Man Arrested After Filming Fatal Car Crash On Cell Phone But Failing To Help Trapped Teen Victims

We found the top contender for the World’s Worst Samaritan.

According to 19ActionNews, a man named Paul Pelton, 41, was arrested earlier this week when he stopped to videotape a fiery auto crash in Lorain, Ohio, that occurred when a Honda Accord flew over some railroad tracks and hit a house.

What the dude didn’t do? Help the two 17-year-old victims. Nope, Pelton thought it a better idea to grab his phone and record the whole thing. He’s even caught on tape referring to the two boys as “idiots.”

Others who were near the scene tried to get to the two boys trapped in the smashed-up car, but Pelton did nothing but stand by and record them as the vehicle burned. He even tried to get a better angle — he “opened a back door and leaned in to film the boys and then walked around to the front door as he continued recording.”

One of the victims, Cameron Friend, reportedly died later at an Ohio hospital. The driver, Zach Goodin, who was speeding at the time of the crash, is currently in critical condition.

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After the accident, Pelton reportedly posted his video of the wreck on Facebook and tried to sell it to local media stations. He later apologized in a separate video, saying: “I want to offer a public apology to the families of the kids that got injured or deceased in the car accident. I never intended it to be a video that came across as a gore video. I wanted to put the video out there so other kids could see it and learn from the mistake of speeding and driving recklessly.”

He now faces a misdemeanor charge of vehicular trespassing for entering a crime scene. Cops say they “searched to try to find anything to charge him with,” but noted, “It is not a crime to stick a camera where a kid is dying or try to sell it.”

In a statement, the Lorain Police Department spoke for many when it expressed its dismay at the man’s actions: “The Lorain Police Department would like to remind citizens that … rendering aid or comfort to a dying young man and his severely injured friend is a commendable and kindly act. Persons are not, however, allowed to trespass into a person’s vehicle … for the seemingly singular cause of filming a young man’s dying moments, for profit.”

Read more: The Smoking Gun, 19ActionNews

Photo: Lorain Police Dept.

  • Denise Rae Groce

    Nasty bum!

    • Hassaan Saifullah

      You aren’t nasty at all. In fact, you are delicious.

  • Alicia Weekes-Johnson

    That’s a new low…

    • Hassaan Saifullah

      You mean like ordering drones to kill children? I think that is lower.

      • Alicia Weekes-Johnson

        What the hell? Where did that come from?

  • Gemma

    Absolute heartless scum bag!
    Let’s hope he, or his kids/etc, don’t get in an accident & it happens to them!
    Who’s the idiot now?

    • Raii L. Wolfe

      Why would you wish harm on someone’s kids. If he has kids they did nothing wrong.

      • Gemma

        I haven’t, I sincerely hope they never have to endure the torture, the torment their dad inflicted on 2 boys, that’s what I said.

        • Darlene Barton

          He didn’t inflict anything on the 2 boys !!! They caused their own accident.

          • Gemma

            He watched & recorded them suffering when he could have helped them out of a serious situation that killed one of them & almost killed the other!!! He could have saved a life but chose to video the scene instead!

          • outrage mom

            It wasn’t his job to help he commited no crime.

          • Gemma

            He did commit a crime, he tampered with a crime scene by opening the car doors to get a better shot for his video! He was close enough to breathe on them but chose to watch one die instead of helping. He’s disgusting.

          • Adam Griffin

            I agree with you Gemma. The man should have helped the kids.

          • Anthony Montana Smith

            how is it a crime scene??? you dumb shit

          • Gemma

            Are you serious? How is it a crime scene? A car crash? With a death? Really?
            REALLY really?

          • Carmen Eu

            I don’t think you open a mother? If you are … . I feel sorry for your children!!!

          • Sherry Ocker

            hmmmm, let’s see,,, phone in hand,,hmmm, I know! dial 911!!! now that’s a good idea!!!! 911 first, then record a video!! . ding!,,,ding!!! ding!!! we have a winner!!! not!

          • Sherry Ocker

            since when does it become a “job” to show some humanity and try and be of assistance to your fellow man? you should get your head checked lady. just sayin’.

          • Donald Walsh

            Are you crazy

          • Sherry Ocker


          • CinBak1

            maybe if more thought it was their “job” to be humane towards other people, kids would be raised better and people would care more about each other rather then seeing this crap…just sayin’

          • iteach4alivin

            What kind of human being are you? You know, and not to toot my own horn, I was just driving on an NY Parkway where a clearly pregnant woman was standing outside her on the side of the road. Her car had stalled on her and wouldn’t turn over. She was visibly shaken and sweating. Countless drivers rubber necked and saw her but did not stop. I pulled over in front of her car with my young son in the car, got out and found out what was going on and if there was any way that I could help. She was 7 months pregnant, and had been sitting in a blistering hot car for about 20 minutes terrified to step out before finally doing so and standing on the side of the road calling family for help. I allowed her to sit in my air conditioned car and provided her a water and waited with her until help arrived. Not because it was my JOB, you obnoxious dipshit, but because it was the right and humane thing to do. Since when did being a human fucking being not be a requirement to exist in a civilized society. You and the video guy (I won’t acknowledge his name) need to go play in fucking traffic and as inhumane as it is to say it, get hit by a car and seriously injured while people sit around and watch making no effort to help you. Hopefully that’ll change your mindset for the better. If that wouldn’t work, get hit and perish, the world would be a far better place without assholes like you two. I apologize for the language and to anyone I offended with the exception of the camera guy and outrage mom but people like them set me off.

          • Sherry Ocker

            woohoo!!!! you go girl!!! I couldn’t have delivered that one any better!!! and a BIG kudos to you too for stopping and rendering aide to that poor girl!,, at least you can get a good nights sleep knowing that you did the right thing.

          • iteach4alivin

            Thank you very much. Somehow humanity gets lost these days. I’m a man by the way. It’s unfortunate, the camera guy didn’t at least act like one.

          • Sherry Ocker

            you are very welcome! that was cool! and on you being a man? oopsy!! I thought that was coming from some diva somewhere. you go mr!!!! the lack of love these days for fellow man is shocking and distressing and sad.

          • Jones Smith

            they only thing he did wrong was to open the car door,yes he wasn’t thinking and it wasn’t a nice thing to do.but its not a crime to not help,did not read that he was medically trained to do anything,you may not know what to do ,if you do the wrong thing you could be sued.people record accidents all the time..if he hadn’t touched the cardoor it would be no issue.

          • Sherry Ocker

            you don’t need to be medically trained to dial 911. especially if you are holding your cell phone at the time.. trifflin’,,

          • Cat Amanigh

            Nor do you need to be medically trained to realize that people shouldn’t stay inside a burning vehicle…

          • Deborah

            It is a crime to be at the scene of an accident and not render aide

          • Kelly

            Actually, it isn’t

          • Cassandra Weaver

            Unfortunately, not in all states. But it should be! Then there would have been something to charge this guy with!

          • CinBak1

            people DO do this all the time but the difference is, most call or get someone to call for help FIRST!! they don’t do a documentary on what someone goes through in their dying moments….

          • Lesa L. Tatum

            Well he sure didn’t help them. Now did he? He could have saved a life.

          • Tanya Sanders

            Really. So when you are dying, lets see how you feel about some @sshole filming your pain and suffering, and watching him try to get a better angle as you struggle to stay alive..

          • Gene Harris

            doesn’t matter how i feel about it People in general have ruined the meaning of good Samaritan. Now days it doesn’t matter if you do anything or not and if you aren’t trained you can be sued and lose everything because of it .Sad thing is that in the end This guy will be released with nothing more then the public shame because it wasn’t an active crime scene when he opened the door he will claim that he looked to see if there was something he could do and determined that he shouldn’t touch them for fear of suit.

          • janalyn

            yeah, he did, just by not helping them, and doing a scam instead. It’s illegal to see an accident and not help.

          • Hassaan Saifullah

            No it isn’t you retarded moron.

          • Sherry Ocker

            here you are again, calling someone else a name.

          • Gene Harris

            Maybe you should do some research you will find that it isn’t illegal or you will be able to at least show a criminal code for tht

          • CinBak1

            and you wasn’t a kid once who did stupid things???? are you commending what this guy did???? would you want him at the scene doing this if this was your kids??? what a stupid thing to say!!!!!

          • Hassaan Saifullah

            You need to learn English, you baboon.

          • Sherry Ocker

            just answer the ladies question dude, would you like it if someone could have come to the aide of your children and didn’t? a simple yes or no would be sufficient. and whats with all the name calling? you are calling people names left and right. why? are you still in grade school or something? because most people grow out of that when they hit puberty. just sayin’

      • Rosa

        I agree, his children had nothing to do with it. However I do feel that the man was wrong for trying to sell it, if it was only for a don’t do this, because this could happen.

        • Gemma

          If, if, if!
          But he did!
          And he’s morally bankrupt!

          • Hassaan Saifullah

            You are mentally bankrupt. How do you know that someone else called 911. Like many things, you don’t know. The biggest idiots are the most judgmental.

          • Sherry Ocker

            and again!

          • Gene Harris

            You sir are not right in the head your comments are more offensive then the Mans lack of Morals and as you say “The biggest idiots are the most judgmental.” you are the one doing all the judgmental name calling here

  • Michael Schneider

    Actually the way people post lawsuits for absolutely ridiculous crap, I myself don’t know if I would help. the fact of the matter is that now days in this country because of our corrupt system in the frivolous lawsuits it is become almost impossible to help people. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I don’t believe this guy should have tried to sell this video but I find absolutely no reason that he could not record as you can see there are several people trying to help and I know as an EMT too many people around one vehicle can be more of a hindrance than a help.
    and before I can base judgment absolutely on what this man did I would have to know the full circumstances of what went on at the scene of the accident.
    the people who are calling him a worthless scum bag are just as guilty as he is.

    • Tara Agee

      Just FYI, you’re protected under the good Samaritan act while helping accident victims. You can’t get sued. Imagine how you would feel trapped in a burning car.

      • Raii L. Wolfe

        He was not helping. He offered no aid thusly the good samaritan act does not apply to him.

      • Rosa

        But did the recording, or did he know they were screaming, or if it was too late?

    • BAE

      If he had recorded the wreck from a distance it would be one thing but to actually open doors to the car and his commentary……very poor judgement on his part. Not one bit of comfort to the victims.

    • Rosa

      I totally agree

    • Chi83

      Your argument would hold water if he didn’t go up and open the door to get a better look. He wasn’t at all worries about getting sued. He was gloating because someone was suffering. Yes due to their own recklessness but he’s not a good person.

    • jewel5

      All 50 states have some type of good samaritan law to protect those who render reasonable aid, so the lawsuit excuse is crap.

  • tammyabbott

    What a dirtbag,worthless P.O.S

  • Lynn Mysteria

    Callous degenerate!

  • Superhero

    There’s such thing as “vehicle trespassing”??? Anyway, so sad, what a cold heart!

    • Asmodeus1971

      You really just asked that? He opened someone else’s car door and leaned in to video them suffering and dying. Inside the car is private property and sense he was not assisting them to get to safety or otherwise, he was trespassing. Would you want some total stranger to just get in your car just so he could record you and sell it to the news?

      • Superhero

        Can you not comprehend English? I was just expressing my surprise that there was such a charge, not that he was charged with the offence. Duhhhh…. I said he had a cold heart. You’re stupid though.

        • Asmodeus1971

          I won’t lower myself to your juvenile name calling. I comprehend English just fine. Your comment was simply written as a question, and as such answered as a question. The fact that you stated he had a cold heart does not clarify the intent of surprise or sarcasm in your question of the charge.

  • Rebecca Hilgenberg

    Karmas a bitch. He has some major payback coming to him.

  • grace

    This guy is an idiot stupid bastard period! Scumbag send him to hell and sentence him in hell.

  • Annie Moring

    What an asshat

  • Judy J McKinney

    Oh my Goodness that’s unreal he wouldn’t help. he opens the car door for a close up and doesn’t try to help what kind of monster is he?

  • Jane rousseau

    Worst kind of heartless pig… suppose it was one of his children in there suffering? Although he may not be able to be punished legally, good luck to him trying to live a normal life now in his hometown. Hope he suffers greatly in the court of public opinion!#sickbastard

  • outrage mom

    He was not law enforcement or fire department or an ems it was not his job to save people maybe morally he was selfish and wrong but he commited no crime.

    • Jones Smith

      didn’t read that he was medically trained so don’t think he could have helped,other then calling 911.

      • Sherry Ocker

        I think that’s what is the whole moral of this story is about ya know? dialing 911. its one of the first things parents teach their kids. now when a parent or sibling etc, get sick or hurt then they call 911 right?, they aren’t medically trained are they? no, they are just kids. so I am pretty sure that’s what this whole debate on this page is about.

        • Hassaan Saifullah

          How do you know he did not? How do you know someone else didn’t already call? You don’t.

      • Mary Freeman

        And he DIDN’T EVEN DO THAT!!!

        • Hassaan Saifullah

          How do you know he did not? How do you know someone else didn’t already call? You don’t!

          • Sherry Ocker

            what does that have to do with the price of eggs in china?!! it doesn’t matter if someone else is/was calling, YOU CALL TOO!! trifflin’
            besides, if someone was accusing me of being so inhumane as to take photos and/or a video before assisting anybody who obviously needed help, the first thing out of my mouth would be I did call first. its called couth, aka class! some people have it and some people don’t ,,,,obviously.

          • Mary Freeman

            Wow dude. 👌👎. Who cares if others called? The idea is to get help fast. Not get as much of someone else’s terror filled death on camera as you can, while defaming and humiliating them publicly. Defending a jackass just makes you equally a jackass. You may sit down now.

    • Laura

      How would you like for someone to come up on an accident involving you and not help in any way possible? Be careful of what you say cause karma is a bitch!

      • Hassaan Saifullah

        What exactly do you think he could have done, you idiot? Pray?

        • Sherry Ocker

          how about call 911? now that’s an idea!,,,idiot!

    • CinBak1

      I don’t see where he was a journalist or news personnel either….just sayin’

      • Hassaan Saifullah

        You just keep saying stupid thing after stupid thing.

      • Gene Harris

        weather he is or isn’t a journalist doesn’t matter an attorney could feasibly argue in court that where he made a legitimate attempt to sell the video to a news outlet he by law could claim such status. You seem to forget that people have played the system for years and have found ways around the system there is no requirement to have a collage degree to be considered a journalist.

  • Tammy Oneill


  • janalyn

    He’s sick, he should’ve helped them, instead of just filming it.

  • angi

    So from what I gather is that whether you help or not you can still be charged with a crime. If you do help & the injured die the family can press charge? So why arent people who wont come fforward with info after witnessing a crime charged ?? Like the neighbors who saw a person take a car or saw the robbery or saw the drug deal go down…..etc

    • EC

      Angi no you can’t be sued for rendering assistance. Good Samaritan laws protect you.

  • Janet Olson

    Omg i cant wrap my mind around what this guy was doing. If anyone i know is ever in this situation i hope there would be somebody with empathy to try and help. This really is a disturbing story. Even at my age i COULD NEVER watch two people in this situation, open a car door and film them??????? Karma will be back around for you!!

  • open minded 2929

    What he did was selfish and wrong. But he didn’t have to physically help them he should have called 911. We all know if he would have physically helped them the parents would have sued saying he made the situation worst. He’s not a trained firefighter, police officer or an emt.

  • Kimberlyrwillis

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  • zena

    Scum of the human race! That infuriates me! Prayer’s to the young boys families. I lost a daughter 1 yr. ago to a car crash. I feel the parent’s pain and my heart goes out to them.

  • silvrhawk

    WTF your not serious that it is not illigal to film ppl being burned alive and not render aide? I am from Texas and I always stopped to render aide until they were in the safe hands of medical personnel then I would ask if I was needed any longer. Maybe we should put him in a burning vehicle (making sure he is scared) and let him beg for help then just before he is seriously hurt pull him out… I know it is right to forgive him but tell it to the boy who died and his friend who is also badly hurt. I bet karma bites him in the ass since he don’t have balls.

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