Canadian ‘Cannibal Killer’ Convicted Of Chopping Up, Raping, Eating Man’s Body Now Looking For Love Online

Convicted murderer and former low-budget porn star Luka Magnotta (aka “The Canadian Cannibal”) is using an online dating site called Inmates Connect to find love behind bars, the New York Daily News reports. Aw, how sweet.

In 2012, Magnotta was found guilty of defiling and chopping up the body of 33-year-old Jun Lin. Not only did Magnotta videotape himself dismembering, sexually abusing, and eating Lin’s body, but the killer then sent the victim’s severed body parts to elementary schools and politicians all over Canada. He also posted the entire attack online.

Jun Lin, the victim of the 'Canadian Cannibal.' Via HuffPost

Jun Lin, the victim of the ‘Canadian Cannibal.’ Via HuffPost

Magnotta is currently serving a life sentence at Quebec’s Archambault Penitentiary for first-degree murder, though he’s technically eligible for parole in 2037.

Until then, Magnotta says he’s looking for his “prince charming.”

“One who is loyal, preferably educated, financially and emotionally stable for a long term committed relationship,” the former porn star and prostitute lists on his dating profile page. “If you think you could be my prince charming, send me a detailed letter with at least 2 photos.”

Unlike the site’s other inmates who are looking to connect, Magnotta doesn’t list his convicted crimes. However, he does disclose that he’s 33, 5’11”, and 175 pounds.

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Many have been taken aback by the killer’s love query, even Melissa Fazzina, the site’s operator.

“Maybe he just is finally looking for a long-term, committed partner,” Fazzina told The Star. “A lot of people will think that he doesn’t deserve to be on the website or have access to communication with the outside world. But I still hold the same stance where I believe everybody is equally able to redeem themselves and rehabilitate themselves and hopefully that will happen with him as well.”

Despite the site operator’s hope that this is a step toward Magnotta’s rehabilitation, Canada’s department of Public Safety isn’t amused, saying they will do all they can to make sure Magnotta isn’t able to “further exploit individuals.”

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