Two TV News Crews Robbed At Gunpoint While Live On The Air

It was a frightening morning for two local television news crews in San Francisco on Thursday.

Just as the crews from four news stations were preparing to file a story on a fatal shooting at San Francisco’s Pier 14 from the night before, a masked man appeared. Reports say KTVU and KNTV were both targeted.

The armed, masked man began to pistol-whip the KNTV cameraman, reports KTVU. As this was happening, the crew’s valuable recording equipment was being swiped.

While this was happening, KTVU reporter Cara Liu was on the air. She was visibly distracted and asked the anchor to “hold on — wait.” About that time, the same masked man pointed his gun at the KTVU cameraman and snatched his camera and tripod as well.

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The anchor asked the reporter if she was okay. She responded, “Sorry, there’s an incident out here.”

The suspect reportedly fled in a black BMW 7 series, but the vehicle did not have a tag number. There was someone else driving the car who has not yet been identified.

Altogether, according to police, three male suspects were involved; one of the men reportedly had dreadlocks.

At this point, authorities say they are reviewing video of the incident.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the scary incident, but the investigation continues.

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