Daycare Shuts Down After Staff Admits To Drugging Infants With Benadryl

In the midst of an investigation, an Oklahoma daycare has been shut down after authorities found the staff drugged infants with Benadryl.

A medication used to treat allergies but that also causes major drowsiness, a former Sue’s Day Care employee told the Department of Human Services that the medication was being given to infants to make them sleep.

“They’ve come and confessed to what was going on in the daycare and all stated that they were ordered to give this by the owner,” Bryan County Sheriff’s Office investigator Jeff Wilson told KTEN.

More employees have admitted to partaking in this practice, reportedly at the orders of owner Beverly Sue Stair. Upon a DHS investigation, authorities found a bottle of unmarked Benadryl in the nursery, according to News Channel 9.

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“It’s a very dangerous and possibly deadly situation, Benadryl is not designed for the small children,” Wilson said.

Including Leslee Meade’s six-month-old son, investigators determined that seven children were drugged by their caretakers.Meade claimed she became suspicious about a month ago when her child would doze off in the middle of eating.

“Until the last month, month and a half, I noticed that he was coming home extremely tired.Then after he’d eat, he’d go to sleep, say 6 o’clock, and wouldn’t wake up until 6 the next morning,” she said. “I received a call from DHS saying they were investigating the day care for possibly giving the babies Benadryl to put them to sleep.”

The 20-year-old daycare will remain closed until DHS’ investigation concludes. Handing over the case next week, Wilson is recommending the Bryan County District Attorney’s Office file charges against the compnany’s owner, Beverly Sue Stair.

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