Man Arrested For Murdering Girlfriend And Posting Selfie With Her Corpse

A man identified only as Mr. Qin is being held by Chinese police on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend, identified only as Lin.

Mr. Qin's pic of his dead girlfriend. Via CCTV

Mr. Qin’s disturbing pic. Via CCTV

The murder is believed to have taken place in Nanning after the couple got into a heated argument. Police were led to Mr. Qin as the prime suspect thanks to a selfie he posted on the Chinese social network Wechat that showed him cuddling up to Lin’s corpse. That selfie was captioned “Please forgive my selfish love.

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After he posted the disturbing image, it only took a few hours for police to capture him in Wuzhou. Photos of the crime scene show a wooded area with a saw in the background. Authorities have reportedly refused to comment further on Lin’s death. The investigation is continuing.

Image: CCTV News Facebook Feed

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    That’s a sick man!

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    What a dick.

  • mandican

    At least these dumba$$es are widdling down the unsolved crimes and making it much easier to prosecute. Unbelievable.