Man Sneaks Into Stranger’s Home, Spends 3 Days Under Bed Charging His 4 Cell Phones

Hubbard snuck into the victim's home while she took out the trash Photo: Spotswood Police Department

A New Jersey man is facing trespassing charges after wandering into a stranger’s house and hiding under a guest-room bed for three days.

According to WOKV, the suspect, Jason Hubbard, entered the residence while the homeowner stepped outside to take out the trash. (Scary!) In those few moments, Hubbard snuck inside and made a home for himself under the bed in the guest room.

He remained unnoticed under the furniture for three days, where police say the only thing he did was charge his four cell phones.

Why a person needs four cell phones is beyond us, but we digress.

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The homeowner finally discovered Hubbard’s presence after hearing a noise from that part of the house. Though Hubbard’s motives remain unclear, he was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, burglary, and theft of surfaces.

He is currently being held at Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center on $50,000 bail.

Read more: WOKV

Photo: Spotswoood Police Department

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    I hope the home owner didn’t have any kids or discuss any personal information about his bank accounts or pay rates. Lol I honestly think he was planning on attacking a girl or setting up for hostile robbery better yet silent robbery. Could have been an inside job. =/

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      Or maybe he’s just a smartphone enthusiast but still.

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