Man Disembowels Girlfriend With Bare Hands After She Says Ex’s Name During Sex

UPDATE (September 27, 2015):

Officials have released the audio of the 911 call placed by Fidel Lopez, 24, after disemboweling his girlfriend with his bare hands after sex. In the clip, he’s heard crying on the phone to the dispatcher, yelling, “Hurry up, she’s gonna die!” Listen to the disturbing clip below.


Warning: graphic content ahead.

A 24-year-old Florida man is accused of killing and disemboweling his girlfriend after she called out her ex-husband’s name twice during sex.


Fidel Lopez and Maria Nemeth. Photo: Facebook

Police responded to a 911 call placed by the accused, 24-year-old Fidel Lopez. Lopez told the operator that his girlfriend, 31-year-old Maria Nemeth, was not breathing.

Police arrived to find Lopez covered in blood on the floor of the bathroom with Nemeth. “There were also what appeared to be several chunks of bloody tissue on the floor inside the closet,” Officer Christopher Piper reportedly wrote in his report.

The door was also found torn off the hinges, a glass door was shattered and there were holes punched in walls around the apartment. Police discovered an empty bottle of tequila in the kitchen and the neighbors confirmed that they heard screaming coming from the unit.

Nemeth was pronounced dead shortly after police arrived and Lopez said the couple had been engaging in rough sex before she passed out in the bathroom.

Police questioned Lopez, who finally admitted that he turned into a “monster” after his girlfriend said her ex-husband’s name during sex. Lopez shut her in the closet, where the couple had apparently been having sex, and proceeded to trash the apartment.

Lopez returned to Nemeth, who was passed out, and brutally beat her, inserting a beer bottle, a flat iron, and both his fists inside her body. Then Lopez tore out the victim’s intestines and carried her to the bathroom, where she later died.

After attacking Nemeth, Lopez took a cigarette break on his balcony and tried to clean the apartment. Lopez is now facing first-degree murder charges.

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Photo: Broward Sheriff’s Office

  • Jane rousseau

    Unbelievable. … we all know the world has become a more dangerous place but this goes so far beyond the horrors of life today. This is a level of depravity that is straight up evil, a sick and twisted mentality. Scary

    • UE

      Really? you wouldn’t be happy reading the case files I have had to read for psych then -laughs- this is not as uncommon as you may think nor is it a modern trend for people to flip out and do graphically brutal and insane things.

  • msxmargo .



    Guess he was pissed

  • sweetjody

    Cant fix stupid! Why is he breathing our air!

  • Sylvester Tomblin

    The world’s sadly coming to a conclusion!

    • Josh Burnette

      People have been doing these kinds of things and much worse since the beginning of the human race. There has NEVER been a time when humans didnt harm each other in brutal ways. Sad, but nothing new. Doesn’t signify the “end-times” or anything else.

      • Chrissi Brown

        It has always had these sick people in the world but it’s gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse than it’s ever been! !

        • Pennyacres

          Although it’s possible I could be wrong, I honestly don’t think it’s gotten worse – we just hear about it more 1) because the Internet makes it easier to *get the stories out* to people who might not otherwise hear about them and 2) the media. They would much rather report on graphic, horrific, tragic stories because they are more of an attention grabber than the average or *feel good* story. These types of violent, horrendous crimes have been happening for centuries.

        • Ashley Day Sosa

          It actually hasn’t gotten worse. If anything, we have become more civil than we once were. If we look at our history, we can see the less talked about side of it. It was once not only normal, and accepted, but actually encouraged and demanded to do horrible acts against others. A woman that was raped was stoned to death as she no longer had value. Christians murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and tortured them in many ways. From babies and children to pregnant women and elderly, they had no remorse as they murdered one after the other for centuries. Hell we had a king kill wife after wife because he kept having daughters. And it was socially accepted. If you actually look into it, we are much better off today than we once were. Up until a century or so ago, it was legal for a husband to kill his wife if she no longer met his demands. This was so he could remarry without consequence. We think of the horrible stuff today as taboo and unacceptable because we have been raised on civility, but the horrors of our past were once a socially acceptable normalcy.

          • mcdyson

            It’s never been legal to murder your wife in any civilized country.

          • KWedel

            You mention Christians but leave out Muslims who have done far worse and continue to to this day.

          • Kristy Tauvette

            Oh my god…In the name of who? Who else? God…it doesn’t matter which God… organized religion has been responsible for countless deaths and crimes against humanity…”in the name of the Lord!” Raaaaaah as they rush in with daggers…and for what? Land usually…and let’s not forget “converting” people’s beliefs…get a grip people. We all need faith in something to get through the day…what does it matter where our faith lies…you are 💯% correct Ashley…we are far more accepting and compassionate as a society…every faction of life has extremists…and stereo types exist. It’s up to you to live your life. This man chose to react this way…and I’m sad he’s not from Texas. I feel horrible for this woman’s family who have to think about how her life ended for the rest of theirs… people need to have more respect and love for others. It’s appalling the comments that stem from someone else’s tragedy. Can we not just read or hear the story without giving our two cents everytime…nobody seems to be able to “mind their P’s and Q’s anymore”…whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say…keep your trap shut. Much love to those who give it…lots of love to those who need it…spare some love for those who don’t want it…one by one we can make this place better for all. OXO

          • Kerry Ann

            It most definitely has gotten worse! Christians haven’t murdered “hundreds of thousands” but were actually the ones murdered for who they were. Read your history before making statements you know nothing about! And besides, it has NOTHING to do with the barbaric acts of this SICK individual!

  • earnestlizard

    Clearly he had psychological issues before she ever came along! This is why women need to leave these unhealthy relationships when they realize things are getting complicated.

    • Martha Hanley

      “Psychological issues”? Common examples of psychological issues are low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, anxiety disorders phobias, etc.
      Calling him an animal is disrespectful to animals.
      This is *first* degree murder as, even though he beat her and viciously raped and tortured her [as if that wasn’t horrible enough], he continued and attempted to cover up the murder.
      I can only hope that he meets the same horrific and agonizing end of his life. No excuses = being impaired/drunk/high, etc.

  • Horrendous he must be a helleva plumber

  • Charles Moore

    “Florida Man” Strikes again.

  • Tracy Helmke

    I don’t think she said her ex name I think he is using that for an excuse for getting upset. I think he was having sex n just lost it.

    • Rixanne

      can y’all quit making up stories ffs. You were there. You know. Shut up with that lol How would that be “an excuse” for ripping someone’s guts out? Go back to crazyland

      • Carol Parker

        As it turns out, she said Donald Trump’s name, that would be enough to put almost anyone over the edge

    • Yvonne Rodriguez

      That’s exactly what my niece said.

    • mike 158

      I think you think too much.

  • Paul Taylor

    You can fool all the people some of time…

  • Dennis Draper

    Holy sh*t, this is by far the most horrific thing i’ve ever heard of, anybody doing outside of a horror show, this is totally crazy, please take this mans life…

  • al10380

    If I did this kill me I deserve to die .. Florida have the death penalty?

    • Omega U

      Hell yeah we do. And we’re not shy about using it! This sick psychopath needs a date with the needle.

  • Samantha-Jo Maurino

    This is seriously disturbing. I mean, jeez, I understand getting angry at your significant other for saying their ex’s name in bed. Lord knows I’d kick my boyfriend’s ass out of bed and out of the house if he ever said his ex’s name in bed. But what this dude did to her is so freaking sick. This guy needs to be in a maximum security mental institution for the rest of his life. There is something seriously wrong with him. He is very, very disturbed and ill. He’s a flat out psychopath. I feel so bad for that woman. What an awful way to die.

    • Jennifer Markham

      You really think there are mental institutions in this country? Not since Reagan

      • Megan Sullivan

        Of course there are mental institutions still around…are you serious? I interned at one during grad school.

  • Brandon Michael Mullins

    That guy don’t need to be behind bars! He needs to be beaten up for what he did to that woman. He sounds like a abusive boyfriend. He was treating her like a fucking slave. Because if she says her ex name twice, he kills her! But she wasn’t aware that he was going to kill her. But if she was aware, she will try to leave. Yeah he doesnt want her to leave. So he traped her In the closet to make sure she doesn’t leave. Then wait till she passes out then BAM! He tears her apart. It seems like he’s on drugs or something. And he needs to get his ass beaten up! If you truly love your girlfriend or wife and she says her ex name during sex, just go easy on her. Just warn her not to mention her ex name again. If she says it again, don’t do what this guy did. Just be nice to her and tell her that you would leave her or you kick her out if she mention her ex name again.

  • AmeliaBedelia

    This is awful.

  • Lisa Baugh

    I can’t believe these crazy people!!! Line them allll up and just drop them for their punishment. They won’t ever hurt anyone again!

  • BigPoppaSexy

    This is so messed up

  • Doc Jtroy

    It’s official, I’m done reading news for the day. This man is a new level of sick.
    I’ve been saying it ever since, the man in Florida tried to eat another mans face from bathsalt intoxication. Something is in Florida waters.