Jealous Mistress Of Ex-NFL Player Kidnaps, Kills His Wife Before Turning Gun On Herself

A love triangle involving former NFL player Buster Barnett went from torrid to fatal when the Buffalo Bills tight end’s mistress killed his wife and then herself.

According to NY Post, Barnett’s mistress, 49-year-old Lisa Brown (pictured above left), was overcome with jealousy when she found out her lover was planning a couple’s trip with his wife, Sandra (pictured right).

On Wednesday, Brown showed up uninvited at Barnett’s home, where Sandra, a special-ed teacher, happened to be on the phone with a friend.

The friend was worried when Sandra hastily got off the line and didn’t call back, so a different male friend decided to swing by Sandra’s house, where he noticed a woman (Lisa Brown) standing by a Dodge Durango in the Barnett driveway.

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According to reports, Brown had kidnapped Barnett (cops later found handcuffs in the car) before speeding away in an SUV. Police spotted the vehicle the next day along the I-20, traveling from west Georgia to Alabama.

As for the events that followed, Officer Charlene Watson-Fraser of the Clayton County Police Department told local newspapers, “The driver stopped in the middle of the highway, pulled out a handgun and shot [Barnett], and then turned the gun on herself.”

Story developing.

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Photo: The Root

Photo: Cedar Hill Texas Police Department

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