Teen Charged With Dismembering Mom And Autistic Sister For ‘Practicing Witchcraft Against Her’


A Russian-born teen who claims her mother and sister were practicing witchcraft against her has been arrested for their brutal murders.

According to published international reports,19-year-old Anastasia Lechtchenko confessed to murdering her mother, 45-year-old Yuliya Masney Safonchik, and her 12-year-old sister, Valeria, who reportedly suffered from autism.

The bodies were found dismembered inside plastic bags after neighbors noticed a vile stench wafting from their home in Mexico, reports said. Police said that Valeria’s eyes had been gouged out, and other sources report that Lechtchenko cut out their hearts.

The AP says the bodies were located only a half mile from the border to the United States. The girls’ father reportedly lives in California and works as a gymnastics coach.


Anastasia Lechtchenko and her mother, via Facebook.

A judge in Tijuana recently issued an arrest warrant for Anastasia Lechtchenko for the killings, according to Mexico News Daily. The girl now faces 50 years or more in a Mexican prison.

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Lechtchenko claims she did what she did because her mom (an acrobat) and sister were practicing witchcraft against her. She was arrested near her home (also the site of the murders).

The AP notes that the girl seems to have had a troubled relationship with her mother, especially during the past five years. Officials also said Lechtchenko was involved with people who may have been using drugs.

At one point, the report said Lechchenko even left home and went to another state that was known for drug gangs. Her family filed a missing person report, but police said there was nothing they could do because she was of legal age.

It’s unclear if the suspect acted alone or if any other arrests are forthcoming.

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