High School Baseball Players Suspended For Performing Sex Act With Sandwich

It’s hard to find the words to describe exactly what happened on the back of a school bus when members of a J.V. baseball team reportedly decided it’d be fun to engage in a sex act with a sandwich.

Wait, never mind: We can actually think of a bunch. How about gross, disturbing, perverted, inappropriate, and disgusting, to start?

The young accused athletes hail from Grand Forks Central High School in North Dakota, and the food-fetishizing teens allegedly put “bodily fluids onto a chicken sandwich and into a bottle of Gatorade.”

But …that’s not even the worst part.

The worst part is that other players were then purportedly forced to consume the contaminated concoctions.

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Initially, the school’s Associate Principal Jon Strandell refused to confirm the particulars, though he did tell local reporters that six players were suspended for an unnamed incident on the bus. After numerous allegations and a slew of incriminating tweets started appearing online, GFCHS Principal Buck Kasowski finally spilled some of the stomach-churning details. “Bottom line is some young people made mistakes,” the school administrator said.

Kasowski wouldn’t admit whether the “mistakes” were of a sexual nature, but did say the rumors that kids were forced to consume the contaminated foods were the “furthest thing from the truth.”

Tales of the trip immediately went viral and the students involved are said to be “embarrassed and ashamed by what happened.” The incident has not been reported to the Grand Forks Police Department, however, because there isn’t a real criminal element to it (unless being grody is punishable by law).

Regardless, if photos or video of the occurrence are sent around, there could be grounds for charges of distributing child pornography.

With the team’s season already over, the students’ suspension did not affect their ability to participate in future games.

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Photo: KVLY 11

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  • ReliableMoth

    Perhaps the school should hold off on the suspension until the next season. Seems fair but heaven for bid kids get punished properly.

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    But “boys will be boys” and they are gonna get a one day suspension as punishment while some other boy or girl will get spelled for copying during a test.