I’m sorry for your loss.

          • zid

            My condolences, Ninerz.

        • Kim Ber Lee

          It is sad that an uncle who truly cares for his nephew has to state all that due to pedophiles like this.

          • LadyRed

            I think it was because a woman said she have something against men babysitting…. So he makes a great point and example of men who aren’t like this pedophile/s.. Because there are woman who are also pedophiles.. So how does that make him sad or care any less for making a good point..?

        • David Aloi

          Well said

        • Lyndsi

          You sound like an awesome uncle, too sweet. I agree, men are just as capable of babysitting as women, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with a man showing interest in caring for a child. You will be an awesome dad someday.

        • DrPhree Choyce

          So true and I give you thumbs up for being a great uncle

        • Amber Reynolds Gholston

          Thank you for this post. I have three boys and lots of nephews. I would trust my boys to babysit as well. You sound like a great uncle. 🙂

        • buffalocitizen99

          I wish you could be a role model to so many more. They could really useyou!!!

        • Michelle

          You’re an awesome uncle.

        • Clarisa Conner

          Denn you are a good guy and a wonderful uncle..Keep doing what you are doing don’t change a thing..We need more guys like you..We have dads out here that don’t step up to the plate like you..Its a lot of sick people in the world that don’t mean any good to our children..”Male and Female.”..May God Continue to Bless You and Your Family..

        • Cindy Kevin Royce

          Yes they are, there are sick people in every gender….good for you for taking such good care of your nephew.

        • disqus_i1sZFT5pdb

          You’re an awesome uncle, and an all-around awesome guy! You’re going to make a terrific dad some day!

        • Amy Locklear

          That’s so awesome! The world needs more Uncles & Men like you!

        • Betty Echols

          Being a relative and the same sex might make it ok….but I don’t think men should baby sit girls that aren’t kin.

          • zid

            You do realize that the majority of offenders are people who know the person being abused. right? Statistically your kids are safer with trained professionals than they are with their own family. The kind of thing allegedly going on in this article is the exception rather than the rule.

        • Carrie Seagreaves

          You are an awesome brother and uncle and one day you will make an even better daddy. Keep doing what you do and don’t let anyone judge. You rock!!!

        • Me Jane

          If I had a brother or an uncle or any male family member for that matter, I would want one exactly like you 🙂

        • LadyRed

          One word… “Awesome”

        • Kayla Nichols

          You are like so many other Uncles/Brothers. I mostly had men babysit me as a child and nothing horrible happened. it’s people like you and my brother who can teach boys to be MEN.

      • Jennifer David

        So you’re a sexist?

      • Shann Darlene Dietrich

        What’s wrong with Men Babysitting or being Teachers?? A Monster comes is Female or Male form and can be any age or size. I just hope the little girl will be OK. And I prey that he didn’t do this to more children at that day care or outside of it. He’s a sick man and we can’t change them nor fix him we need a law to put them down like we do animals. The sickest form of monsters are the ones who can hurt a child.

      • Eno Yaka

        fuck you

      • j e


        • Parker

          The background check wouldn’t have showed anything if this was the first time he was caught.

      • Rick Pringle

        Why do you have something against men babysitting?? Men are just as capable.

      • LowKey765

        You are the ACTUAL other mom from the situation? That is so horrifying! As a father myself, ai could not imagine having been in that situation…. did they say WHY they waited all weekend and the next business day to notify you?

        As for you having something against ALL MEN babysitting, you are indeed entitled to your opinion, I don’t know you, I’m not familiar with your life and I have never walked in your shoes…. but I will say that in my opinion, I don’t think it’s right to feel that way. Saying no man should babysit, is like saying no woman should be a Judge, or a US President,or even a Priest. It’s like saying all white people are racist and al black people are drug dealers… and NO, THAT IS NOT A “RACE CARD”. It’s just saying that stereotypes are wrong, regardless of who they are against.

        Let’s not forget, that there are WAY MORE women in the news today molesting and raping our children in schools than men do! Most teachers are women, and there isn’t a single month that goes by without a new headlines discussing another MARRIED woman having sex with underage school boys….

        Just saying.

      • Michael Spires

        there is nothing wrong with men taking care of children. one disgusting fuck does not all men make!

      • Jenna

        I don’t understand why you have something against men babysitting?! Children need role models of both genders to be raised appropriately. A male in a caregiver position can teach a child an invaluable lesson

      • Jose Cuervo

        I understand your bias….as women tend to be more mindful of small kids. However, I did the single parent thing for a while. Also, Google “heather koon” to see it’s not just men molesting.

      • Lendol Thornton

        I have something against women teaching with how many have sex worth teens. Now I’m sexist right?

      • Sloth

        The fact that you got 18 thumbs up just proves that there are 18 other morons out there like yourself Sandra Young.

      • zid

        Sandra women offend, too. It’s not just a male thing.

      • Brandon James Milstead

        Saying you have a problem with men babysitting because of sick perverts like this, is like saying because one dad molests his daughter that all fathers should not be trusted with their kids alone…

      • Mark Mann

        so let me get this straight…your child’s father would never get to visit his little ones unattended?

    • terry

      Your child would need you home not locked away.

    • Dakota James Mosher

      Like women are much better I was abused by a woman when I was young so in my opinion people in general are capable of evil

      • drowsy1234

        As someone who has been hurt….I would hope you would have more compassion for a fellow victim.

        • Allie

          Where did he say he didn’t have compassion for the victim?

          • drowsy1234

            Where he didn’t even acknowledge the poor kid….all his post was—was about women and what happened to him. Which was horrible….but don’t ignore what happened to someone else…..

      • gadfly85

        Where did drowsy1234 say anything about men being worse than women?

      • Bonita Fleming

        Dakota I’m soooooooo sorry that happened to u. So do u have problems getting along with women now?

      • Brandi Larson

        Who are you replying to ???

      • Stephy Philbeck

        This post or comment didn’t say that women did no wrong. And it’s a known fact that both men and women are capable of evil, including kids as well.

        Yes men rape women or kids. And vice versa for women as well.
        And sometimes kids go killing other kids at schools.

      • Chrissy Mele

        no one said only men do this it goes both ways

      • Dutchess Ward

        where did anyone say men were.worse?? this is obviously talking about a MAN who molested a child

      • Kendra Smith

        I’m sorry that happened to you. A lot of people think it’s just men that do it. Or that it only happens to girls.

      • Jennifer Lyons

        I am sorry you had to endure that. I’m sure this may be true which also may lead to a lot of men having commitment and respectful issues towards women. It is a definite double standard.

      • zid

        Dakota as a fellow survivor my heart goes out to you but I’m not sure where anything was mentioned about these kinds of things being perpetrated by males only. I hope you’re managing to hold things together. Not everyone out there is bad.

      • Deb Micky

        He just wants people to feel sorry for him like they do this little girl so he’s trying to make this about him bc nowhere does this say anything about men being worse than women.

        • Gay Ally

          That is just a terrible thing to say. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all?

          • Keike Akela O’Neal

            That applied to what she’s responding to as well!

        • Karen Eileen

          No, he is so damn stupid, that was the best excuse he could think up as to why he was caught with his hand was inside a little girl’s vagina.

      • Lori Holton

        Yep there are sick women as well… I am sick of seeing teachers on the news arrested for screwing the students

      • BossLady

        It’s definitely not just men, and I’m truly sorry that you had to experience such disgusting abuse. I also was assaulted as a young child, multiple times by the same person, who was also a woman. However, none of that could ever possibly justify or even explain the actions of this pewtred man. Even worse, nothing will ever take away the memories or the emotional trauma from that poor little girl…still completely able to remember my own situation, this simply infuriates me. An ACCIDENT? Really? Come on…

        • Eric j

          yeah accidentally his hands went past her dress pants her panties and into her private parts what kind of a f****** freak accident is that this son of a bitch needs to be castratedthis son of a bitch don’t need anything but death and if that had been my little girl he would be dead

          • T Keeler

            I DO AGREE!

        • Inclement Weather

          The girl probably won’t even remember it, unless everyone makes a huge deal out of it

          • Barbara Morgan

            It is a big deal and the girl will remember it because she had it happen to her at the age of 5. Children are capable of remembering bad things that happen to them at very young ages despite what some people think especially ones that don’t seem think that having an adult male sticking his finger in a 5 year girl isn’t a huge deal.

          • Inclement Weather

            That’s not what I said, Einstein. She will have no idea what happened other than other people’s reactions to it. The guy should get into big trouble but she should stay out of that aspect of it.

          • MaybyBaby

            totally agree.. let her have the FACTS as to what happened, but not everyone else’s feelings associated with it. Otherwise the drama from all the reactions will be what overlaps the actual trauma of her being violated. She will take on everyone else’s feelings instead of her own.. there’s just soooo many reasons (neuropsychology, emotionally, etc.) this type of things needs to be processed calmly with her. Maybe later, once she has developed her own thoughts, etc., she can then see the justice for what happened. I’m no expert, but I have been through a ton of trauma (similar and other), and that’s my two cents agreeing with yours.
            How did this end? Was justice served? Poor lil dear. She could have a hard road ahead.. and maybe even harder if everyone forever interacts with her out of that mindset..

          • Sofia Castanet

            I personally know of a young mother of 4 who after such a situation …. years later still haunted committed suicide.

      • Kylee

        I’m sorry to hear that about you Dakota.

      • Tanya Worley

        Stop being selfish and thinking only about yourself, THIS WAS A CHILD!! Have compassion!

      • LadyRed

        Man or Woman would be dead touching my babies… Son/daughter

      • jewel

        yes women are just as capable of rape, but unfortunately women are the victim in 9 out of 10 rape cases… Also, men are the perpetrators of about 90% of all rape cases…. im really sorry dakota that you were a victim of abuse but i just had to state this since everybody keeps talking about how capable a woman is of what this horrible man did to the little girl

        • Heather

          Actually, when a man is the victim the crime goes unreported in many cases due to society’s double standard. I don’t usually throw out the “society” card, but in this case it is true.

          • Brandon Renner

            Many female rape cases go unreported too so that argument that “oh men might get raped just as much as women but we don’t know cause they’re mostly unreported” is kind of iffy. Most male on female rapes go unreported too, yet the numbers still speak for themselves.

        • Keike Akela O’Neal

          Please delete this comment. It’s misleading, inaccurate and ultimately it can be very harmful.

        • Sofia Castanet

          Abusers don’t know gender… however, tragically male rape is very under reported.

      • Venus65

        I do not see anyone here disagreeing with that statement. However, what was the point of stating this? It does nothing to add to the conversation; it only detracts and distracts from the issue at hand. Not all people are murderers, but that does not make murderers any less guilty. Stating the obvious only hinders and distracts the conversation. That little girl was violated and will most likely become traumatized. I’m sorry you were hurt. I’m sorry she was hurt. That has nothing to do with the gender of the rapist. The focus should be on the victim and how a pedo was hired.

      • Nobodyknows

        I was abuse from age 6 till he raped me later. What is most painful even for me today 39 yrs later is the fact you can’t get some people to believe the person you tell them is doing these horrid things to you is doung them, until after you are grown. Then when the subject comes up again, the person ask you forgive them for not listening n believing what was going on & what was before this persons very eyes. Just didn’t want to believe it was possible.

      • Allie

        I’m so sorry to hear that. It sickens me but our society doesn’t seem to take female abusers as seriously and that is wrong. Thank you for sharing your comment. The people jumping on you because this story is about a man and a little girl should be ashamed of themselves. Your story is no less valid or deserving of compassion.

        • Gay Ally

          Exactly, Allie. You’re so sweet. Some of these people are just being hateful.

        • Sofia Castanet

          Be loving, but never let your guard down. It’s possible at any age or gender.

      • Gay Ally

        Yes Dakota! Women are just as capable of being molesters and rapists. I think women predators are even more scary because you expect them to be loving and nurturing not evil. But they sure as hell can be. I’m so sorry you were abused.

      • Chantel Vaillencourt

        I’m sorry that happend to you.

      • No kidding women have been abusing me all my life – walking around after so obviously making such an effort to look so gorgeous and stimulating… it’s all I can do to keep my natural instincts under control!

    • Anthony Quatroni

      Me too.

    • j e


    • Erica Wagner

      I agree I couldnt of even fathom what he was going through his mind. Some people are just in so much shock they can’t do anything. Also if he would of assaulted him probably would of killed him and he could never of been served the right justice

    • Mark Ogletree


    • lobaholic

      I agree with you except you have to think about how you going to jail would be an even worsesituation for your young child….the best result would be killing the bastard with a good judge that says you had every right to and you walk… can happen but not always.

    • John

      Don’t know about kill, but his face would have been unrecognizable after that point.

    • Debra Swihart

      I’d be in jail to he wouldn’t be leaving that place unless it was in a bag

    • judika40

      sdfss fsdfsd ffsdfsf sfsd fsdfsd f

  • Rita Marie

    Accidentally!! How about he accidentally gets a bullet up his ass??

  • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

    We can’t trust caregivers with our children!!!!!!!!!!!

    We live in a time where moms and/or dads can’t stay home with their children because one paycheck is just not enough. What alternative do the have Daycare but are the children safe?

    • Kirstin Anne Renee

      Working opposite shifts and not getting a whole lot of sleep!
      ……That’s what my husband and I do anyway, and what my parents had to do. Where there’s a will there’s a way and having kids you do anything you can to keep them safe, happy and healthy! 🙂

      • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

        That’s a great solution and sacrifice. I wish everyone had that option.

        I have a coworker who is married; her mom quit her job to watch the children and the pay her for child care. I find that another unique situation that works for them and their children are in a safe place.

  • Beverly Honeycutt

    someone should accidentally cut his hands off

    • Wendy Allnuttt

      It wouldn’t be his hands I would cut off!

  • Heather

    I do believe I would have “accidentally” broken every bone in his body…

    • Paul Hicks

      He accidentally fell down 50 time.

    • Kamel S Carpenter

      My fist “accidentally” fell to his face 50 times.

  • Pearl Buchanan

    So tell me how it was an accident

  • earnestlizard

    I’m sure this horrible “accident” has happened before with other children he has come in contact with. Others will be coming out with their horror stories soon.

    • Cassie

      I was thinking the same thing, how many more and he says hand I think it wasn’t his hand but I think he actually screwed that child! Why stop with hand if you penetrating? My boys would never been left at a daycare with men because I don’t trust none! Hell no it wouldn’t of been me because God is my witness he would have been castrated! Forget calling the cops I would have taken the law into my own hands and given custody over to my parents while I served my time reading books!

      • Allie

        As a child sex abuse survivor, I sincerely hope this man did not progress to penile penetration. It’s not that uncommon for molesters to avoid going that far as it leaves more physical evidence/damage and increases the chance of getting caught. I have no doubt he’s done this to other children. Molesters often seek out employment where they will be in positions of power over children and molest many children before getting caught. I don’t wish violence on anyone but I hope this man gets locked up for life.

  • mariadri

    whoops, slipped on a toy and accidentally killed you…

  • Cindy Combs

    I would have killed him before the police got him Now if he is in custody he is protected and nobody can get to him. Sad ass world with evil people in it. 🙁

    • Michele Montreuil

      Luckily 99% of the time, fellow inmates will “magically ” get wind of why he’s jailed and they’ll make sure justice is served 1000 times over 😆

      • DebbieKat

        So prison rape is funny to you? NO rape is humorous. Please stop with this.

        • therealbritmac

          No rape is not funny but it’s very true this teacher is a Lier an when he gets to jail he gone get the same treatment I bet it won’t be funny to him either but its well deserved in my opinion

        • monteB

          U get what u deserve plain and simple

        • ashley

          No it isn’t Funny…but neither is what that child went through. The only difference is he will totally deserve what he has coming to him. Child predators have a 95% chance of reoffending. They are never truly rehabilitated.

          • DebbieKat

            None of you gets it. I’m not dismissing his crime nor saying he doesn’t deserve jail time. I’m not saying he won’t reoffend. I’m saying stop justifying ANYONE’S RAPE. It just perpetuates rape culture in general. It’s not funny and I’m sick to death of seeing these comments on these types of articles. Prison justice, etc. It’s sick. And the fact that any of you jokes about it or think it’s a worthy punishment says more about you than anything else.

          • Lawgirl

            You are the sick one. Sitting here crying foul for a baby raper????Karma.

          • DebbieKat

            No, I’m crying FOUL on people who wish violence on others, that includes you.

          • Michele Montreuil

            So cry foul on yourself too !! Because going around calling everyone down because you don’t agree to their opinions is what they call verbal violence! ! And she calls me a tool .. HAHAHAHAH to funny😂

          • Allie

            You’re a moron and a hypocrite. Half the people on this thread are jumping on her and saying some very cruel things. She’s just saying that violence isn’t the answer and that it’s not healthy to wish it on others. Maybe you should heed your own words, genius.

          • Michele Montreuil

            If you’re so damn sick of reading these comments, then stop reading! Geez. People are entitled to their opinions! !

          • DebbieKat

            Yes, I’m entitled to mine as well.

          • Aaron Kelly

            You may be entitled to it. But so is that baby raper. And I will flat out tell you, you are wrong. I think they should cut every one of his fingers and his dick off. Anything that can penetrate. If a murderer get caught, they take away his gun rights. You take away the tool of the trade, and they cant do it anymore

          • Allie

            For what it’s worth, I’m a child sex abuse survivor and I agree with you. Violence is not the answer.

          • Tiffany

            Well, DebbieKat I hope for your sake that you or your child or someone you love is never raped or molested. What do you call justice then? This CS sitting in a prison cell for the next however many years…probably not long enough, as our system sucks!! If you have never been raped or molested your point here is invalid, as you don’t know what it does to a person. Sure you can speculate, but that man was supposed to be someone the little girl could “trust” and that her parents could “trust”….but, once again evil strikes. So, do I hope that his ass gets busted out by the biggest thing swinging in the prison…yep sure do!! And believe me I have more than enough humanity. I just apply to the people that truly deserve it. Not a baby raping piece of shit. If you are “sick to death” of these comments then perhaps you should know your place and that is not here on these forums, as you seem to sympathize with the offender.

          • DebbieKat

            It’s attitudes like yours that will be the end of this country. Violence begets violence. Remember that. I’m out.

          • Tiffany

            Sorry honey, the end of the world was well orchestrated before I was even a sparkle in my moms eye. But, ppl like you will never see it. Dueces sympathizer!! Don’t let the door hit you!!

          • Allie

            I have been both raped and molested and agree with the poster that said violence is not the answer. Is my opinion also invalid?

          • Aaron Kelly

            So dont read the comments. If you dont like a certain type of music, you dont listen to it, correct? Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and sometimes theyre shitty. If you dont agree with something state your disagreement and move on. You cant tell someone to shut up just because you dont agree with them. And you cant say someone needs mental help just because they think differently than you. Do I approve what he did? No. Do I think he should get ass raped by 20 bubbas? Of course. I know from experience,jail does not deter anyone from doing anything. A month after release people think the same way they did before they went in. But I guarantee eye for an eye will stick with him the rest of his life. You have people pulling life sentences for pot and baby rapers get 2/3/4 and 5 year sentences. Let the punishment fit the crime. I bet he would heal faster than she will

          • Aaron Kelly

            When I hear of a rapist getting raped, I find it fucking hilarious. What comes around goes around. It is poetic justice

          • ashley

            Are you the parent of a child who has been raped or molested? It changes your perspective on what is and is not a “fair” punishment.

          • Allie

            I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and I don’t wish rape on this man although he digitally penetrated this little girl. People are wishing him to get anally raped by 20 men for inserting a finger. I don’t wish rape on my abuser. That won’t teach him a lesson and make him change his ways. Child molesters are very sick people. What needs to happen is for them to be locked away where they can never touch a child again. Retribution does not heal you, it just makes you an equally immoral and ugly person.

          • Kayla Haney

            Child molesters, and any other POS who commits a violent crime against a child, deserve whatever they get. Crimes like that should be punishable by death, imo. He’ll goto jail, get out in less than 5 years, and more than likely do it again. I normally don’t believe in eye for an eye, but when it comes to crimes committed against children, I most certainly do.

          • Allie

            Death for digital penetration is not “eye for an eye”. What we need is for child molesters to be given life without parole so they don’t have the chance to reoffend. There is no cure for pedophilia and treatments such as chemical castration are only nominally effective.

        • Alyssa Davis

          Calm down it will only be a tickle fight. The RAPE part will be an accident. Shut the hell up. People who do this stuff to kids deserve sexual torture. I’m all about love and forgiveness. But if somebody ever touches my girls I swear to God I will deal out a wrath no inmate could ever do.

          • DebbieKat

            I will not shut the hell up. Get mental help. Anyone who thinks this way needs it.

          • kelsey

            So, the justice system, which will release him in under ten years, will take care of him right? No. Rape isn’t a joke. But it’s also not accidental. It’s not something that should get someone protected in jail. Because, he will be. Prison justice is what is left after that system turns away from that little girl, once he’s got his 5 or so year sentence, IF he gets that since it is his first offense. He will learn his lesson when those prisoners get to him. In hopes that when he’s released her won’t do it again. Which is more than likely.

          • DebbieKat

            Well then we should work to keep violent prisoners in the system and release all the people who are sitting in jail for extended terms for non-violent crimes like smoking pot. Yes? Maybe you should speak to your legislators and ask them to strengthen prison sentences for these folks. The answer is clearly not hoping some prison thug will take care of justice in its place.

          • Alyssa Davis

            Wow you think I need mental help…really? You apparently enjoy the idea of child rapists living free and cushy lives. Rethink who needs the mental help. A rapist sympathizer, never thought I would see the day.

          • DebbieKat

            Show me where I said that sicko.

          • Veronica

            Did he stop when he was rapping this baby no and if this was ur child or family member would u feel the same way didn’t think so so he deserves the same punishment he gave that baby u just as sick as he is.

          • DebbieKat

            No. I don’t wish violence on anyone. Rethink your humanity.

          • Mary

            Humanity??? Where was his humanity when he horrifically violated that innocent little girl? She will not forget what he did to her!! So screw humanity when it comes to ANYONE harming an innocent child!!!!

          • Ariel Gabrielle Martin

            Just so happens Debbie, that here is the proof that you told Alyssa to get mental help.

          • Allie

            She never said she was sympathetic to the rapist. Either you actually misunderstood or you were deliberately being obtuse so you could jump on the bandwagon and attack her.

          • Crystal Lynn

            Lol I like how u included the tickle fight.

          • Walter Stevenson

            I hear you, and I agree with you 100%.

        • TommyandCrystal Smith

          For a child rapist…prison rape is hilarious…and we’ll deserved….death is too good for a piece of shit who fucks with little kids.fuck him.

        • Dee

          Why r u defensive of a pedophile???!!!

          • Michele Montreuil

            Takes one to defend one maybe?

          • DebbieKat

            Oh shut up, you tool.

          • DebbieKat

            Where did I defend him? Go back and read. Or are your reading comprehension skills that poor?

        • Michele Montreuil

          At NO point did I ever make mention to prison rape!! Don’t be putting words in my mouth lady!! I was referring to the probable repeat beatings! ! Which he deserves! !!

        • alicia9938

          Prison rape is kind of funny when the person really deserves it. I really don’t care what you think of that statement.

        • Ariel Gabrielle Martin

          No rape is funny, but those who rape deserve the same punishment. He will be punished in prison, just like the men who beat on women. The other inmates will catch wind and do to him like he did to others. Eye for an eye. Personally, the death sentence should be brought back.

        • bannedbymotherjones

          Perhaps I misread the post but no one mentioned prison rape until you did. Nor did anyone say it was funny. However it would be justice as the child rapist would get an idea of what he put that little girl through.

      • Walter Stevenson

        you said it! they know just what to do, and like you said, they will take care of it (HIM)..real good.

    • duane mccrary

      “People ‘ WILL get to this guy, and it won’t be pretty….

    • sabrina estrada

      Oh people will get to him in prison. Even in protective custody aren’t fully protected. My brother molested my daughter. He did two years first time can’t fight scrawny guy. He was beat up nearly killed 3times in lprotective custody.

    • Filadog

      Oh, he can still be got. They dont like chi-mo’s in jail or prison.

    • bree

      I was in the department of corrections system for little over a year and any child crime convict that walks through those bars tries and puts their self in maximum security lockdown so the other open population doesn’t kill them. One time I watched the guards slap a newspaper down with the sex offender crime on the front page in my dorm with all the other inmates they immediatley ran to that idividual and started beating the shit out of her. I can only imagine what they do in a all male facility especially prisoners being locked up for years not even being able to see their own children ! There is some sick people out there and his other fellow inmates will know all about his crime and can’t wait to get their hands on him !

    • Kayla Haney

      Her Dad showed great restraint. I would have been so tempted to murder that POS. On the other hand, that little girl needs her Daddy at home with her, not in jail. Fortunately, inmates don’t take child molestation lightly at all. He’ll get what he deserves.

    • David Aloi

      The inmates will take care of him. Word will spread fast about what he did. There will be no mercy.

    • am94

      I was a Correctional Officer in a jail that housed convicts waiting for transport to prison. WHEN not if, other inmates / convicts heard a charge involving a child they checked him or her off of their POD by literally beating the hell out of them. A man was put in the hospital for a week because he sustained serious brain injuries from being checked off of his POD. Yes people are in jail/ prison for a reason, but when it comes to children most of them have their own and would do anything to protect them, so when someone comes in with a charge involving a child, naturally the inmates/ convicts are going to seek justice themselves because they know that the system won’t.

  • Sara Soto

    Do they have the death penalty in this state?

  • Cassie

    I Pray they castrate and pull his anal cavity through his perverted little penis while in jail!!

  • momof4

    No sympathy fry his ass!!!!! Sick. people put all the trust they have in daycare workers for they are caring for their world their whole world are their children and he is a sick sick sick man do what he has done and to hold the position he does in a day care??? and know that he is the kind of man that he is??? how wrong in the eyes of our Lord. they should close that facility down I say life in prison

  • Carson Reneé Spencer

    I don’t trust day cares and will never let my kids attend one unless it was one I ran. i was molested as a child at 7. All hell would break lose if that happens to my kids too.

  • Sandra Young

    As a parent I hated that I had to put my kids in daycare but my girls know me if someone had accidently did this like he said , he wouldn’t accidently do it again

  • Brittany renee

    I’m sorry but I would killed the mf that’s why my daughters never went to daycare I can’t deal let somebody get bold and touch one of my kids and I’m beheading mfs I ain’t lying I’m at protect my kids regardless this man is sick asf and deserves to die hurting this baby now it’s gone take a pshyciatrist too talk to her and therapy makes no damn sense this Shit makes my heart hurt

  • Lilly Castro


  • rescuemama

    The father restrains himself by putting his child first, including her need for him to be beside her through the difficulties she will face as a survivor of sexual assault.
    It has even been postulated that the violent death of a perpetrator can add to the problems she is facing.

  • Charity Oliver

    I would be beneath the jail…. Sick bastard!!!!

  • shan

    really how do you accidentally rape a
    five year old child

  • Agi Szecsenyi

    cut his penis , cut his hands!!!!!!!!!!!!animal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber Vrooman

    I would have “accidentally” slipped on a toy penetrating a knife into that sick fucks throat

  • LaMont Moore

    For all you ill informed individual, all men are not perverts or sick, im a father raising a 4 year old girl, and never has it crossed my mind to violate her, and would be damn to have someone else to.

    • I agree! Not all men are perverts and sick like this and not all women are mother of the year. I have heard of women doing disgusting things such as this before as well… so be it woman or a man, black or white, in the US or across the pond, they are disgusting fu**s that do not deserve to live…

  • Ashley

    He’s probably done it before and got away with it. Thank God the little girl felt she could confide in her father.

  • Inquisitive!

    That punk molester would have never made it to questioning! He won’t make it in prison though so alls good as far as justice…

  • countrymama1

    Accident my ass!! Sadly it is true that a person will get what they deserve in prison… But two wrongs don’t make a right… This guy clearly did something and deserves whatever he gets for sure but there are guys out there who are accused of something like this that really didn’t do anything….but they are found guilty by a jury with no proof or evidence. What about those people who don’t deserve what they would get in prison and they get it just cause they were found guilty?

  • Cherrera

    The same thing happened to my 4 year-old daughter at daycare. She told me about it 2 days after because I was having the “do not allow anyone to touch your private parts” conversation and she mentioned that the husband of the daycare facility did. Omg I lost it. I took her to the ER to make sure everything was ok and to file a report. It turns out the husband went on a business trip and he wasn’t home. The investigators said there was not enough evidence to jail him. What more evidence do you need when a child is telling you this happened. Children don’t lie, an especially about someone touching them. Smh I am so furious. I don’t know what else to do.

  • countrymama1

    Also all men are not sick….They can babysit as well as a girl. What about women that do this stuff…

  • Kelly Francis

    People who behave like this, have behaved like this in the past. Are there no criminal background checks done on these people.

    • DolphinArtist67

      Yes, but sadly one has to be caught and convicted to have a record. Some of these paedophiles purposely prey on the very young because they can’t speak out or their testimony is dismissed as unsupported because of their age.

  • Karen Francks Cropley

    O ya cause that was a accident…fukin scumbaggggg..he should rot in jail… N in plain words he wouldt of made it to jail between me my husband n my fam. Fukin disgrace!!!!!!!

  • Phyllis Warren

    My son in law has raised my granddaughter since she was 3 months old! He vows that anybody that touches his baby won’t be asked did you do it they will die right then! My daughter diedand I helped keep her 4 nights per week. There has never been a more capable or better care given than he has done! My granddaughter is 10 years now and is 100% Daddy girl!

  • countrymama1

    Some children do lie about that stuff some are coached by an adult to say things so another adult will get in trouble. Happened to my best friend. His daughters mom had her say he touched her then mom admitted it in court that she did it

  • Karen Francks Cropley

    And thats y i dont trust no one!

  • Tammy S

    “when he slipped on a toy as he was tickling … [the fall] caused his hand to slide into her panties and penetrate.” HOW THE F*K DOES THAT HAPPEN. You don’t fall and slip and end up fingering somebody. That sh*t NEVER HAPPENS. That’s like saying she slipped and fell on his d*k. I hope he gets his ass locked up.

    • countrymama1

      Lol I actually had an old friend who told her new hubby that she tripped and fell on a guys dick when she got caught cheating lol she was serious too! She was on dope I think but still!

      • Tammy S

        LOL ridiculous!!!

  • Kayla Schwind

    A Tickle fight Is inappropriate regardless I would be very upset If I even seen a professional teacher having a tickle fight with my child. There should be rules about personal space and not getting overly touchy with any child contact should be miminmal espically at 5 years old.!

  • Linda Butler

    I would have called some1 to watch my daughter & go bk n & beat tha life outa him, afta I “accidentally” jus tickled him !!! Yea rite !!! Shoved it up where tha sun don’t shine !!!!!! He wouldn’t live to go to jail !!!

  • denise

    This man is sick and it ain’t no way I would have left that building without hand cuffs I can’t see it how u accidentally fall and do something like this. I swear I would have put a bullet or two up in him I love my kids to death and it ain’t nothing I would do for them I hope this man hasn’t done this more than once how could someone do something like this to a child smh

  • Ashley WickedNinjette Delgado-

    Definitely would have killed him. I dont have any of my own creation but I do have younger siblings. I would kill for them and even for my fiancé’s son. He is a capable father and babysitter. Gender has nothing to do with it. These days those kind of people are all over. Its hard to really trust anyone these days with anything, especially with your children.

  • Idalis Webb

    How in the hell do you ‘accidentally rape a child!?’ Your dick just SO happened to inch it’s way out of your pants and the child just SO happen to have slipped out of their pants…..really my nigga?? ….Really? I call complete and utter bullshit!!!

  • judith noboa

    don’t matter if they are even the parent family friend men or women if they sick in the head they sick and evil .

  • Blake

    I would be put under the jail cause I would torture him…. cut hus finger off and his dick off and shove em up his ass then shoot him in the head if he did that to my kid

  • D.M. King

    I am the mother of 3 small girls, if this had been any one of my children, there would have been 2 arrests, possibly attempted murder….Accidentally slipped beneath…Get serious–Hope he enjoys jail time

  • Lisa Floyd

    Why was he alone? At those young ages should be two teachers and furthermore they would still be trying to pull me off his dead lifeless body.

  • jayjay

    We will keep seeing crimes like this until the punishment for these kinds of offenses is made to be SO severe individuals will be too afraid to even think such thoughts. Victor Salva (Hollywood director of Jeepers Creepers and Powder) raped a 12 year old boy and served only 19 months in jail. Repulsive. Roman Polanski raped and sodomized a 13 year old girl and Harrison Ford offered to take him, his newly won Academy award since he could not come in the country due to outstanding arrest warrants. How charitable. Vile. And what of Terry Bean? The co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the Organization behind legalizing gay marriage, was arrested last year on sodomy and sex abuse charges involving a 15 year old boy. Does anyone even know this? Is he still out on bail? Where’s the justice? We need ZERO tolerance for such crimes and extreme sentences.

  • rach

    I would have beat the shit out of him. Before even leaving the building

  • Sam Robertson

    This man wouldnt have lived to tell his side of the story!! These are innocent little babies that these sickos are taking advantage of!!! my father , my brother, and my childrens father have been a big HUGE part in there lives they have bathed, diapered, and babysat my children so SOME men/women are capable and some DEFINITELY ARE NOT!!!!

  • april

    I thinks re just as capable of watching their children as women are. There is very few people I would leave my children with. I understand in some cases that parents have to leave their children at day care if all possible don’t . Even school teachers have been reported doing nasty shit like this. I’d hurt someone .

  • Deb Elgin

    Release pedophiles to the population and let them be publicly castrated, what’s so fkd up is I was reading about another case like this one and the guy at a six-month suspended sentence! a six-month suspended sentence! Are you f’ing kidding me!?so I’m trying to figure out why pedophiles only get a slap on the wrist when they should be immediately executed this s*** makes me sick!

  • JR1987

    I too have always resented people who were prejudice in thinking all men are perverts because clearly its not true. There are good and bad in every group of people. I do believe that its possible for a man to take good care of other peoples children and have good and pure intentions as a babysitter, however I now have a beautiful babygirl and I would not let another man babysit her unless I knew him very very well.

  • pandorasage

    When, WHEN will penalties for violating children be made harsher? !

    When this sort of behaviour occurs, examples should be made.

    Any pedophile should face Mandatory castration. Baby rapists should face no less than death.

    When will the citizens raise their voices to protect the children and prevent further damage too innocence in America.
    It’s time to tell the state and country that this is not tolerable on any level.
    These monsters should not be allowed to become commodities for the state prison system.
    They need to be handled with the harshest of punishments possible.

  • DezW

    My best friend in the world is a guy who has no biological children but he has a daughter that he’s raised some she was a year old from his ex. I trust him UNCONDITIONALLY with all three of my daughters, he’s babysat for me and we’re fixing to get a house together. I was molested/raped when I was a girl BUT in order to quit being a victim and become a survivor you’ve got to let go of your baggage and learn to trust. Not all men are child molesters, not all children get molested. It’s a sad fact that it happens but I like to think that what I went thru made me stronger and I was able to be protective of my children as well as give them the tools to protect themselves without giving them a complex about “stranger danger”…

  • Dean Frasher

    Like everyone says anyone can harm a child rather man or woman and we just need to listen to our kids and look for changes in mood and actions which tend to be signs something is going on. And as for this day care worker he needs his balls cut off for this shit. And all day cares need vidio servalence in place to protect the children from any harm rather physical or sexual abuse.

  • Mia Carla

    ALl pedophiles must be put to death. NO reason for these people to be alive. Backgrounds checks dont count. And no pedophile molesting or raping is isolated. THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN! the fact that teachers association made excuses is DISGUSTING.

  • JR1987

    Our justice system is fkd up. I never understood why pedophiles got such light penalties. Drug offenses have mandatory minimums and very severe penalties and pedophiles who i dont believe can be rehabilitated get off with a slap on the wrist or a shory sentence. Ppl who abuse kids in any way should nevet be let out of prison

    • Damien

      They are more worried about giving life sentences for a plant. That’s kinda why… There is a man serving life in jail for weed…

  • Jenni Maharidge

    Umm. No fucking way. I would have went back in there, drag him outside, and fucking kill him.

  • Kathy Harrington

    This scumbag shouldn’t even be able to try and make bail who, s to say while he’s out he won’t try this again on some other poor little girl. Not all men are like this there are some good ones still out there thank god.All I can say is when u get to prison buddy you won’t be coming out alive when they find out what you did

  • Linda Maxwell

    ALL of you are missing the point. ……How in the HELL do you accidentally rape a child or anyone, cut it off and make him eat it! !! Lame Bastard

  • Holly Wolfe

    My kids daddy watches them while I go to work and let me tell you something he does and amazing job and isn’t sick like this guy in the article… Not all men are fucked in their heads like he is and like everyone else has said woman can molest kids too… Idk how the dad of that child restrained himself from killing that man bc I would of killed him right there on the spot…

  • Jessie Mantione-Lapiana

    God bless. Farther for not beating the hell out of him !! I hope he s put in jail forever so he can’t do again !

  • Crystal Douglas

    I don’t understand how you can slip on a toy and your hand slips and penetrates anyone let alone a child and why would a teacher and a child be hiding behind anything to have a tickle fight? Why is a teacher having a tickle fight with any child. I’m sure policy for any physical contact between teacher and student is none. I’d have been in jail.

  • LaTonya Foster Davenport

    He walked in on it…and the guy is still living?

  • JR1987

    Linda were not missing the point. Its obvious hes guilty. And he should never have a chance to do it again

  • Linda Roberts Smallin

    you don’t “accidentally” rape anybody. That is “intentional”.

  • holly

    Sick Fuck!!! , hope someone slips and there dick slips right in and penetrates your Ass!!

  • Sergio Zambrano

    I’m a father of three girls so I was very capable of raising them right…and I’m sure if this happened to any of my kids he’d be buried neck deep in cyanide

    • Shannon

      My dad would have shot him in the parking lot

  • Jordana Beechler

    You don’t accidently slip and penetrate it had to be intentional and behind a bookshelf no I would have killed him no its ands or buts about it

  • treesha

    I wouldve broke his damn neck, why in the hell you behind a bookshelf hiding with my daughter in the first place, tuhh tickle fight my ass guess ill accidently break your jaw.. Oops i slipped

  • Anna JAcobs

    Thank god the little girl has a good enough relationship with her father to tell him right away and thank god the dad did something to get that sick fuck locked up

  • PhillyKid

    He would have never made it from behind the bookshelf. What man allows any male non relative have a tickle fight with his kids!!

  • Bridget McClure

    If that my child or any child I would have killed by hat sick bastard

  • Rosewould

    I would have accidentally slipped and strangled the SOB

  • Kim Marc Reinke

    How do you accidentally rape a child.public stoning and let him be raped pos

  • Melissa Rae Palardy

    What a sick piece of shit!!! When it comes to sexual assault, there is no fkn accident!!!!!!!!!

  • ebanyminton

    Accidentally? Nothing like that happens by accident. Hope he rottes in prison and hope the inmates rape him and see how it feels to be raped, by accident

  • Monique Brown

    This is very sad. Just knowing that there are sick ppl out here like this. I feel men make just as much of a difference as a woman teacher does. I am a daycare teacher and this has truly hurt my heart for this baby girl. I’m glad that she opened up to her dad to inform him on what was going on. This Man really needs help and I feel awful for his grandmother that just tried to raise him right.

  • T0m0

    Kill him.

  • Ali Ma

    I don’t usually post comments but this??? This is absolutely sickening as well as frightening. I am a mother of 4 daughters and I tremble when I think “what if…” My heart hurts for this victim and her parents…and by the way, I have a husband, a father, and 5 brothers in which I would trust with my life and those of my children. It is NOT the sex that identifies or determines a perpetrator, it is the perverse thoughts and actions of the (male or female) individual. As a Christian I am struggling with this and honestly my sincere thoughts…lets just say they are NOT of God.

  • McTravDad

    What’s up with the video? I don’t care who won the NBA finals…

  • Lyn Hamilton

    Take his sorry ass out and shoot him. No trial. No jury. Just shoot him.

  • Chelsea Smith

    He deserves to be beaten then shot.

  • Sherry W.

    I’m sorry and I understand it’s considered sexist in today’s standards, but men should not work in daycare facilities. Men are gatherers/hunters & women are homemakers/nurturers. Not a popular viewpoint nowadays but it’s how my husband & I run our home. Traditional family values need to be restored. Men need to be gentlemen & women need to be ladies…oh, in a perfect world! Ok now, go ahead & hate. But, as a lady, I kindly acknowledge your opinions and remain silent yet firm in my beliefs.

    • Damien

      It’s like that one thing i saw on facebook, Boys have swag Men have class girls have swag and women have class. People need to have class, i agree with that opinion of yours sherry but there are times where men need to take care of their children equally as well. Because children need both parents there for them when something goes wrong. Since my dad left i’ve been the ‘father’ figure of the house pretty much and i learned alot of things at only 19 years old. But rape every one knows its bad, it’s just the sicko’s that need to be rid of the gene pool.

  • CaddyOne LoveChrist

    Molestation and RAPE are not the same thing. He didn’t have sex with her he touched her inappropriately! not that it is any less of a offense but it does make a big difference in the outcome!

    • Sherry W.

      Agreed, the word “rape” seems to sensationalize the story, “child penetration” is both more accurate & equally abhorrent!

    • DolphinArtist67

      Seriously?! You think the semantics matter to the little girl?!

  • Sherri Cline

    thats bullshit he slipped on a toy and his hand went up her undies i wouldnt believe his tale he’d b dead touch my fuckin kid like that it weren’t no accident if u believ that u dumber than him fucking pervert

  • Sherri Cline

    my kid never went to daycare i was a stay at home mom cause i didnt trust nobody to watch my kid if its being over protective oh fucking wel its my kid and i didnt want him getting hurt by anyone he was a new born my husband wanted to go to a christmas party and leave him with family i was gone not even 30 minutes and went home it bad when u too scared to even let family watch ur kid

  • Haajiri Khaliifa

    He accidentally fell and his hand ended up inside where??

    OMG!!! My head hurts trying to process that.

  • This is ridiculous! Accidentally? Yes, the father showed great restraint. If he had taken matters into his own hands it would’ve only traumatized the child more. I pray this child is able to get past this and be able to have the childhood she deserves.

    As for the that disgusting piece of crap, the only peace I find is knowing what happens to child offenders in jail.

  • lovingmyhair

    It’s some sick people in this world! Lord Jesus!

  • rowsbud72

    The father restrained himself because he knew the worst thing for this little girl after being raped would then be for her to lose her daddy. She needs him to show her she is perfect in every way. How does he do that from jail after giving in to his anger…which only satisfies his own feelings and does nothing for his child who has already been victimized?

  • Dorita Peay

    Why the hell the father didn’t beat his ass right there couldn’t have been me we both be going to jail

  • DrPhree Choyce

    I would be in jail because my 9mm would have accidentally unloaded and reloaded itself in his ass

  • kingh

    The man needs to be shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carmen Lopez

    I don’t think I can stop myself from killing that person for raping my grandchild daughter or son I don’t know if I could get the strength to walk away that would tear my heart imports feel sorry for the little girl may God give us strength to move on sad situation.

  • AB

    Why is a grown guy running a daycare? That’s so fucking weird.

  • Stephanie Henrydsolo Wright

    How do accidentally molested a child? Somebody need rape his ass accidentally! Real talk… Couldn’t been my child I would’ve killed that ass…

  • Christopher Castellanos

    Thankfully we live in the desert,someone would disappear real fast.

  • Preston Creason

    Why is he not dead or on life support in the hospital???

    • blue_persuasion

      Because it happened in Seattle. :/

      • Damien

        Daycares always made me uncomfortable as a child because they would be mean to you etc… I always begged not be put in daycare since i couldn’t stand it….

  • blue_persuasion

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re having a harmless tickle fight and your fingers accidentally end up inside a little girl’s privates? WHOOPS… I’d have killed the sumbitch.

  • Damien

    I really hope this little girl gets Justice, and for all you man hating retards in the comments, it’s not uncommon for a male to babysit children. Monsters molesters and rapist come in both genders, But it’s obvious to acknowledge the fact that a molester can be your next door neighbor and you would never know until your child comes back violated. I am the oldest out of 5 and i am a male and i babysit all of my siblings when someone is out of town or doing something important and needs someone to take care of them while they are gone. I am able to do this but obviously this little girl needs justice, I was molested at the age of 7 by a neighbor. Anyone can be molested but rape is only to boast up a story when that may not be the whole side of the story, could have been completely different, News outlets fuck up stories like that. There are plenty of murderers, rapists molesters etc that are females just like there are males as well. Think about that not all men are perverts but i bet the people who say that don’t look at the articles about grown women having sex with 12 yearold boys.

  • ipo

    How can you accidentally rape a child. He is one sick BASTARD. He’s lucky that’s not my child or ill be charged with accidental murder.

  • pretti loveit

    Its sick for men and women to do anything to a child . and for this to happen to anything from any grown person should die and die very hard !!!!

  • Top

    I can’t believe that low life is still breathing, he would be in the morgue by the time I was done with him.

  • AmeliaBedelia

    I have been hurt by both sexes as a child, and all I want to say is that I hope that someone lets her know that she did nothing wrong and it was not her fault that that sick man chose to do that to her.

  • Loni Rich

    Slipped on a toy my ass! I slipped on a toy and “accidentally” strangled the bastard.

  • Jennifer Aguirre Edwards

    I used to work for this company for 3 years. My own son went there WHILE I worked there and I found him eating cheerios from a dustpan at 8 months and at 2 his nail got torn off by a coworker in a door hinge. I don’t BLAME the employees for that. Under paid and over worked….but FOR THIS??? HE IS TO BLAME! and shame on kids country for trying to cover it up. NOT surprising though. I could write a bucket list of all the things I saw and probably shouldn’t have.

  • Gloria Haynes

    Ian, be glad you’re in jail. And also give thanks that I am not that child’s grandmother, because a jail wouldn’t stop me.

  • Debra A Bexley-Mitchem

    How in the hell

  • IvanRider

    I wouldn’t stop until I’d deconstructed just how impossible Moore’s version of events is, given the eyewitness testimony and simple logistics. You don’t put a child in a wall-bang position with your pants down, finger the child while staring at her panties, and say it was a “harmless tickle fight.” If you’re lifting up her panties to grab a view, you’re viewing for voyeuristic reasons. And if she ends up in a crouched position, you don’t keep her in one for that length of time and call it “innocent tickling.”

    That’s all complete BS.

  • Kimberly Collins Ortiz

    Yup I accidentally slipped and my sledge hammer slammed his privates !

  • Melodie Thomason

    this man was not playing he knew what he was doing and if it been me walked up I would have bet his head off and his family can not help what he has done

  • Robin Saporito

    No, an accident is spilling a Coke. Putting any part of yourself inside a little girl is just evil and intentional.

  • cooper


  • Bekah

    My finger “accidentally” slipped on the trigger.

  • Bella Sanchez

    I would have killed that nigga

  • Hariot Williams-Fridley

    My hands would be accidentally cutting off his balls.

  • Chrissy Mele

    please tell me HOW the hell do you accidently fall and ur hand not only lands INSIDE the childs panties but penetrates as well??? I mean 1, Why were they alone in another area away from all other kids ? 2 , Why was he tickeling a 5 yr old ? and 3 Why was this child getting special so called fun with the teacher Had the father not walked in he clearly would have molested her further

  • krystal martinez

    I would have killed the bastard and put his remainings on a bag and trashed
    him. Simply speaking what I feel about rapists.

  • Drew Carfrae

    I don’t buy the suspect saying that he slipped on a toy and the gal caused his hand to get in her pants!!!

  • ElephantndaRoom

    How do you accidentally do that to a little girl or anybody? Not saying that women aren’t capable of that, but I do raise an eyebrow or frown at men that like to work at day cares.

  • Holly Baker Cornish

    True, there is evil in all shapes and sizes. Drowsy1234 was talking about the article. I don’t know how he restrained himself either. As for my kids, I would never allow a male of any age to watch my kids. I was raped at the age of 7 by my uncle, molested by a friend of the family at age 8, raped at 16. So, knowing not all men are evil, I still can’t trust them alone with my kids. But I’m happy to hear Denn has a great relationship with his nephew. It reminds me that not all males are evil. Thanks Denn for sharing.

  • Christine Couch

    He should be “accidentally”left in the electric chair.

  • Lysa Arryn

    How can someone accidentally rape someone?

  • john

    That is f@$king disgusting, and his excuse sounds like it came from an Emenem song…

  • Misie Lee

    The way the story is portrayed it sounds like he is guilty as H*ll!

  • Trixie Nance

    Can we just put him under the jail.

  • I have tons of boy and girl cousins that I baby sat, from the time I was 12-16. They’d follow me around, they were like my little brothers and sisters (don’t have any). Now they are grown with lives of their own.

  • As for this guy? There is no way that he “tripped” on some toy and his hand “magically and accidentally” just managed to “slide” into her underwear and penetrating her. Please, he must think people are stupid.

  • DarkShroud83

    You can never truly trust anyone you leave your children with. My husband was raped as a child until he was a teenager… by his older male cousin. This went on for almost 10 YEARS with no family members knowing. I wish he would have been able to tell somebody about it when it was happening. It’s made his life so hard. His relationships with other people are incredibly damaged, and he has bad anger issues stemming from his abuse.

  • Jill Klask


  • Justin Harris

    Yup on the spot ass whooping!!!

  • memawof5

    Well please get the little girl help! I didn’t get none when I was raped at the age of 5. I still live with it. The man should be hung. I sorry! No child should have to go through anything that. Then they don’t get the they for hurting a child.

  • Barbara Wiggs

    There would be no need for trial had my husband found that happening to our daughter. Taught her five little words by the time she was three. My. Daddy. Has. A. Gun.

  • If I was this child’s father. I would be the last person that he sees before closing his eyes. He would erased. I have a daughter and I DONT play that type of shit with mines.

  • Sher Brown Reed

    Ease up on Dakota , maybe it was out of context , but let him speak , isn’t that what we’re all here for

  • vicky swartz

    that worker would never even made it out of the building had he touched one od my kids, because i would have killed the SOB…

  • Amy Robbins

    I find it sad that ANYONE could do this to a child it is just sick I don’t care if you are a man or a woman it doesn’t make it any different IT’S STILL WRONG

  • Juli

    Let’s just crucify every teacher and daycare worker for trying to be friendly with children whose fathers have oversexualized and misinformed, shall we?

    • Latosha Arnold

      The father didn’t over sexualize anything, his daughter said he touched her in her private area…

  • Latosha Arnold

    Juli, shut up this is a serious situation with a little girl caught in the balance of it all, anybody ever ask why he didn’t stop when he first ACCIDENTALLY touched her beneith her pants or why they where posted up behind the book shelf, ninerzchic, sorry for the loss of your brother he sounds like a great uncle and brother, but realize this man who is being charged is not her uncle he is just a daycare worker. Why are we even entertaining this debate all of you know if you saw your daughter in the corner with a man like that and she told you that he raped her, 98% of you would be in jail for murder…

  • Yayi

    This is a story about a man who the daughter calls a good dad and uncle

  • Carolina McAndrews

    how do you accidentally rape someone?

  • ek1433

    for Dakota, it sounds like you have never really talked to anyone or tried to resolve the issues that you have, maybe you should try, it will help trust me

  • ek1433

    for dakota, im guessing that you have never really talked to anyone to try and resolve some of your issues, you should try it really helps trust me

  • Ashley Nicole Long

    Kill that son of a bitch! Wish I could hunt him track him down cut his dick off and dicetced into little pieces. Die muthfucker!!!! Die!!!!!!

  • Mona Kaufman

    Dakota James your an idiot! Listen to the story!!! I hope he rots in jail disgusting perv! Women or Men that is so wrong, disgusting animals not human beings! I don’t know how the father held it together, I know if that would of been my child he would have a hard time breathing!

  • cuzin skeeta

    I would slip and let my blade penetrate his fucking neck,face and chest !!!!! Sick fuck !!

  • Powers

    I don’t believe Dakota was trying to be a woman basher he was just stating that women are capable of such heinous Acts as well. Gosh lighten up on him, he’s being attacked for sharing a relative trauma. This man although needs psychological care and Jail time. And to say many prayers for still having a breath to take.

  • Alma Cogar

    I m sorry but how in the hell do you “Accidentally” rape anyone??? Really??

  • April

    This kind of thing is why I’m going to take a few years off of work to spend with my child. I will never put my child in day care or hire a babysitter. Things like this unfortunately happen often.

  • Let’s see what accidentally happens to him in jail.

  • Thomas Kane

    I would Cut his nuts off, stuff them in his mouth and staple it shut…Then pour gasoline on him and set him on fire!

  • LadyRed

    But they want to take up all the room in prisons for drug dealers.. And these rapist pigs don’t deserve to even breath/live.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell if that was my daughter he would be dead and I’d be behind bars…. Just for the fact that he took something from that baby and will more then likely be with her forever. I know I was 3… When my own 21 yr old cousin raped me for months….. Pig bastard.. Its not like those drug dealers force there drug in u… Like those sick fucks… Drugs are a dam choice, “RAPE IS NOT”!!!!! NO JUSTICE!!!!!

    • LadyRed

      $200,000 that’s what $20,000 wtf and there’s a man in prison for LIFE for transporting weed!!! Wtf..

  • Spartan Heart

    Guilty as fuark

  • jewels

    Dakota yes women are the same as men but u can’t just say their worse cuz there not I know wat its like to but abused by someone.I was little and didn’t know.but plz dont take it out on all girls have some respect for the 5 yr old u wouldn’t want anyone just going after men or u cuz wat happened to u a while ago which my fell like yesterday rite

  • mary

    I was abused like I wasn’t able to eat whith out getting hit I got hit for no reason punished for no reason that abuse stood in the hallway all day on rice I feel bad for that poor poor child

    • jewels

      I was sexually abused by my two babysitters and no childs should go through being hit for being hungry mary im srry

  • jewels

    One question how the hell do you accidentally rape a child

  • mary

    I know right im sorry that you were abused that was when I was like 5 until I was 7 and I live whith my grandma know I feel bad for that little girl

    • jewels

      Yea me to about the girl.I was 4 and it ended when I was ten my dad found out

  • mary

    I don’t know how u accidentally rape someone he did it on purpose

    • jewels

      Either way it’s wrong

  • Kassy Hughes Dalton

    I would have “accidently” shot him right between the eyes

  • Amy Sadler

    Well let me accidentally slip on my high heels and rip his dick off. Sick bastard. What a lame ass excuse for his intolerable behavior.

  • Nobodyknows

    He needs to be castrated n left to bleed to death, Place it on a chopping block like we do a chunk of wood to split n off it goes. This crap disgust me. Prison is too good for men n women like this & in my opinion the option above is the solution to the problem. Maybe it might even work to let them live so other men would know what they face if they decide to do a disgusting thing as rape a child, or anyone else.

  • Justin Thyme

    ok, well a) obviously we don’t have all the information of this case which means that b) no one has the right to judge anyone yet. you don’t know all the information. c) can we please learn the difference between “rape” and “molestation”. rape is violent, it’s a power thing, meant to control the victim. there were no threats of violence, no deadly weapons involved. this girl was not raped, she was molested.

  • JadeKitten85

    For the suspects grandmother: It doesn’t matter that he was raised in a good environment. Most child Molesters cant help what they feel. It has to do with the development of the brain. Yes he know its wrong and shouldn’t have ever touched a child but at the same time there needs to be more research into this and therapists out there reaching out to these people without them being judged to help them. There are many out there that don’t touch, that feel ashamed of how they feel but its hard to find help b/c so many are disgusted by it. In the end 910 it is a mental disease. the brain didn’t form properly around adolescence. There is or was a documentary on netflix explaining all of this. I do not condone this and yes I would be pissed but there needs to be more awareness and research.

  • Diaii

    Why are there no images of the suspects?! Accused Child Molesters, heres absolutely no information or identity to ensure no more children are harmed. But sadly this is yet another possible rapist and Ive only seen the victims…

  • Jake

    Kill him. Send a message to the next pedophile.

  • T Lyrics

    They say they do extensive backgrounds but even if a person passes doesn’t mean they aren’t pedifiles they just were never caught…. We are living in a world of unspeakable things so we now have to be cautious of who we let our children be involved with and be the protectors we were called to be for our children

  • Doris Jean Johnson


  • janis shouse

    throw in in prison for life the dirty nasty devil

  • Viri Diana

    “The devil never sleeps” no matter how good you been raised bad thoughts are always there. The real challange is whether u act up on them . smh. Poor lil girl 🙁

  • Paula Burton

    So can someone please explain when Josh Duggar did this to his five year old sister everyone called it harmless mistake?

  • Chris Molloy

    I would be making my phone call from a cell.

  • kinal45
  • Aj Kerr

    How can you accidentally rape someone. I hope they string that man up. I agree with you drowsy how the dad didn’t kill the guy we will never know but at least he can be there to help his daughter through this trauma

  • Brashard Bursey

    That’s just plain sick right there. This guy should never work with children, much less a five-year-old little girl again.

  • Amanda Collins

    stuff like this is why some daycares wont allow a male worker change a child’s bum. that is at my daycare. cause a parent was uncomfortable with my male daycare worker but females can be just as bad a males

  • JordanLSullivan

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  • wash23
  • Katrina Tadlock

    Not sure how dad didn’t kill him.

  • Linda Edwards

    Hmmmmmmmmmm He accidentally raped her during a tickle fight. So ummmm ok So I accidentally beat him to death with a shovel during a pillow fight. Yeah that sounds about right.

  • OPAN78
  • MelvinDPollard

    ………..All time hit the crimefeed Find Here

  • michig911 ( Honky!!!)

    Why is mr clumsy still breathing? He should be putdown like the dirty animal he is.

  • sory45
  • Juliana

    I know family is usually in disbelief when a crime like this happens, but it’s nice to know this predator’s grandmother isn’t in some sort of denial that most families go into when their “loved one” does something so horrific. I hope this little girl gets the treatments she needs and that eventually it will fade from her memory.

  • Nanette Valencia

    Very sad. I live not too far from this daycare

  • Sarrah Goldblume

    With all the hype about
    diversity being touted we should be ARMPIT deep in UTOPIA by now, but empty
    promises from elitists about multiculturalism have left our schools, cities,
    and society in ruins.

    The media has created an
    illusion that African Americans are the ones who will return your lost dog,
    hand you your wallet when you drop it, and are so cool compared to nerdy White
    people. It is on about every commercial now in case you have not noticed.

    As important as not
    playing with fire or looking both ways to cross the street; parents should be
    teaching their children to ALWAYS stay away from African Americans.

    Keeping your kids alive is
    far more important than being told you’re a racist, bigot or not Christian for
    avoiding multicultural enrichment.

    Innocent, unsuspecting,
    and hopelessly naive Whites are mugged, raped and murdered each day. The
    African Americans are becoming much more violent each year. Law Enforcement
    seems to insure the criminals’ rights are upheld far more than arresting
    obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price to pay
    for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime.

    In conclusion; the tsunami
    of violent crime, squalor, and bankruptcy in our cities, schools, and society
    gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed integration.

    Integration is real

  • Sarrah Goldblume

    Perhaps they should re-name the Daycare “Cosby Care”….

  • The_Troll_King

    What’s wrong? Aren’t y’all enjoying diversity so far?

  • HilarityBribo .

    You leave your kids with obama’s sons you’re kind of asking for it.

  • WhiteRabbit

    Africa for africans!
    Asia for asians!
    White countries for everyone!
    Diversity means chasing down the last white person.
    It’s genocide.
    “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • FilthyMoolies

    Disgusting TNB.

  • Deannaphysell

    can you like manga < w­­­w­­­w.­­­­N­e­t­C­a­s­h­­­9­­.­­­C­­­o­­­m

  • Penny Strode

    Bull friggin shit! My ass he accidently raped her. Any person who even thinks of touching a child should hands cut off and tortured the way that sicko thinks of those nasty thoughts. That is taking away a child’s innocent along with their soul. It also hurts their heart and the sickos don’t understand of how much pain it can do to not only the child but also everyone around them. Including the parents…

  • Penny Strode

    Also the ones who do this don’t realize the long term effect it can have on a child. It’s damage that the sicko will never comprehend because they feel that they can prey on a child that can’t fight back! To prey on a child like that is showing that the individual needs major mental help. They also need to be locked up and the key flushed down the toilet.

  • james ndirangu

    that’s a composed dad. if it were me, i would be in jail and he would have long been buried.

  • MissJulia

    I love the dude off to the right of the picture shaking his head and then just says “WOW” to the guy next to him. I guess all of Trump’s supporters are not totally bats**t, but clearly some of them are.

  • T Keeler

    This made me so sick reading this. I can’t imagine that happening to a five year old little girl. He should be sentenced to death! No allowed to go around another child let alone an adult.

  • Jen Crass

    “Accidentally” cut off his d* and shove it down his throat.. Sick bastart doesn’t deserve to breath.

  • Chantel Vaillencourt

    Fucking sick bastard! You don’t “accidentally” slip your hands in a child’s underwear you shouldn’t be anywhere near the child’s pants in the first place nor having a tickle fight with a 5 year old. I hope he gets raped in jail.

  • This reminds me of the story of the guy who was just working innocently on his roof as a woman walked by and a gust of wind blew him off the roof just as it lifted the woman’s skirt and somehow an erect part of his anatomy wound up accidentally inside a complimentary part of hers.

    Sounds about as plausible. Accidentally. Right.

  • it’s my opinion

    I am confused. The articles about this say that she was sexually assaulted (Which is horrible) But, I don’t see rape. Where am I wrong?

  • I think that is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. What will they think of next? Pretending he’s a woman and going into the ladies room?