Casey Anthony Prosecutor Admits Using Ashley Madison Cheating Website, Apologizes To Wife And Kids

Jeff Ashton, the Florida state attorney made famous for his role in helping prosecute maligned criminal mom Casey Anthony, has admitted to using the Ashley Madison website. He says no laws were broken, however, and does not plan to step down from his official post, per the Orlando Sentinel.

In a press conference, Ashton fessed up to his actions and apologized to his family. He tried to downplay the motives behind his signing up for the site, however, dismissing them as simply him “indulging a curiosity.”

Two years ago, I was curious about the Ashley Madison website and I used my personal credit card to sign up for the site,” he explained. He claimed he never met any women from the site in real life, but was simply “so curious how this could exist.”

According to ABC News, he visited the site regularly over the course of about two years, sometimes from his office, though he claims to have used his personal email and credit card for it. He also says he used public WiFi to access the site, so no taxpayer resources were used during the course of his online adventures.

While Ashton acknowledged that he did wrong, he says his extracurricular dabbling did not affect his workplace performance (er, maybe just his bedroom performance?). “I hope the public will judge me on my 35 years of service, and not a bad mistake,” he noted.

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He and his wife have three children, and he reportedly has four other kids from previous marriages.

I deeply regret my affiliation with the site, which has caused a great amount of stress and heartache to my wife and children. I want to publicly apologize to each of them for this embarrassment and my blatant disregard for their feelings,” he stated.

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  • Juliana

    You made two mistakes John – First one was not getting Casey Anthony convicted and the second one Ashley Madison…….

    • P-1

      Don’t you mean Jeff ?

  • Jody Morvent

    Actually, Jeff embarrassed his self by lying for 2 years while using that website, just proves he’s no better than Casey Anthony. The other made a complete fool of himself by prosecuting Casey Anthony with no real evidence linking her to the crime, not to even mention no cause of death.

    • Kim

      Duct tape on a toddler’s face is all of the evidence you need. Dr. G was absolutely correct in stating that. And murdering your child and cheating on your wife are not even close to equivalent crimes. So yeah, I’d say Ashton is a way better person than Anthony.