Oops: Teen Allegedly Tries To Sell Stolen iPhone To Undercover Cop

Preshious D. Berry, 19, of Richmond, VA, stands accused of stealing a woman’s iPhone and then trying to sell it to an undercover cop at the city jail. Nope, probably not her most shining moment.

According to WTVR, after swiping the smartphone, the sticky-fingered Berry soon received a call from the device’s rightful owner, who was told she could get her mobile back for a cool $80 (we’re not sure why she picked that figure, either, but whatever).

The victim alerted police, who had a detective from the Fourth Precinct pose as the phone owner’s beau. The officer told Berry to meet him at the Richmond City Justice Center (aka the local jail) for the exchange.

When Berry showed up, the plain-clothed cop asked her if the iPhone was stolen and she reportedly said yes; hey, at least she’s honest. That’s when he took out a pair of cuffs instead of four Andrew Jacksons and arrested the thief.

According to the police department’s Facebook page, “Considering the location of the meet — they only needed to cross the parking lot to the Justice Center intake to complete the arrest.”

Berry was charged with grand larceny and possession of marijuana.

Read more: WTVR

Photo: Richmond Police



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