Granny Vigilante Tracks Down Late Husband’s Stolen Truck, Blocks Thief From Leaving Scene

Ana Dean is no grandmother to mess with. After losing her husband recently, one of the only items she had left was his beloved Ford F-150 pickup truck. It was a staple in her household and something she linked her husband — and her love for him — to.

You can imagine Dean’s devastation when she walked outside one day and found the truck gone. Realizing that someone had stolen her hubby’s prized possession set her off — and she made it her mission to track it down.

KOAT says Dean, 61, packed up her car with her grandkids and they headed out to drive around Albuquerque in search of the truck. Although Dean knew her chances were slim, she put her faith in the mission. She prayed to her late husband and asked that he help guide her to the truck … and low and behold, somehow it looks like he did.

Dean said she was driving down Second Street when she suddenly spotted what she believed to be the Ford.

Dean pulled into a parking lot and noticed that something was different: the truck didn’t have the same license plates. So, just to be sure, Dean said as soon as the man who was driving it locked it up and walked away, she ran up and punched in the lock key code. And … the doors popped open. Yup, definitely her husband’s truck!

Knowing she didn’t have much time, Dean not only called 911, but KOAT reports that she used her own vehicle to block the parking-lot entrance until the law could arrive.

Within minutes, police hit the scene and when the alleged thief, Jason Mulvaney, came back, officers arrested him for receiving or transferring a stolen motor vehicle.

KOAT said, “In retrospect, Dean said she knows what she did was incredibly dangerous and would not recommend anyone trying to recover a stolen vehicle on their own.”

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