Grumpy Old Man, 90, Threatens To Blow Head Off Postal Worker When Asked To Fill Out Forms

HB Shea

On Monday, a little old man walked into a Boca Raton post office, got frustrated when he was asked to fill out paperwork (hey, I think we can all agree all those forms are ANNOYING) … and then threatened to shoot a postal worker in the head.

According to Local 10, the suspect is 90-year-old HB (Herbert) Shea, who’d been trying to ship a package but grew quickly agitated by all the required documentation he’d need to fill out. Instead of sucking it up and grabbing a pen, he slammed a pistol on the counter and told the postal employee he was going to “blow his head off.”

After the incident, Shea walked out as if nothing had happened.

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Upon his exit from the building, however, he was apprehended and taken to the West Boca Medical center for evaluation.

He was then sent to the main Palm Beach County jail, where he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper exhibition of a firearm, and bringing a firearm into a federal facility.

Shea’s lawyer says he has serious medical issues and needs medical attention, and he was wheeled into court in a wheelchair.

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Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

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    At 90 years of age I think every encounter with me if I am alive would be “Do what I ask how I ask or I’ll just f’n kill you”. What do you have to lose at that age. I mean at 90 there is no reason to do even one thing you don’t want to or take even the most minute amount of shite from any thing. Whats the worst outcome? Death penalty? Life in prison? please , meaningless at 90.

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