Naked Dude In Halloween Mask Runs Screaming Through Walmart, Pours Milk All Over Himself

Over the weekend, the Internet got itself in a tizzy over a masked man who stripped naked inside a Kentucky Walmart, poured milk all over himself, and screamed that he was “on fire.”

In the video, uploaded to YouTube on June 17, an unidentified gentleman with long hair—wearing nothing more than a Halloween mask, white socks and black sneakers—rummages through the dairy coolers, grabs two gallons of milk, and lets the liquid fly as he shakes his groove thing.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, he then runs through the supermarket aisles, arms flailing, screaming, “I’m on fire!”

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The incident initially had local police scratching their heads.

In an interview with FOX2Now, Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott questioned the criminal’s motives, saying, “Why would he want to do that? They can go to jail.”

Luckily for law enforcement, deputies soon nabbed the nude suspect and his cameraman accomplice.

Timothy Smith and David Daniels were arrested on Saturday afternoon and are currently being held without bond at the Pike County Detention Center.

An investigation is ongoing.

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Photo: YouTube



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