‘Ghost Adventures’ Stars Mark And Debby Constantino Killed In Murder-Suicide

Two paranormal investigators featured on the Travel Channel’s hit reality show “Ghost Adventures” are dead in a murder-suicide after a hostage standoff with local authorities in Sparks, Nev. on Tuesday afternoon.

Mark Constantino allegedly killed his estranged wife Debby Constantino, as well as another man beforehand, in what appears to be a domestic violence situation that escalated.

It all began when police were investigating the shooting death of Debby’s male roommate. When another of the man’s roommates found him dead at home, she realized Debby Constantino was MIA. After looking through Debby’s cellphone, cops found her estranged husband holding her hostage inside their adult daughter’s apartment near a school in Sparks.

SWAT teams reportedly showed up at the area after police heard Mark Constantino say, “Give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her.” They locked down the apartment and tried to talk Mark off the proverbial ledge, but they failed. After three hours, he proceeded to shoot Debby and himself.

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The couple had a troubled history. Debby was arrested for domestic battery last year after reportedly cutting Mark’s arm with a knife during a fight. Then, the Washington Post reports,Six weeks ago, Mark and the couple’s daughter, Raquel Constantino, allegedly kidnapped Debby. They were accused of strangling her and breaking her nose,” and they filed for divorce afterward as well has having protection orders filed.

Their colleagues and others in the paranormal community expressed their shock online. “A very tragic dark day,” Zak Bagans of “Ghost Adventures” tweeted, while co-host Nick Groff noted, “This is such a terrible tragedy.”

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