After Texting ‘It’s Now Or Never,’ Teen Charged With Manslaughter For Encouraging Boyfriend’s Suicide

UPDATE: News of the involuntary manslaughter charges against 18-year-old Michelle Carter is making national headlines. The teen’s trial is set to begin on October 2. Carter’s defense attorney maintains that her boyfriend “brainwashed” her into supporting his suicide plans.

New information about Carter’s text message reveal that she understood the consequences of her actions. After Roy committed suicide, Carter texted a friend, admitting “[If the police] read my messages with him I’m done. His family will hate me and I can go to jail.”

Prosecutors are painting a dark picture of Carter, claiming that she researched suicide methods, lied about Roy’s whereabouts while he committed suicide and spent a week convincing Roy to not be afraid of death.

As coverage of the young woman’s texts spread, the hashtag #JusticeForConrad has been trending across social media.


“It’s Now Or Never” and “When are you going to do it?” are just a few of the things Michelle Carter, 18, texted to her boyfriend before his suicide. Now she’s been charged with involuntary manslaughter for her involvement in his death.

Bristol County District Attorney’s Office recently released a series of texts the 18-year-old sent to Conrad Roy III prior to his taking his own life, the Huffington Post reports.

“Everyone will be sad for a while but they will get over it and move on,” read another text Carter directed to her depressed boyfriend, who was considering suicide at the time.

On July 13, 2014, 18-year-old Roy was found dead in his truck parked in a lot. The teen died of carbon monoxide poisoning via a combustion engine.

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A few days before his death, police claim Carter began texting friends that she was concerned for Roy—who had gone missing—even though she was aware of his plan, PEOPLE reports.

“She continued to send similar messages to both (her friends) continuing to mislead them into believing that Conrad had already gone missing,” authorities said. “It is believed that Carter acted in this way because she was planning to continue to encourage Conrad to take his own life, so as a result she was beginning to put together a plan to get sympathy from her friends, which was evident because at this point she already started explaining that it’s her fault that Conrad is dead, even though he was still alive and speaking and texting with her regularly.”

On July 12, Carter messaged her one friend that she has called Roy and had heard a “loud noise like a motor” and someone in pain. She also messaged the friend that she stayed on the call with Roy for 20 minutes.

However, after his suicide, the 18-year-old girl also allegedly messaged the friend, “His death was my fault … he got out of the car, and I told him to get back in … because I knew he would do it all over again the next day.”

Though court documents show Carter sent Roy messages including “You have everything you need. There is no way you can fail. Tonight is the night. It’s now or never,” Defense attorney Joseph Cataldo claimed she was brainwashed by her boyfriend to encourage his suicide, South Coast Today reports.

She denied her involvement, saying she didn’t suspect anything was wrong when her phone disconnected as Roy committed suicide. Carter also told Roy’s mother days following his death that she “never tried harder at something in my life” than in attempting to stop him from killing himself.

“He was the most important person in the world to me, I saw my life with him,” Carter wrote to his mom. “I wish things could be so different now too, but you need to know that it’s not your fault. It’s hard to believe it now, and it may be for a while, but it’s something that you need to let yourself accept and believe, or else you will never truly live again. If anything, it’s my fault. And it’s something I’ll never forgive myself for. …”

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    Involuntary manslaughter is the only thing by definition of law that fits her crime… however, doesn’t mean I think she shouldn’t be locked up. She’ll more than likely walk away with less than five years, probation maybe.

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      Hope she never reproduces.

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    I think the worse thing about all of this…. She acts like this is funny and can’t be bothered about this young man she talked into killing himself. What’s wrong with this vile woman? I hope she’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Her attitude is reprehensible!

    • Kathy Mack

      I don’t think the prosecutors will prevail, it is sick and twisted but i just don’t see how she dance held criminally responsible.

      • Softballumpire

        How not she lied about where and what he was doing she lied about helping him she even admit she would go to jail therefore she knew what she was doing clearly

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    I am Soo Sorry for the Guys Family! He was seriously lacking in Character Though! How Selfish to Commit Suicide! Because another Human being coaxed them into it! What The Fuck!?

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    She still encouraged him, just for sympathy. Such a narcissistic motive, and hence, a narcissistic bitch. If she were my child, I would not just disown her, I’d have them lock her away forever as a danger to humanity. Using the death of people she “cares” for to make herself the center of attention…and contributing to it?!? REALLY?!? I’m appalled. Sick.

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    She does seem a little sadistic. ..But never the less he most likely would have done it anyway……Does she need therapy ?? Yes…Does she deserve to go to jail ?? I don’t think so…

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    Hmm…she may be evil but I think they will have a difficult time convicting her. It’s horrible what she said and what she did/didn’t do but I can’t see how prosecutors can hold her criminally responsible.

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    My mom encouraged me to kill myself on numerous occasions. She even handed me a knife. If this is going to stick, anyone who encourages suicide should be charged with at least attempted manslaughter. As for little Miss Hilary Faye, I hope the charge sticks.

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    She needs to die!!

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      No, she does not. She needs to seek Christ and ask forgiveness.

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    Why was he depressed to begin with? That was never said in this story! I bet she cheated on him!! She is a can’t ass bitches that deserves to die!!

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    Munchausen by Proxy taken to an all new level. So sad for his friends and family. His entire life was still before him. The death of someone you love is never easy to get over, but suicide makes it even harder to heal or come to terms with. Of course someone like the girlfriend could never comprehend that. She most likely is a sociopath which keeps her from feeling the normal emotions felt by others and to feed that sociopath, she feeds off of the miserymisery of others.

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    Omg. WTF. I don’t know if the state can actually make a case against her but her cavalier attitude is terrifying. Something is missing from her DNA. This is not the person you want your kids hanging with… His parents must be so heart broken amd angry. I would be.

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    Honestly, this is one of the most messed up things I’ve ever read. It’s sad to know there are psychotic, twisted scumbags like this out there. I hope she is dealt with appropriately, the attention-seeking little witch.

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    The girl is absolutely insane. But no matter what is said about her, it’s not going to convict her. Unfortunately, she’ll probably get away with it. I’m so sad for the boy’s family. They are more than likely devastated, and I’m sure they blame the girl for all of this. It will be even worse when she gets away with it. I don’t know what I would do if that were my son. I’d honestly want to harm her. Thankfully this isn’t my situation. As for the girl, no one in their right mind (aside from maybe her parents) will feel bad for her, or still be friends with her. She is going to be all alone, and that is just as well. She wanted sympathy, now she is getting none. Horrible, horrible human being. I don’t know where her parents stand in all of this, but there is no way I’d be able to support my daughter if she were this big of a monster

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    This just ruffles my feathers … She knew his mind was weak and she said everything she could to help kill him. I would not even put a (BITCH) in the same category as this sick, twisted, deranged female. Any dog is a better caring friend …