Marilyn Monroe Looked ‘Unrecognizable’ When She Died, Claim Authors Of New Celebrity-Corpse Book

According to Allan Abbott and Ron Hast, the authors of a new book about “transporting famous corpses” (yup, you read that right), even Marilyn Monroe didn’t look quite like THE Marilyn Monroe at the time of her death in 1962.

(Hey, even the most beautiful women in the world have their less-than-shining moments, right? We’d assume death would be one of those, but maybe that’s just us.)

As drivers of the car sent to pick up Monroe’s body and take it to the mortuary, Abbott and Hast were reportedly among the very first folks to see Monroe’s corpse after she passed away from a drug overdose in her L.A. home at 36.

Per The Daily Mail, Abbott and Hast say Monroe’s body bore mysterious purple splotches on her face, her legs hadn’t been shaved in at least a week, she was wearing false teeth, and in general she just looked like she “didn’t take care of herself.” Oh, she also reportedly had dark roots, a super-swollen neck, chapped lips, and was in desperate need of a mani-pedi, the book authors claim. Yikes — can’t a dead celebrity catch a break?

“When we removed the sheet covering her, it was almost impossible to believe this was the body of Marilyn Monroe. She looked like a very average, aging woman who had not been taking very good care of herself. Obviously, the circumstances surrounding her death had greatly exacerbated her poor appearance and she was unrecognizable,” they summarize.

The duo ferried lots of other celebrities — both living and dead — around town during Hollywood’s Golden Age, as well. More morbid revelations can be found in their book, Pardon My Hearse, out today.

Read more: The Daily Mail

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

  • 6Cinnamongirl3

    KInd of a low blow insulting someone after they committed suicide or was murdered, depending on who you believe. I have never heard she had false teeth, just a few capped ones. But I guess that would sell more of your crummy books.

    • Marci Castro

      i agree. its amazing what some people will say/do to make a dollar.

    • prettysureitsinfected

      Money is the root of all evil 😈. Very sad 😔

      • Dianna Little Nadjkovic

        No, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. And it’s not like she EXPECTED to die that day; I think if she had committed suicide she would have done herself up beautifully first, just so everyone would find a pretty corpse.

        • LuvMyBrownskin

          She was murdered and they wanted her found like that.

          • Latosha Benjamin


          • Randomly Hiccuping Ballads


          • LuvMyBrownSkin💋

            Research is a powerful too just ho to your internet and you’ll come across plenty of reliable and documented resources.

        • Derek Lee

          Someone who is in the middle of a drug binge, can’t be bothered with such things.

        • Latosha Benjamin

          I agree, her appearance meant alot to her. I believe someone was drugging her toward the end because she was confused and loosing it. If she was found like this it was because someone wanted her to look crazy and incompetent and able to kill herself…….WHICH I DON’T BELIEVE! I believe it was a cover up!! They killed our beautiful icon because they were messy cowards… a lesson to all women they will use you until they can’t anymore! Tears for Marilyn #the life of a pretty woman is a hard one to live you never know who you can trust!!!!!!

          • Sydney Lawrence

            Latosha what a wonderful, understanding and intelligent person you must be. Marilyn would be proud to have people like you so rightly defend her.

          • russ hook

            JEWS murdered MM like they murdered and RAPED hundreds of other beautiful Aryan women!

          • russ hook

            Nope she wasn’t LOOSENING it! She was actually TIGHTENING it! IDIOT!

      • SandySB

        The Love of money, not money itself

    • Bulkster *Upvote god*

      It’s not insulting if they’re just reporting what they saw.

    • Derek Lee

      She made the decision to do drugs, and overdose, it’s her own fault. Who cares what people say about her?

    • Naeevenahanee Dayanna Hudgins

      I agree

    • Diane S

      saying false instead of capped makes it sound worse. And how nice to say she looked liked she had not been taking care of herself. Seriously blamed those around her, and the doctors who were aware of the sleeping pill issue…..then blame the kennedy’s for being manipulating womanizing so called men. They all put her through hell.

      • Sydney Lawrence

        They did. Especially that sex crazed pervert, JFK.

  • Linda Van Ysseldyk

    Not good to pick on someone who can’t defend themselves. Marilyn went throught hell before she died.

  • Ginamarie McConnell

    never cool understand peoples obsession with her.

    • Tina Greene

      you know all merilyn did was set a path for us women to be proud of who we are and not to be afraid to show it….she was down graded by haters of American women movement… those who downed us women and said the only place we should be is in a kitchen…merilynn said not me I am going to show what a true woman can do and how awesome they can be….

    • Sydney Lawrence

      Ginamarie not wishing to challenge your opinion of Marilyn, could I respectfully ask, have you ever read the story of Marilyn’s life? If and when you do make further comment. I am sure you too will find the magic of Marilyn.

  • Melissa Suzanne Belcher

    She will always be Beautiful to me i dont care what anyone says and she will be remembered forever beautiful .

  • Paula-Anne Westgaard

    I have been fascinated by Marilyn although she lived and died well before I was born. I’ve always considered her a brilliant yet very damaged and misunderstood woman. Quite a tragic yet very beautiful figure. Too bad the money grabbers cannot let her rest peacefully.

  • Patricia J Bell

    This is just sick and disrespectful! The people writing this crap are gouls!

    • david ellis

      your right

  • Renee

    Sad that this is mentioned at all . Poor lady cant even get peace now

    • Superhero

      She’s dead. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t exist.

      • Sydney Lawrence

        She doesn’t exist???? I wonder who my wife and I have been visiting in Westwood every year from Australia.

        • Dawn

          If you are referring to a grave, surely you do not believe the body buried there is still aware of what is happening above the ground? The eternal thing that is Marilyn’s spirit or soul left the very second she died. There is nothing in that coffin except a body that will eventually fall to dust no matter how well they embalmed her. This body business is only temporary, you know.

          • Randomly Hiccuping Ballads

            “The eternal thing that is Marilyn’s spirit or soul left the very second she died.”

            “This body business is only temporary, you know.”

            No. I dont know. I know you were addressing Sydney Lawrence, but I swooped on in too. Anyhoo, I’ve heard this for countless years, but I dont know. The “soul” and “temp body business” thingy, that is.


  • therealdealishere

    Even though she was well known for basically being a prostitute, this does seem kind of odd to put out there.

    • Sydney Lawrence

      If Marilyn was a prostitute what does that make every other woman in the world?

  • Gail Addington

    I wouldn’t buy the book until the authors themselves are dead several days before being found.

  • Sharon Anderson

    Marilyn was murdered by her doctor, psychologist, Dr. Greenson. She did not overdose herself. He gave her barbiturates administered by enema. No pills or residue was in her stomach. No alcohol. No food. The maid, housekeeper did the coverup. Regardless, these guys don’t need to gloat about the dead. They deserve respect.

    • russ hook

      ALL of the PARASITES who surrounded MM and then murdered her were JEWS The same with Michael Jackson BOTH were mind controlled slaves too

  • Ilse Klein Veldeman

    I find these people disgusting. Why exploid the dead like that, don’t they deserve a little dignity and peace.

    • russ hook

      They didn’t EXPLODE her they EXPLOITED her

  • Marilyn Hauck-jones

    These trash talking bastards are the pimple on ths eass of society. Some things shoud remain private.

  • D. Devine

    TOTAL BS. Lies. Some jackass saw her autopsy photo (which we’ve ALL SEEN for decades) and claims they saw it her in that state when she was discovered dead. This is a LIE. The teeth thing is a complete fabrication. Do not invest in this pathetic book.

    • russ hook

      How much to join your SATANIC Club

  • Metooagain

    But yet you all read the article.

  • She~Knows~All

    This doesn’t make any kind of sense. It’s ridiculous,sad and pathetic that this man would speak ill of this lady and she’s passed on. Some ppl will do and say anything to make a $. Even though I don’t believe what has been said about her. He still shouldn’t spoke about her like that.

  • Ron Youhouse

    there are pictures of her in death, at the morgue–just as beautiful then as in life, in a sad, wistful way…

  • Carol Ottinger

    That’s why these clowns have to have their make-up people and hairdo people with them 24 -7. They just people living in their fairy tale life.

    • Sydney Lawrence

      Sounds like a little jealousy there Carol.

      • carolo6000

        Nope. She is all the way dead and I am only half way there………OK………..3/4th of the way! LOL

  • barbi28

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  • Terri Blankenship

    Very first folks to see her? Riiiiiiight after whoever found her, the police (I’m sure there were many), the coroner and who knows who else

  • Bridget Eason

    Is it really that unbelievable that Marilyn had unshaven legs and dark roots? And MOST celebrities look like average aging people. I work on studios in LA/Hollywood from time to time and MOST times I don’t recognize celebs. They are not bigger than life and many don’t look glamorous. The false teeth I’ve never heard of, but I wouldn’t say it was a lie and the purple blotches…well she WAS dead. If i suddenly died in my house over the weekend and with the way I lounge around by myself…oh wee…I’d just say don’t talk TOO bad about me lol

    • russ hook

      ALL celebrities are MPD TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES! Do you IDIOTS actually think JEWS would pay the goyim millions of shekels from their own pockets DREAM ON DIPSHITS cuz it’s ALL an ILLusion!

    • Sam

      Honestly I don’t know why they felt to point out the dark roots anyway. Her hair color was a really dark brown and dark roots with light hair grow out fast. My hair’s black and I can spend hours getting my roots touched up and within a week I’ll have dark roots again lol.

  • photo34
  • Superhero

    Never thought she was that pretty alive, can’t imagine dead. But what kind of idiot even mentions how someone looks dead?

  • Cora

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  • david ellis

    She will always be a beautiful woman to me….

  • Bella.roy

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  • Lori

    I’m wondering if it wasn’t Marilyn Monroe after all. she used another body and slipped out of the limelight into a normal life and watched as the world made her infamous. I wonder if she’d still alive today?…hey, it’s a thought

  • HANG45
  • Heidi Mignogna

    Let’s see how this idiot looks when he’s been dead for 4+ hours. DEAD not get ready to walk the red carpet. Shame on you!!!!

  • Kate

    This information about Marilyn in that awful book are simply NOT true, read the official autopsy report ???

  • Sydney Lawrence

    How far will fortune seeking low life scumbags go to make a dollar?

  • LisaSHudson

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  • treet45
  • GaryDCornette

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  • Dawn

    Well, good grief. So she had not shaved her legs in a week. So what? If she was between movies, had some down time at home, why would she shave her legs or touch up her roots? If she was at home that week and was feeling awful on top of it emotionally, then she likely did what most women would do. And that is not to worry about a piddly week’s worth of leg hair or dark roots or a mani/pedi.

  • Driver Decade

    It’s just a sensational as wanting to see Monroe’s naked pics. But seeing her alive in a normal fashion would have been better.

  • Gladys Disibbio

    Just watching the “Marilyn Scandal.” Can’t stop believing she was murdered. However I truly believe Mr. Joe himself had JFK and RFK murdered (hired hand). Why else would only those 2 brothers be killed but not Ted? If this is the case, I don’t blame him (Joe) at all. Marilyn was much MORE than a “roll in the hay.” She did NOT deserve to die that way. And for all the A**HOLES out there to speak ill of her AD is totally bogus.

  • Lucius

    Everyone knows she wasn’t a natural blonde. And yeah, without makeup I’m sure a lot of female celebrities are unrecognizable… especially if they’re dead. Idiotic article.

  • Jesse Sikora

    Accidental OD in my opinion.

  • Janeen

    Becoming famous certainly changed her life forever. She must have really had a hard time the week prior to her death. A terrible waste of a beautiful woman. One day it will all be different, yes even for Marilyn. John 5:28,29😊

  • Sydney Lawrence

    These bastards must be hard up for money.

  • Heather Noble

    That is just mega classy to talk about her. Sooooo classy. JFC. How evil.

  • jack lee

    fame , money the party life , drugs do them all in some sooner than others . cant really be happy no matter what.