Mom Arrested After 5-Year-Old Son Found Weighing 19 Pounds And Unresponsive In Filthy House Alone

In an unsettling case of child abuse, a South Carolina woman is accused of neglecting her two young sons so badly that one—a five-year-old—weighed a mere 19 pounds when discovered by authorities, according to WMBF.

Though released on bond a month ago, Danielle Naughgle was arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person after Horry County Police conducted a welfare check. Following a traffic stop, police went to Naughgle’s home and found two extremely emaciated children unsupervised with her not in the residence.

The five-year-old child—who was reportedly found naked in a playpen surrounded by dirty dishes and sharp objects—was unresponsive and extremely thin, allegedly weighing only 19 pounds.

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This isn’t the first time that the police have been involved with Naughgle. Authorities had done welfare checks last September as well as just a month before making the disturbing discovery.

When Naughgle encountered financial troubles, a woman named Kimberly Smith claimed she offered a helping hand to the mother, even giving her a place to stay. Though Smith said one of the children had cerebral palsy and never looked healthy, she fed the kids on several occasions but didn’t want to step on the mother’s toes.

“It was just really sad. He was always hungry and there was only so much I can do,” Smith said. “I was just trying to help and it was mainly for those kids. I could not see them sleeping in their car.”

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  • Glenda Rachelle Cole Stewart

    So they did a welfare check ONE MONTH prior to this and didn’t remove the children from her care?! There’s NO FUCKING WAY that child was healthy a month ago! Everyone around this family, every officer who did a welfare check, they all failed this child.

    • Ardee J Mucha

      So many children fall through the cracks, Social services drop the ball on so many of these poor children !

    • Denise Siciliano Kite

      And a woman fed them a couple of times and didn’t want to step on the mother’s toes? Seriously?

    • Faith Baldwin

      Exactly what I was thinking!!

    • Noneya Biznass

      Exactly what I was thinking!! There is no way possible they couldn’t tell those babies were suffering! Someone wasn’t doing his/her job…at all!!!

      My 9-year-old niece was taken from my brother and his wife after years of my niece either being late or missing too many days of school. The mother could not produce her Rx meds that were recently filled, and would not fully comply with DCF. The home was filthy with beer cans all over the counters and junk in the yard. Mom was then arrested for truancy, and my brother refused to do a drug test. The mother slept a lot and neglected her all day, but my brother did take care of her when he got home from work…but he also had a Rx, alcohol, and drug problem.

      My niece was never physically abused, was not malnourished, and was not sexually abused. Her life was not in danger, and her parents were no more neglecting her than A LOT of other parents I’ve seen!! But the social worker knew there was neglect and a drug problem. After mom’s arrest, my niece was brought to me by her aunt on her mother’s side by my brother because he knew they were going to take her. DCF did an emergency placement with me. This all happened literally within weeks of DCFs involvement! And it was all because the social worker did her job!!

      My niece did have symptoms of Aspergers and severe OCD, but she was also a little brat and would act like a lunatic when things didn’t go her way. She was even a little detached, preferring pets over people…for obvious reasons. We went through hell with her, but now, three years later, she’s a very compassionate, loving, and good person. She has no OCD issues. And all it took was stability, love, and consistent discipline!!! She is nowhere near the same child who came here 3 years ago. We adopted her last year. We also picked up her newborn sister that her ignorant mother had just so she could get Medicaid for her pills!! She was only 4 days old when we picked her up, and my youngest was almost 11 months! She is now 2 years old and we also adopted her. I have 5 boys, I could never have a girl…so I feel very blessed by these girls…and my 5 boys…even if I am called The Little Old Lady Who Lives In A Shoe!! Lol

      At any rate, my story is an example of how DCF “should” work!! This story above with those poor babies is an atrocity and charges should be filed against everyone who turned a blind eye and basically aided in the abuse!!!

      I sure wish I could have just 5 minutes alone with this POS!!! Just 5 minutes!!!!! I despise child abuse and murder, especially when it’s done by the very person who is supposed to love and protect them!! It kills me to think of all the other un-noticed children who are being neglected, abused, and murdered as we speak… 🙁

      • Kathy Mack

        I so glad to hear that your niece is doing well and that she now has a loving, forever home. I hope you know understand that your niece was not “a brat”. She was clearly just reacting the only way she knew how.

        • Noneya Biznass

          Regardless of the reason, she was a brat. I’m not going to sugar coat it. It is what it is 😉

          But I’m also glad. Her future was quite dim before…now she can become anything she wants.

      • Juliana

        Wow! Thank God those girls had a fighting chance by you taking them in and adopting them. It’s a sad but beautiful story. The reality is drugs always seem to come into the picture, first because life is a bit too stressful, then addiction happens, and it always ends badly. I’ve seen the results of what happens when children have been raised by a addict/alcoholic, or a mental illness. But as you said all children need is that stability, it’s like the key to the kingdom, it’s beautiful.

        • Noneya Biznass

          Thank you, Juliana. We all knew it was just a matter of time…and we all also knew who would be the one to take her because the rest of my family couldn’t handle her. It was tough, especially for my husband because she was hurting our then 19-month-old, but he’s coming around and forgiving her.

          She wants to be a singer, so we put her in chorus at school. I have a feeling she will be famous one day 😉

  • Mary Dante

    Step on her fuckin toes for gods aake, what was she gonna do call the cops? Really no excuse, I would have snatched those kids and gladly waited for the cops to come knocking…if the hospital I took them to first did not call them…which they would have done, I hope they do not ever return them now, please all that is good, never..return them

    • Mary J Benedict

      Exactly. Even simply taking to the doctors they would’ve contacted DCS alone and at least got some nourishment. 19 pounds at 5 poor little souls. God knows its hard I have 5 taking care of myself, no excuse!

  • Mary J Benedict

    Too many people were around and did nothing and now want to sound so sympathetic. All should be crucified. Pathetic. Step on mothers toes?? You should be slapped for just even stating that.

  • Yelena Kersha

    So wait a minute…..she’s charged with ‘unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person’…what the hell is ‘lawful’ neglect then?

  • Juliana

    She’s got two starving kids and has enough money to bail herself out of jail? Keep her locked up this time, no bail.