Mom Accused Of Leaving Special-Needs Kids Home Alone For 9 Hours So She Could ‘Party’


When police in Indianapolis recently arrested 23-year-old Kiara Officer, what the police found inside her home was unbelievable.

At 2:40 a.m. on Wednesday, according to Fox59, police stopped by the young mom’s home for a child welfare check. When they knocked on the door, Officer’s 5-year-old daughter peered out the window, and informed the police that she and her 2-year-old brother were home alone.

When the girl let the officers into the house, they were greeted by a smell they referred to as “burnt marijuana.” They also found a grinder normally used to combine marijuana with “shake,” the dried detritus from the bottom of a bag of pot. A hookah rested nearby with weed still in it.

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The place was also, reportedly, a complete dump. Both dead and living bed bugs greeted the cops when they walked in. According to Fox59, food bags and dirty dishes were everywhere. Mold lined the kitchen walls, and trash was strewn about.

When police asked where the kids’ mother was, the girl told them her mom had left them after putting them to bed. She said her mom always did that to go party. There was no food for the children, and the 2-year-old boy was reportedly “soaked in urine.”

Police called the children’s grandmother, who currently has custody of the children. When cops finally located the children’s mom in a Costco parking lot, Officer told them that she’d left the kids at 5:30 that evening with someone named “Cocoa.” When police pressed her for information on this “Cocoa,” Officer couldn’t provide it. When officials asked the little girl if anyone had ever come by to mind them, she said no.

Kiara Officer was arrested and charged with two counts of felony neglect of a dependent.

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  • Maria Ramos

    Ediot! The word “Mom” is way too big for you to be called that! Shame on you ! Hope you don’t get your kids back! They deserve someone to care and love them! Kids are priority! They come before anything and anyone!

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      Wrong wrong wrong. partying ALWAYS comes first.

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    It’s disgusting that people like this exist, and the law isn’t harsh enough on them. She should be in jail for no less tha five years, in as bad of conditions as she left those poor children. Also, if she’s this bad of a mom, imagine how great of a mother hers is. I hope they do a lot of home visits. Why the hell weren’t the kids with their grandmother to begin with? Anyway, she doesn’t deserve children, not only should she never get to see the ones she has again, but she should also be sterilized.

    • ahna

      The grandmother is probably as mush a ho as her daughter.

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    I just hope the children are now in a safe place. Can’t believe this lady could be so selfish. She deserves some serious punishment

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    Ok, let’s be rational before judging

    #1 Did she have to Party that night (sometimes you must)

    #2 Did she put helmets on the kids

    #3 Last but not least, did she leave enough weed for the kids?

    If all 3 check out, I don’t understand the problem.

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      ‘Cuz black lives matter.

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