Prison Break: Find Out How Thousands Of Inmates Escape Each Year


While the idea of escaping prison seems impossible to many of us law-abiding citizens, approximately 2% of inmates manage to make it over the wall (or under it) each year. Even more shocking is how escapees are able to avoid detection during massive manhunts.

With the Clinton Correctional prison escapees saga playing out, we took a look at how thousands of inmates escape prison each year. And as Lt. Joe Kenda said, inmates “have nothing else to do in prison but plan and plot.” Below we hear directly from inmates about how they tricked, schemed and plotted their way out of prison. Spoiler alert — they all got caught!

1. Sweet Talking An Outsider Helps

After escaping prison during Hurricane Floyd, this attractive convict used his charm to score a ride from an unsuspecting woman.

2. Know The Alarms Systems
False alarms are common in prison security systems. These escapees used the warning signs to their benefit when cutting their way out of prison.

3. Assembling A Team Can Prove Vital

Although fellow inmates are know to snitch on each other, it’s not uncommon for escapees to coordinate their efforts.

4. Take Advantage Of Distractions

There is no better time to go unnoticed than during the Super Bowl. After years of plotted their escape, these two inmates chose the perfect time to unleash their plan.

5. Don’t Be Too Picky About Timing 

When the opportunity to get out of jail presents itself, a scheming convict will take his chances. This inmate was determined to escape…with or without pants.

For the more about the astonishing prison breakout and takedown, watch Investigation Discovery’s all new special, “Prison Break: The Manhunt Ends,” Friday, July 3 at 9/8c.