Teen Charged With Dismembering Mom And Autistic Sister For ‘Practicing Witchcraft Against Her’


A Russian-born teen who claims her mother and sister were practicing witchcraft against her has been arrested for their brutal murders.

According to published international reports,19-year-old Anastasia Lechtchenko confessed to murdering her mother, 45-year-old Yuliya Masney Safonchik, and her 12-year-old sister, Valeria, who reportedly suffered from autism.

The bodies were found dismembered inside plastic bags after neighbors noticed a vile stench wafting from their home in Mexico, reports said. Police said that Valeria’s eyes had been gouged out, and other sources report that Lechtchenko cut out their hearts.

The AP says the bodies were located only a half mile from the border to the United States. The girls’ father reportedly lives in California and works as a gymnastics coach.


Anastasia Lechtchenko and her mother, via Facebook.

A judge in Tijuana recently issued an arrest warrant for Anastasia Lechtchenko for the killings, according to Mexico News Daily. The girl now faces 50 years or more in a Mexican prison.

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Lechtchenko claims she did what she did because her mom (an acrobat) and sister were practicing witchcraft against her. She was arrested near her home (also the site of the murders).

The AP notes that the girl seems to have had a troubled relationship with her mother, especially during the past five years. Officials also said Lechtchenko was involved with people who may have been using drugs.

At one point, the report said Lechchenko even left home and went to another state that was known for drug gangs. Her family filed a missing person report, but police said there was nothing they could do because she was of legal age.

It’s unclear if the suspect acted alone or if any other arrests are forthcoming.

Read more:  Mexico News Daily

Read more:  The AP

Photo: Facebook

  • LuvMyBrownskin

    What is wrong with these people? It seems like everyday someone is getting killed by their relatives.

    • Juliana

      Go buy the local newspaper from your area and then make that statement again.

      • LuvMyBrownskin

        I have the news, internet and digital local news on my iPad. Thanks anyway.

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    I’m going to state my opinion as she had someone helping her…. it has been proven, it is nearly impossible for a grown woman to dismember a body… as it would be a very hard physical labor task…. So her being a young teen… possible yes… but I would think someone will come about as to have helped her. Boyfriend maybe?

    • Wonderguide

      I was thinking the same thing about having help. That’s a huge physical task for anyone, particularly a teenage girl.

    • Tam L.

      Not impossible, look up the Daphne Write case. Chainsaw gets the job done!

      • Petty Betty

        She is much bigger and taller than this girl. With Daphne height & weight I’m sure could handle a chainsaw cutting a body to pieces.

    • Amy Mayberry

      She was 19. That is a grown woman, not a young teen.

      • Neal Graves

        yet the number has TEEN in it lol

        • Amy Mayberry

          I am fully aware of that. You know that an 18 year old is a legal adult. Don’t play stupid. Do you seriously think a YOUNG teen is 19 years old?

          • Maria Gomez

            You know Damn well regardless of the age eighteen , she is no way an adult. Again like someone says hence the word teen. I do understand where your coming from but someone that sick is not an adult. she needs to be locked up Someone throw away the key cuz she is certifiable crazy

          • Amy Mayberry

            I agree she is sick and crazy. Definitely needs to be locked up. By law, she is an adult! I didn’t make the law. I am not debating that 19 is not a teenager. It is still a teenager, but also a legal adult.

          • Juliana

            “but someone that sick is not an adult.” Maybe you mis-wrote your comment but that doesn’t even make sense. Adult’s are far sicker than this 19 year old is.

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        Nine-Teen… in case you didn’t know how to pronounce that word 🙂

        • Amy Mayberry

          What age is considered an adult in your world? Last time I checked, 18 was a legal adult by the law. I know that 19 is a teenager, although it is not a YOUNG teen because it is the last year a person is a teenager. It is also an ADULT. Good grief people. This is a ridiculous argument. People are tried as adults even when they are younger than 18. I’m not seeing why this is so hard to understand.

    • Your Mom

      that is the most ignorant, sexist remark I have read in a long long long time! If a woman or a teen could dismember a deer what’s to stop her from dismembering a human? Come on now… are were really gonna play this “women can’t do things that men do” bull shit? I am by NO MEANS supporting this girl for her wrongdoing… but just because she is a woman doesn’t mean she had someone helping her kill them. Good thing you are not an investigator!

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        You’re absolutely insane to take all that nonsense out of the comment I had made…. If you had any sort of clue as to what you were talking about, or any kind of criminal justice background, you would understand that makes sense. Now take your uneducated on the topic matter , Ass, somewhere else.

      • Virgie Danzig

        You really think that he’s being sexist? Ha. It’s about a damn murder and you’re turning it into a sexist thing. Wow! But he could be right, she probably did have help. Or like you said, she could have done this all by herself. Who fucking knows?!

      • Juliana

        You are obviously (my disclaimer) trying to learn how to be a feminist. My advice learn what it is first. However I do agree she is capable of doing this herself if she is skilled in A&P and knows how to dismember a human being. Thankfully when she’s convicted she will no longer need to know that skill.

      • And gouge her little sister’s eyes out?!! I don’t think so. Had to have been someone high on drugs to do any of this.

    • Cassidy Harsch Adler

      There was a case recently in Sweden,
      girl dismembers her ex boyfriends new partner after showing up at their apartment and attacking the partner with a knife. This was a very young women as well. Her tools consisted of only knives and a bow saw.
      I’d prefer the terms ”most unlikely” due to the nature of the crime specially when committed by a female, and as you mentioned it is a huge task to pull off both mentally and physically. ”Nearly Impossible” is quite an overstatement.

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  • leslie

    I can barely stand the site of blood when mine is being drawn. Can’t imagine dismembering someone and cutting out their heart. Yuck lock that crazy up

  • Alice Ulibarri

    Shes the one practicing witchcraft! I hope they give her life . Her mother and sister were beautiful. How sad . God bless their family at this time.

  • LaneIHoyle

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  • larg47
  • Jara Matthews

    Either she was painfully schizophrenic or this is a cover up from some freaky govt official

  • Carol Weedon-Kaiser Pleake

    When in that state of utter blackness, there is no way to know the strength one can have, during that dark time. Like adrenaline. ..

    • Add drugs to that and anything is possible. Drugs can make people do super human things and lose recall when they wake up.

      • Carol Weedon-Kaiser Pleake

        absolutely, drugs legal and illegal, as well as alcohol. Then mixing them up taken together, omg such horrific stuff can happen.And they do happen. So sad!

  • Juliana

    I wish someone that works on this website can start monitoring it and delete the spam that seems to be in every comment section on this site. Hire a moderator so they can remove these spam comments.

  • Amanda Steggles

    Wow that’s all I have to say!

  • Philip Worthen

    50 years time in Mexico??? That’s like only a 30 dayer according to Mexican guidelines.

  • Pennyacres

    and for those who think women can’t dismember another human, look up the Omaima Nelson case. Originally from Egypt, petite and a model. She was 23 at the time of the crime. Her husband was a rancher – big guy. Not only did she kill him and dismember him – but she cooked much of the body parts, put his head in the freezer…then sat down and enjoyed eating her husband’s ribs complete with BBQ sauce. No lie, no elaboration. This is one scary bitch.

  • Ms Anderson

    What >state< is known for drug gangs ?

  • msxmargo .

    Women have dismembered others lots of time –