Detective Podcast Ep #1: Lt. Joe Kenda Remembers His First Murder Call…And The Many That Followed

Homicide Hunter lt joe kenda

Detective is a new podcast from Investigation Discovery. Season 1 features retired detective, Lieutenant Joe Kenda and his true stories from 23 years on the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Homicide Division.

In the first episode, Lt. Joe Kenda describes the sights, sounds and distressing smells on his first homicide call. He also dispels many falsehoods we’ve learned from Hollywood, including the truth about the “dead man’s fall” and the idea that cops don’t get scared.

Listen To Episode 1:  Murder in the First

New episodes will be released every two weeks through December.

Watch the premiere of Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda on Tuesday, August 18 at 10/9c.

  • What do people detect from Joe Kenda’s massive career homers? You might want to NOT try to live in Colorado Springs…

    Think about it. Mexico is safer.

    • Carol Weedon-Kaiser Pleake

      Ummm no. Ill stay here in the US.

      • Where is your sense of adventure?

        It’s going to take another 5 years for the US to turn into the 3rd world country it already is, you can just head to Mexico for the adventure of a lifetime, now, BEFORE they close the gates trapping US citizens from the “down south” escape route.

        That’s why they have that big wall down there, to keep US citizens IN the US side of the ant farm of a 3rd world transformation, in the making.

    • Maria

      No. For one thing, the police in Mexico are so corrupt they don’t even look into half the murders. Mexico has a much higher homicide rate then USA. However, yes. Anywhere there are humans, you will have murder.

      • Baja is like paradise even compared to Phoenix. The gangs won’t kill you if your cool, that stuff is drug vendettas and stuff. But if they suspect you are DEA you’ll be chopped up, and all you have to do is just look the part. That is true. So, stay on the beach, and stay in your house and area as far as AVOIDING bars and strip clubs and you’ll be fine. Hang out with old Mexican ladies and read the Bible with them and tell them Michael sent you and they’ll leave you be.

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  • Carol Weedon-Kaiser Pleake

    I love Joe’s voice!! I am yer #one fan, and that is the number sign not a hashtag… love you Joe!

    • compwrench

      # number ^5

  • Alicia Renee Johnson

    He is Awesome

  • Brew Pub

    O.K. here is my problem with this show. This guy either worked in a place with so many murders a day it was ungodly or some of these cases have been lifted from other detectives (paid for the fact , not saying they stole it..maybe). Like Martha down below alluded to Colorado Springs sounds like it is Iraq , Syria , Columbia & Detroit all rolled into one. Highly unlikely. Witch makes this guy a bit of a , well hell a complete fraud if he isn’t crediting the stories to not being all his.

    • I was wondering if anyone else caught that. Either this guy bats .947, or a few meatballs are pitched in on purpose, like a TON of them. But I think, imo, he is an above average detective as well.

      But it did make me want to research Colorado Springs crime-n-crack stats, I mean it seems like the grand slam place to attempt to live (more chance of dying there), if those Kenda stats are real.

      • Maria

        He has a 92 percent solve rate, which is why he is on the show. He is very good. And no one “pitches” murders. Thats just dumb. Does anything you say ever make any sense? It must be tiring to be so stupid, and yet think you are so smart.

        • I am sorry the thought was threatening to you. Not saying it was used here with Kenda (no real money to follow), but Zodiac is a meatball that helped increase california news pulp sales 10 fold. See anything hidden in the name ZodIAC?

          What do you think they do all day? Nothing? LOL

          These are obvious things now, nothing “smart” about it. Only dummies think this is “smart”. lol

    • Marie A Schappacher

      News Flash yes Colorado Springs has Murders! Ck out the stats! These Cases are based on a 20 Plus Year Career. !

    • Maria

      300 murders in 23 years. So, about eleven murders a year. Try Chicago, where JUST THE SOUTH SIDE had 500 in ONE MONTH!!!

      • One detective? A murder a month plus for TWENTY THREE SOLID YEARS? In the ebb and flow this is sometimes 4 or 5 a month!!! What was his record month? TEN??? GEEZ, come on, most detectives solve a handful IN A LIFETIME, this guy is the Pied Piper of the murdered! Holy Smokes, they are dropping like flies around Kenda!

        Joe is CLAIRVOYANT!

  • Teri Ocheltree Robinson

    What you guys arent taking into consideration is Joe was a detective for over 20 years do the math its not that Colorado Springs has alot of crime he just did his job for a long time and he solved alot of cases. He was just very good at what he did.

    • Smackermack

      So true – It is not like he did them all in one year. So he solved almost 400 cases in 21 years. That is about 20 per year.

      • Teri Ocheltree Robinson

        And thats about average for a town this size

      • 2 a month, imagine that. Overtime city.

    • Corinna Carpenter

      Punctuation is your friend. Use it.

      • john samual


    • Or “all of the above”. Statistically speaking Colorado springs is almost double the homicides per 100,000 than Chicago. 25 versus 15. CS wins.

  • compwrench


  • Janet Olson

    Love this podcast

  • kevin rourke

    What happened to this podcast; are there no more to come?

  • Michelle McGuinness

    This story touched my heart. I hope there are more detectives like him that actually care about people, can admit their flaws, and that live by a true moral code. I love his voice too. He’s so calming and wise. We could all learn a lot from him.:)

  • john samual

    Tiffany Jenks Murder is not solved, Police in Oregon have 100% lied, the DA lied, and her Killers (not the shooter) got away with Murder. Tiffany told me the night she died “John they want to kill me” she told the Bartender that night “That my life will end tonight” she called my cell phone crying for help, she recorded herself with Josh her killer yet the criminals are the DA the Cops and nothing is getting told with any honesty……. Tiffany Jenks…Murder on FB