Teen Gets Put On Sex Offender Registry For 25 Years After Hooking Up With Girl From “Hot Or Not” App

Zach Anderson only wants to be a normal teenager – but it looks like his chance at that is shot. At 19, Anderson is now a registered sex offender in two states (Indiana and Michigan), and his name and personal information will live on the sex offender registry for at least the next 25 years.

Anderson, according to a CNN report, can no longer be around his 15-year-old brother. He can’t be close to any children, for that matter. He can’t go to the mall or log onto the Internet unless it’s for school. Oh, and he can’t have a smartphone, either.

What exactly happened? Anderson used a dating app called Hot or Not to meet up with a young woman he ended up having sex with. The problem? The girl claimed to be 17, but was actually only 14. Anderson has said he “wouldn’t even have gone to her house, like I literally wouldn’t have gone to her house at all” if he’d known her true age.

Authorities learned about the escapade and Anderson was promptly arrested. He was locked up for 90 days, given five years probation, and put on the offender registry for 25 years, according to CNN.

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The teenage girl appeared in court alongside her mother. Both pleaded with a judge that they did not believe Anderson belonged on the list. The teen even wrote a letter, obtained by CNN, that read, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you my age. It kills me every day, knowing you are going through hell and I’m not. I want to be in trouble and not you.”

But not the letter, nor the plea helped to sway the judge. CNN claims the judge who sentenced Anderson was angry that the boy was using the Internet to meet girls in the first place. Judge Dennis Wiley said, “Meet, have sex, hook up, sayonara. Totally inappropriate behavior. There is no excuse for this whatsoever.”

Another judge in a neighboring state spoke out to say he doesn’t agree with the sentence. Judge William Buhl spoke out to CNN and said, “If we caught every teenager that violated our current law, we’d lock up 30 or 40 percent of the high school. We’re kidding ourselves.”

As for Anderson, CNN says he has another court hearing where his attorney will attempt to mitigate his sentence. For now, everything stands.

Anderson’s family continues to stand behind him, even creating yellow t-shirts that read Justice 4 Zach. They are hoping the money raised by the shirts will offset some of the legal costs associated with this case, reports the Elkhart Truth.

Do you think this teen’s sentence was fair?

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  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    Poor kid…. She lied, she should get jail time for falsifying her age! In some states she would. This is a shame. The 18 years old thing should only apply if they are out of high school as well…. so seniors in high school, once they turn 18, they can’t date anyone they go to prom with, see at school every day? That is just wrong. I won’t say sex will more than likely happen, but shit, it happens! It just isn’t fair. So many tweaks to this that should happen.

    • thoughtsandconcerns

      I have been in law enforcement for 28 years. I am a member of a national task force ICAC (INTERNET CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN) and have seen many times young girls 13, 14 and 15 years old that I would have sworn were 18+ years old. I really think that if it is proven that the girl lied about her age then the courts should have to consider the appearance and body development of the girl.. if the girl appears to be legal and consentual age, not guilty but if she looks younger, guilty as hell. Then we have the matter does mom regularly allow daughter get on chat lines..May have a child protective services issue there..

      • Melissa Lessig

        I have been told by the police here in Indiana, that there isnt anything that can be done about things like this…my daughter was in a situation like this and i tried to have him arrested for rape because he was 18 and she was 15….the police told me straight up that they wouldnt and couldnt do anything. The only thing i could do for her was to get a protective order…we all know how well a piece of paper changes things…….it doesnt. They wouldnt even arrest him when he violated that……….

        • thoughtsandconcerns

          Dont know Indiana law but in NC that is indecent liberties with a minor .. Felony

  • Elvir Pasalic

    Serves him. This white suburban boy deserves this. Nasty pervert probably couldnt get any in hi high school. so decided to cross state lines.

    • Diane Chormanski

      She lied about her age. He thought she was legal

      • Elvir Pasalic

        I think the girl should be punished for lying and luring him in.

        • The Darling Kinkshamer

          She is a child. He was the adult in the situation.

    • Karl N Karissa Crofts

      You’re a racist stupid bitch. Go fuck yourself some more

      • Elvir Pasalic

        I didn’t mean that in a racist fashion. Don’t assume that just because I said white suburban. I’m not racist. I’m sorry if you interpreted my comment the wrong way, but you don’t have to look at it from a racist perspective, because my intention was not to be racist.

      • Elvir Pasalic

        I’m not racist. I’m sorry that you feel that way.

      • Lesa L. Tatum

        With a name like Elvir Pasalic I doubt he or she is a racist in this situation. He or she is probably a white person.

    • Nicky Spreckles

      Your comment was racist. And nobody deserves the shitty end of the stick

    • Amanda Brailer

      He’s a pervert because he wanted to have sex? Sounds like a normal 19 year old boy to me. He went on a dating site. He didn’t hire a prostitute or molest a young child. Maybe you couldn’t get any in highschool or even now, so that’s why you’re happy that he’s being punished

    • Shelly DuPree

      You’re ignorance and lack of feeling offend us all.

  • bitchtroller

    That’s just cruel! The girl lied about her age and now his life is ruined! She and her mother even pleated with the judge not to punish him because she lied!

  • Cheyenne

    She lies, he pays, this is justice?

  • Eiríkr Karl Sørengaard

    This is a travesty of justice

  • Amie Davis

    Sounds like the judge was harsh on him more for the ungentlemenly way he behaved than for the girl being under aged.

  • Priscilla Angelina

    That is awful! He didn’t even know her true age. So many people use dating sites how do you frown upon that especially not knowing her true age. This poor boy

  • DW’s Massage

    Poor kid where to buy the t-shirt to support this young man? He never deserved this, the girl and her mother even said that he shouldn’t be charged because she lied. This judge was completely out of line. I hope the lawyer can get his conviction over turned. My prayers are to you kiddo.

  • Deby Davis

    The one in the wrong is the girl.
    A 14 yo should not be on a dating site.
    This is getting way out of control!!

  • MMM

    Make it an inconvenience for the parents! Fine them for not monitoring their pre-adolescent/teenage kids! I’m sure every parent would make it his/her business if parents paid hefty fines!

  • Ness A. Garcia

    It’s not fair.. She shoudl get In trouble. In 2011 my sons dad was 25/when he slept with a 13 year girl at a club she lied and the club marked her n has 21.. They went to court and let him go.. Nothing was done to him…

    • Antoinette Reyes

      That’s crazy. I have never met a preteen or 13 yr old that looks like an adult. Too bad this kid didn’t get a judge willing to reduce the sentence.

      • cindy

        A friend of mine has a 14 year old daughter that could pass for a Victoria’s Secret model, she is that beautiful and looks like she is in her 20’s. So yes, they are out there.

  • Angie Teasenfitz

    Serves him right. You should be more responsible with who you sleep with. Sex should be between two people that care about each other. Babies and STDs and legal ramifications are real.

    • Amanda Brailer

      Get off your soapbox. Society has changed. He should not receive that harsh of a punishment. You must be miserable to want that poor kid to endure this

      • The Darling Kinkshamer

        Society has changed, now men can have sex with girls without repercussions.

        • Marie

          Or without any remorse, consequences or caring. It’s all about just getting their D*** wet.

          • The Darling Kinkshamer

            So many people here are supporting rape, that disgusts me.

      • Angie Teasenfitz

        Apparently, the judge and many other people agree with me. May be kids will learn to at least get an ID of their lovers and know their name age and address! Plus, I’m entitled to my opinion.

        • Amanda Brailer

          So you asked girls for their ID before you slept with them or you never had to because you’re still a virgin?? You’re an idiot

          • Angie Teasenfitz

            I am a girl. And no, I only sleep with people I know and I know their families. I don’t just go on the internet and spread my legs for everyone. I’m not an idiot. Obviously, you’re a whore if you think otherwise.

          • Leisa Samson South

            LMAO… but don’t name call… “Angie Teasenfitz Amanda Brailer • 15 hours ago
            Also, if you have to resort to name calling, by calling someone an idiot to support your awful argument, your argument must be pretty stupid.”

          • Angie Teasenfitz

            Also, if you have to resort to name calling, by calling someone an idiot to support your awful argument, your argument must be pretty stupid.

          • Amanda Brailer

            Aww you’re a virgin huh? There’s nothing wrong with that. You just don’t understand how things work

          • Angie Teasenfitz

            I’m not going to argue on the Internet with a slutty troll that obviously sleeps with every idiot on the internet.

          • Amanda Brailer

            Is nothing to be ashamed of you don’t have to argue about it I completely get it now

          • Jen Christina Art

            She doesn’t agree and says you’re an idiot, so she’s automatically a slut? Talk about name calling. I’m assuming you’re barely out of high school at best, Angie.
            Thanks for your comments, though. They make me very very happy that I don’t know you in real life and aware that true ignorant people still exist.

          • Angie Teasenfitz

            Me: College Graduate
            You: Ignorant person that thinks everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot.

          • Angie Teasenfitz

            She’s calling me a virgin because I disagree with someone that sleeps around with random strangers they met online, suggesting that she begbehavesaves in that manner. She’s obviously being immature, she’s defending sluts, so you’re going to come be on her side. Obviously, you all are contributing to what’s wrong with society. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions.

    • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

      So you are ok with the millions of tax dollars it will take to make sure he checks in with his parole officer. Don’t forget the officers that make random stops at his house to make sure he’s home by his curfew time. And what about the classes he will have to take to make sure he doesn’t “reoffend” in the future? Yes sex should be something special between people that love each other but the sex offenders list isn’t for people that hook up and have a one nights stand. It’s for people that rape their child or molest their next door neighbor. You need to grow up and see the real problem here, not judge the way people have sex.

    • Austin

      No it doesn’t serve him right. A 14 year old girl, lying about her age, to have sex with a boy, is not much different than slipping a roofie. She knew it was wrong, that’s why she lied. If he knew she was 14, this wouldn’t have happened. Stop acting like the dude is wrong because he was lied to. With your logic, anybody who has ever lied to you, it’s your fault, and you deserved it because you believed it.

    • Austin

      You should really be careful who you associate with. If you believe someone that convinced you of something out of false pretenses, that’s on you, and you deserve the pain, heartbreak, and suffering. It’s your own fault.

      FYI: That’s how fucking stupid you sound.

      • Angie Teasenfitz

        Ever heard of guilty by association? People get sent to jail for being associated with criminals all the time. If you hang out with scum people are going to think you’re scum. Your argument is horrible.

    • bobby

      yeah because every time i meet a girl the first thing i say is “ok lets see that i.d. as i intend to stick my penis into you within the next 5 mins to 24 hrs” entrapments entrapment when i got home from the navy i dated a girl for six months before i found out her 19th birthday was actually her 18th i had no reason not to believe her, i met her in her college dorm i was 21 at the time, i was a little mad when i found out just for the fact that she lied to me, truth be told i wouldnt have dated her if i had known she was 17, her parents had no issue with it cause her father was 8 years older than her mom when they met we wound up only dating for a year and a half but it was a year and a half of happiness i would have missed out on if she hadn’t lied about her age, course now i prefer older women since women are so immature and lie about their age so often now

  • Mae B Home

    Absolutely not fair and when did this happen and how old was he at the time.

  • This happened in Indiana – the mother is likely frumpy, single and jealous of youth. I’m from Kentucky and the older “women” act the same way.

  • leslie

    Usually in cases where it is evident that the minor lied then they at least get off easier than this. I have a feeling the judge was feeling bitter that day.

  • Theresa Aberham

    The system is so flawed. Go ahead, ruin this kids life because of someone else’s lie… great job justice system.

  • Jen

    This happened to a person I know and the girl got off Scott free. I caught up with her later at our local mall and she was at it again. I warned the boy she was with but he just ignored me and ended up in trouble too. Sad

  • Christine Killen

    no I don’t agree that it is fair. Lots of teenage girls look way older than they are. She deceived him. She had no business being on a dating site at that age. The judge has old fashioned ideas…these things happen ALL the time these days…(not hooking up with an underage girl, but hooking up in general) Just because the judge was morally opposed to the behaviour, the boy got a ridiculous sentence.

  • Margie Delbert

    What about the real sex offender? Really where is justice? Ruin this poor kid life is not fair, what about the girl who lies she deserve a punishment

  • The Darling Kinkshamer

    This is a parenting fail–there would not have been an iota of a chance of a 19 year-old showing up to my house when I was 14.

    Sleeping with someone you’ve just met is pretty stupid and irresponsible, therefore I do not feel sorry for him. What’s next–whoops had sex with a 12 year-old because she claimed to be 18!!!!

  • Marie

    14 and already a slut.

  • Ash

    completely messed up.

  • Holley Holleman

    Whatever happened to the law of entrapment? What kind of mother allows her 14 year old child to have sex? What relief can a victim of the Court Procedures get from an unreasonable, impartial, prejudicial judge? He is doomed unless the media can focus on intimidating Anderson’s Judge.

    • janalyn

      I’ve got news for you, it’s hard to control teenagers. If you don’t have children, you would’nt understand. I’ve had three, believe me, it’s hard to control them.

      • Steven Rambo

        Just a little input, its not about controlling them, its about raising them properly. Trying to control them just makes it worse and anyone will agree with me there, you have to instill good morals and their youth and trust they will make the right decisions. Cuz if you dont trust them, they will only do more to deceive you.

  • Angie Teasenfitz

    14 is too young for an 18 year old to be having sex with. Its the law. If everyone disagrees with it, then change the law. In my opinion, it should be illegal. An 18 year old can coerce a 14 year old to do things they don’t want to really do. Like I said before, its about time people are being held accountable for the wanton sexuality that is occurring in today’s society.

    • cindy

      Did you not read the article? The girl lied to him about her age, he didn’t know that she was only 14. He didn’t coerce her into anything. If anyone did the coercing it was she doing it by lying to him about her age.

    • Austin

      Did you even read it?! The girl coerced HIM. HE was deceived by HER. It is NOT illegal for people to have sex after meeting online. It’s not like he was doing what Bill Cosby was. SHE lied. You must be a real feminazi to think that a kid’s life should be ruined because some slut can’t tell the truth and was on a dating site because her shitty mother wasn’t doing her job as a parent. This little gash hasn’t learned her lesson. He does NOT deserve this punishment. His only mistake was believing a lie.

      • Angie Teasenfitz

        You only get one side of the story. You don’t know the rest of the story. You are the same people that would be talking about a death sentence for a pedaphile.

      • Angie Teasenfitz

        He broke the law. The law states don’t sleep with underage girls. Its no secret what happens if you do. You would think young men would be more careful. Its not hard to check ID’s and get to know someone before sleeping with them. I agree with the judge. The law is the law for a reason. You don’t like it so much, go change the law.

      • Angie Teasenfitz

        And I was speaking in general, not specifically about this case. 18 year olds should not be sleeping with 14 year olds. The law was made to protect minors. You’re defending a convicted pedophilepedophile, whwhich is pretty sick. If an 11 year old lied and said she was 18, would that be OK??

  • Carolyn Lee

    the girl is young and is just following basic instinct as he did as well, he shouldn’t be listed for her lying but unfortunately its the law ,we must all follow it or it wont work let one off you open the door to multitudes of the same ‘its not fair’ he being the more senior should have thought it out a bit better ,anyone hooking up on the net just for sex is not thinking ,she is so lucky she didn’t wind up dead ,even him in that fact ,does not anyone watch true crime anymore? the news even ? lesson learnt for both hopefully

  • Browneyez Babi

    Not At all fair. The judge is basically making his own decision. She shouldn’t have been on the app. Mom even forgave him. Just wrong

  • Andreaka Broom

    This is not fair. The girl was been hot and horny. So why does only he suffer? She did lie about her age. I pray this young man gets justice.

  • janalyn

    If that judge thinks he can control the world by doing this he’s crazy. Children are going to use dating sites. Get off your high horse judge, you need your position taken away from you. He doesn’t need to be on the sex offenders list. That girl needs to qute lying. I know alot of them do.

  • Amber2011

    How is this fair? Girls don’t look their ages these days. She lied and due to the lie, he made a mistake and slept with her. The victim and her parents are on his side but yet the state continues to press charges. Don’t seem right to me.