UPDATE: Pokémon Tournament Attendees Who Brought Guns and Posted Intent to Kill Fellow Gamers to Appear in Court

UPDATE (JULY 20, 2016):

Two men who were arrested in August for allegedly attempting to bring weapons into the 2015 World Pokémon Championships in Boston are set to appear in court this week.

James Stumbo and Kevin Norton traveled all the way from Iowa with a stockpile of weapons only to be turned away and given a “No Trespass Order” for bullying one of the contestants.
The pair were arrested after someone tipped event security off about social-media posts in which they bragged about their disturbing plans to shoot up the convention.
Boston.com reports that Stumbo and Norton have been held since their arrest and are facing illegal weapons possession charges.


While hundreds of hopefuls attended the Pokémon World Championship in Boston, battling for a $25,000 grand prize, two competitors reportedly thought this would be the perfect occasion to bring an arsenal of guns — including an AR-15 rifle.

27-year-old James Stumbo and 18-year-old Kevin Norton were arrested by the Boston Police Department after being tipped off that the duo came to the Hynes Convention Center with an alarming supply of firearms.

PokemonDriving all the way from Iowa, Norton and Stumbo allegedly threatened online to kill competitors. Though posts like these were published on the 27-year-old’s Facebook, one commenter joked that it was “Columbine pt. 2” and “Another Boston massacre,” according to The Washington Post.

“Don’t worry about it,” Stumbo wrote. “My AR-15 says you lose.”

Fortunately, the Daily Beast reports they were unable to carry out heir plan. Attempting to attend the Masters Division, the group was given a “No Trespass Order” for Norton allegedly bullying a contestant.

When hearing this, prosecutors claimed Norton replied “Oh, ok, that’s fine then I will just shoot him on Friday thanks.”

The Boston Police Department came into the picture when Hynes Convention security requested them to look into Norton and Stumbo after being informed of their Facebook activity.

When questioned by police at their hotel, Stumbo held that his post was misconstrued. However, they obtained a search warrant and arrested the duo after recovering a 12-gauge Remington shotgun, DPMS Model AR-15 rifle, hunting knife, and several hundreds rounds of ammo in their car.

Both Stumbo and Norton will be arraigned Monday on unlawful possession of  a firearm and ammunition charges. Although the men were arrested for a permit issue, Boston Police believed they foiled “a potential tragedy.”

Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis Commander Superintendent, Paul Fitzgerald discussed the indecent with The Washington Post:

“This incident is a good example of private security reaching out to their local Boston police district and relaying information to detectives and BRIC analysts in order to identify the very real threat.”

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Main photo: Boston Police Department

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