Exec Randomly Decides To Turn New Women’s History Museum Into Jack The Ripper Museum Instead

… Because why the hell not?

According to The Cut, a former Google exec who’d been planning to open a women’s history museum in London’s East End reportedly opted to change up that plan at the last minute to something a little … bloodier. (He did all this in secret, after the city had already OKed his plan for a women’s museum.) Now he’s opened a Jack the Ripper museum instead. Because women’s history and Jack the Ripper memorabilia are obvs the same thing, right?

“We did plan to do a museum about social history of women but as the project developed we decided a more interesting angle was from the perspective of the victims of Jack the Ripper,” Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe reportedly told the Evening Standard.

So why the change-up? It’s not totally clear. But hey, women are involved in some fashion. Cuz, you know, women were all the targets of good of Jack. So yeah. Women. The most notorious unidentified serial killer in history. Same diff.

Palmer-Edgecumbe assured reporters that “it is absolutely not celebrating the crime of Jack the Ripper but looking at why and how the women got in that situation in the first place.”

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Still, the basement of the museum contains “original autopsy photos of the horrific murders which some viewers may find disturbing,” per the museum’s website.

London locals are not pleased.

“It’s like some sort of sick joke,” said Julian Cole, told The Guardian. “You propose a museum celebrating the achievements of women and then it turns out to be a museum celebrating London’s most notorious murderer of women.”

Would you check out this macabre museum or do you think the exec should have stuck to his original plan?

Read more: NYMag, Guardian

Photo: Guardian



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