CrimeFeed Podcast Ep #8: Special Guest Lt. Joe Kenda On The Sentencing Of Aurora Theater Shooter James Holmes

Darren and Loni CrimeFeed Podcast

Can’t resist shocking and outrageous crime stories? You’re in luck! Introducing the CrimeFeed podcast — the place to get your weekly fix on all things current and criminal. Experts Darren Kavinoky and Loni Coombs fill you in on the latest cases, huge trials and shocking stories ripped from CrimeFeed’s headlines.

Darren and Loni welcome a special guest, retired homicide Detective Joe Kenda, host of Investigation Discovery’s hit series Homicide Hunter, to discuss the sentencing of Aurora, Colorado theater shooter James Holmes, the coward who murdered a Texas Deputy as he pumped gas, and the lack of equality in criminal sentencing. Plus, Darren and Loni shares the cases they’re keeping their eyes on and this week’s dumbest criminal.

Listen to Episode 8: Death Penalty: All In Favor?



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