Cops: Woman’s Bizarre ‘Gone Girl’-Esque Kidnapping Was NOT A Hoax; Former Lawyer Arrested

Police in California have changed their tune. They now believe a woman who they’d initially believed had faked her own kidnapping is now, in fact, a legit crime victim. In fact, according to CNN, a suspect has been formally identified and arrested for the incident.

Crime Feed told you about Denise Huskins’ case earlier this year. The details were strange — so strange that investigators said, at the time, that they didn’t believe her story and that once their investigation was complete they would consider formal charges for wasting departmental resources. On March 23, Huskins’ boyfriend said someone drugged both of them, used zip ties to hold them down and then took Huskins from their Vallejo, CA home.

Days went by, according to reports, until Huskins showed up alone 400 miles from where she’d been taken, in Huntington Beach, CA. Lt. Kenny Park from the Vallejo Police department said it was a “wild goose chase.”

The FBI is now involved and CNN says an arrest warrant for 38-year-old Matthew Muller was issued on Monday. Muller is described as a “Harvard-trained” attorney who was already behind bars for another home invasion. Reports say Muller at one point practiced law in California and was a Marine from 1995 to 1999.

It wasn’t until last month that authorities began to take a closer look at Huskins’ case following a home invasion and robbery in Dublin, CA. CNN says there are similarities between the cases, without going into detail as to what those possible connections could be. The FBI took the case seriously and an investigation propelled forward.

Huskins’ attorney, Douglas Rappaport, said during a press conference:

“Today is a fabulous day. Nearly four months ago, we told you that Denise Huskins’ was right — that she was not only innocent of perpetrating a hoax, but that she was a victim of a very serious and violent crime. And today there is vindication. The Vallejo Police Department owes an apology to Ms. Huskins and Mr. Quinn. The individual or individuals who committed this offense were at liberty to continue on their crime spree, and in fact, did.”

According to KCRA, an attorney listed for Muller has pleaded not guilty to the charges he currently faces.

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