Dylann Roof Indicted On Federal Hate Crime Charges

According to the New York Times, Charleston church-shooting suspect Dylann Roof, 21, is being indicted on federal hate crime charges. He could face the death penalty for the spree killing he committed last month in a South Carolina church, in which nine black church-goers were gunned down during a Bible study group.

The Times notes that Roof, 21, “already faces nine counts of murder in state court and could face the death penalty there. But Justice Department and F.B.I. officials have said the Charleston shooting was so horrific and racially motivated that the federal government must address it.”

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Roof was reportedly also charged with murdering someone while obstructing religious freedom. This makes him a candidate for the death penalty.

According to the Times, “South Carolina does not have a hate crimes law, and federal officials have said they believe that a murder case alone would leave the racial component of the crime unaddressed.”

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  • Bobbie Eads

    This was captioned on my Facebook feed as “MAY Get the death penalty”…..wtf? May??? No, he NEEDS to get the death penalty, he SHOULD get the death penalty. Slowly, with one good hit by baseball bat, delivered by the survivors of his victims…..

  • Carolyn Lee

    so very sad that they young can be so brainwashed to do this shit

  • Kat Mar

    Freedom of speech is legal here. Freedom to murder is not. It’s so scary that some ppl believe that one type of person is better than another. We may be slightly different, not better. People are people…

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