20 Years After Breakup, Man Shows Up At Ex-Girlfriend’s House With Sword

For 20 years, a New Jersey woman has been hiding from her ex-boyfriend, in constant fear for her life and safety. She left him after he became emotionally and physically abusive to her, she says.

On Aug. 3, according to Mass Live, her ex, 46-year-old Joel Latorre, allegedly tracked the victim down — after promising to do just that for many years — and was found outside her home with two swords, four knives, and a canister of pepper spray.

The poor woman called police. Authorities said that when they arrived on the location, Latorre was parked in his SUV in the middle of the road with his hazard lights on, with a canister of pepper spray dangling from his directional lever. He also had six lighters on hand.

After the arrest, the victim was able to get a restraining order against her ex. Police learned he was a wanted man — Latorre had been accused of violating three abuse prevention orders and other offenses from the 1990’s. The victim also claims that, when they split, he vowed to track her down and find her — he allegedly also threatened her children.

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Just this week, Latorre pleaded innocent after he was charged with two counts of carrying a dangerous weapon.

Latorre is reportedly unemployed and has a bail set at $2,500. The judge said he had been in default for 20 years now.

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