Terrence Howard’s Divorce Settlement Tossed Out After Ex-Wife Threatens to Release Dirty Pics of His ‘Little’ Penis

A judge has overturned actor Terrence Howard’s divorce settlement, finding that his ex-wife blackmailed him by threatening to release unflattering nude pictures if he didn’t sign it.

According to TMZ, Michelle Ghent can be heard saying on tape to Howard, “I can make a good $2 million right now … you want to see your little d— out there in front of TV? Trust me, you’re f****** with the wrong person. You f***** with me way too much. I will f****** bury you deep in the ground.”

In the 2012 settlement the actor signed, he agreed to give his ex a portion of his earnings, including money from the hit show Empire which is about to launch its second season. However, Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis ruled that this was only agreed to under duress, as Ghent had also threatened to leak phone sex recordings between Howard and other women in addition to a video of him dancing naked in a bathroom, ABC News reports.

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Also threatening to reveal that Howard had STDs, the court heard a call from Ghent recorded in 2011 in which she said she would sell private details about the actor unless she received money by the end of the day. Howard’s accountant then reportedly sent her $40,000 as hush money.

“I could not be any more pleased by today’s ruling,” Howard wrote in a statement.

Though the agreement was set to go on for another year, with Judge Lewis’ new decision, the couple will have to renegotiate the terms of their divorce.

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  • Ms Anderson

    How nice of the media to release every detail of the blackmail for all to read. I’m sure Mr. Howard needed that publicity.

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    That’s what happened when you marry a crazy bitch! That really sucks for him. And trust me small dick or not he still sexy, I’m sure tons of women could make it work hunny so don’t worry! Shitty he has to deal with this crazy bitch, he should a married me! Yup.

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    Hes as gay as can be! This is all PR bs.

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    And he is an abusive husband anyway move on!

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    Bet he’s glad he met her…….. not!