I Spent 15 Years In Prison For Murdering My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend After He Held Me Hostage For Four Days

My name is Rose Parker and in 1986 I escaped a violent relationship. I had a 19-month-old son and another child on the way when I moved into my family home to get my life together. While I was living there, my abuser tracked me down and held me hostage for four days. He had three guns.

By God’s grace I reacted. My brother came to rescue me and was wounded with the same shot that hit my attacker. I was sent to prison for 15 years for the murder of my ex. I wrote a book about the incident entitled Beat Up, Beat Down and Still Standing.

The silver lining is that I SURVIVED. In the telling of my story, I think about my life, my health and how I survived all those years locked up away from my kids. I think about the cycle of abuse by my ex and abuse by the justice system.

I’m grateful to shed a little more light on this story. I hope people watching Over My Dead Body will see my story and understand the warning signs of domestic violence.

For more information about domestic volience, check out Saving Our Women International, an outreach group formed to educate through prevention and intervention by providing resources and workshops. Visit www.savingourwomen.org or email drrose@savingourwomen.org. If you or someone you know is in a life-threatening domestic situation, please call 911 or 1 800 799-(SAFE) 7233.

For more stories of ordinary woman displaying amazing strength, watch “Over My Dead Body,” Mondays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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