Inspired By ‘Breaking Bad,’ College Students Use Acid To Dissolve Murder Victim’s Body

Three “brilliant” French students may have taken the hit TV show “Breaking Bad” a little too seriously — the young men allegedly relied on it to show them how to use acid to dissolve the corpse of a woman they’d just killed.

The men, aged 19 to 23, were reportedly known for selling amphetamines to their classmates. One client was allegedly 23-year-old Eva Bourseau (pictured above), whom they visited to collect money from. During that visit, the group got in a dispute about a $6,500 payment, which led to the students attacking the young woman with a crowbar and knuckledusters, The Telegraph reports.

Using what they’d learned from the acclaimed series to help them dispose of Bourseau’s corpse, prosecutors say the suspects put the woman’s body in a plastic container and filled it with acid. To mask the smell of death, they reportedly returned to Borseau’s apartment after a couple of days to replace air fresheners.

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However, the body didn’t decompose quickly enough (you can’t trust everything you see on TV, kids). Bourseau’s mother discovered her body after stopping by to check on her.

Upon being apprehended by authorities, The Telegraph reports that one suspect admitted they got the idea to use “acid and a plastic trunk to immerse the body and dissolve it” from a “Breaking Bad” scene in which a chemistry teacher and his student murdered an enemy and disposed of the body.

Two of the students have been charged with murder, while the third student is being charged as an accomplice.

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  • Jessiemoon

    That poor mother!

  • Jessica Rene Brannen

    Don’t try this at home.

  • KhaleesiBlaq

    To find your daughter, your baby girl in that condition had to be horrific!!! Prayers to the Family.

  • Bad enough finding your fear child, bit finding her partially liquidity with acid? Those men deserve a special place in prison, one with little supervision.

  • william Ruber

    I cannot imagine that poor Mothers Pain horrible no human being should be treated like that .
    However when you hang around the dope man , you are hanging around the worst society has .
    A cautionary sad tale

  • brooke schmidt

    this is why you stick to pot