Woman Shares Photo Of Her 2 Kids, Dead Husband To Show Dangers Of Drug Addiction

When 26-year-old father Mike Settles died from an apparent heroin overdose, the devastated mother of his two children felt driven to reveal the “reality of addiction.”

Eva Holland 2Following his funeral, Eva Holland posted a Facebook picture of her, her two children, and a lifeless Settles in his casket with a warning to others who may be battling a heroin addiction (deaths increased fivefold from 2001 to 2013, according to CBS News).

“If you don’t choose recovery every single day this will be your only way out. No parent should have to bury their child and no child as young as ours should have to bury their parent. This was preventable it didn’t have to happen but one wrong choice destroyed his family,” she wrote in the post that has been shared more than 200,000 times.

In the now viral post, Holland explains how Settles first was addicted to pain medication, which escalated into heroin use. Addicted to heroin, the mother of two claimed he went to rehab and came out with a new outlook on life. According to the NY Daily News, in May, Settles posted two side-by-side selfies with the optimistic hashtags “transformation” and “healthy.”

“He got out right before Christmas as a brand new man. He had found His purpose for living again, he found his gorgeous smile again, he became the man, the son, the brother, the dad that we all needed him to be again,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, something as small as a toothache caused the 26-year-old to relapse — leading him to painkillers then going back to heroin.

Holland penned, “He said he could handle it, that he could stop on his own and didn’t need to get help again. Well he was wrong, last Wednesday he took his last breath. My kids father, the man I loved since I was a kid, a great son and a great person lost his battle.”

Following an outpouring of condolences and conversation, Holland posted a story of someone else whose life was apparently changed by her heartbreaking Facebook post.

She wrote, “I was walking downtown this morning. This lady ran up to me crying and asked if she could hug me. I thought she was just having a bad day so I hugged her. She said “I am a heroin addicted and was going to try and overdose last night but then I seen your post and you saved my life. I can never thank you enough!” So we stood there hugging each other crying. This right here is what it’s all about.”

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  • Rosetta Randall

    So heartrending! May his soul rest in peace…and may God give Eva d strength n courage she needs to raise those kids.

  • Mike Mickey Perretta

    I think it’s a good thing that Eve Holland did by posting this for everyone to see. Those who use drugs may not agree,but when there is a casket it will be to late . My family suffers from one of our children ( age 27) using heroin today ,missing out on his daughter and life .we as parents did everything we could. Drug rehab ( 2 times) paid his fines to keep him out of jail and paid his child support as well. We spent $1,000 of dollars in airline tickets to fly him home to be with us for holidays and his child. All we did was feed th fire. Everything was on our shoulders as parents while he reaped the rewards and used us .he continued to hang out with the wrong people and continued his drug use.first it was pot,then meth,then pills and now heroin. He covers his marks with tattoos. He says he’s a GROWN ASS MAN .hes not even close. I saw my step son a few days ago on th streets of Vegas with him new loser friends.i just drove off with out saying nothing .one day we will get a call to identify his body at the morg. Maybe after he’s gone that will be the only way to support his child .at least his child will receive death benefits from social security .this is not our only child.my other son ( age 32 ) is an alcoholic and he gave up on his child as well . At least my two girls at doing well .they both don’t want to be like there brothers.

    • Holly Baby Catkiss

      Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug. Isn’t marijuana a gateway drug?… Doesn’t it lead to use of harder drugs?
      This is totally untrue. In fact, researchers are looking into using marijuana to help crack addicts to quit. There are 40 million people in this country (U.S.) who have smoked marijuana for a period of their lives — why aren’t there tens of millions of heroin users, then? In Amsterdam, both marijuana use and heroin use went *down* after marijuana was decriminalized — even though there was a short rise in cannabis use right after decriminalization. Unlike addictive drugs, marijuana causes almost no tolerance. Some people even report a reverse tolerance. That is, the longer they have used the less marijuana they need to get `high.’ So users of marijuana do not usually get bored and `look for something more powerful’. If anything, marijuana keeps people from doing harder drugs.
      The idea that using marijuana will lead you to use heroin or speed is called the `gateway theory’ or the `stepping stone hypothesis.’ It has been a favorite trick of the anti-drug propaganda artists, because it casts marijuana as something insidious with hidden dangers and pitfalls. There have never been any real statistics to back this idea up, but somehow it was the single biggest thing which the newspapers yelled about during Reefer Madness II. (Perhaps this was because the CIA was looking for someone to blame for the increase in heroin use after Viet Nam.)
      The gateway theory of drug use is no longer generally accepted by the medical community. Prohibitionists used to point at numbers which showed that a large percentage of the hard drug users `started with marijuana.’ They had it backwards — many hard drug users also use marijuana. There are two reasons for this. One is that marijuana can be used to `take the edge off’ the effects of some hard drugs. The other is a recently discovered fact of adolescent psychology — there is a personality type which uses drugs, basically because drugs are exciting and dangerous, a thrill.
      On sociological grounds, another sort of gateway theory has been argued which claims that marijuana is the source of the drug subculture and leads to other drugs through that culture. By the same token this is untrue — marijuana does not create the drug subculture, the drug subculture uses marijuana. There are many marijuana users who are not a part of the subculture. http://www.auburn.edu/~schmigr/hemp.html http://cannabisdestiny.com/10-myths-about-marijuana-why-theyre-absurd/ http://forum.grasscity.com/tokers-qa/1233157-fact-marijuana-makes-you-lazy-unmotivated-anti-social-stupid.html http://www.perkel.com/politics/issues/pot.htm http://thoughtcatalog.com/charlie-shaw/2014/01/the-8-biggest-misconceptions-about-weed/

  • Jara Matthews

    What was he mixing with? People always call it a heroin overdose but its mixing that causes the problems. Benzos and opiates are usually the combo.

    • Amber Maigon Miller

      You think heroin alone can’t be fatal? You’re wrong, bud.

  • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

    I’m sorry but I think this is tacky and disrespectful to those children. They were supposed to be mourning the loss of their father not having a phot shot so mommy can have her 15 mins of fame. If she wanted to make her own PSA about her husband she could’ve taken just a photo of him and made a post. There has been a drastic increase in heroin related deaths in my area. But there is under no circumstances in which I would exploit my children in the saddest moment of their lives.

    • Monica Kraus

      Thats not exploiting them! We’ve all seen the pic of the frienx in a casket. Its the kids who REALLY lose! This is THEIR story.

    • Alek Carpenter

      Um? I’m pretty sure it’s a million time more effective to show your children in the picture. It really make you see the reality. Maybe there’s so many heroin deaths in your area because things like this don’t come to mind. 15 minutes of fame? You know Ms. pessimist, not everyone are fame mongers. Exploiting your kids? Your a classic case of a person who think problems can be fixed by acting like they don’t exist. If I where one of these kids, I’d want everyone to know, to understand, so this happens less to others. You can shrivel up and cry about it, or you can take action and help the world understand this issue, use your misfortunes to help others. Things like this can only improve through informing others. It’s nice to know that you’ll never make a difference in the world.

      • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

        First of all you know nothing about me so to say I think that I think problems can be fixed by ignoring them is the most ignorant thing you can say. I know more about how drugs effect a family than I EVER care to know. I’ve seen that shit first hAnd. Yes these kids should know what happened to their father. But what about the kids they go to school with? Do they need to know that these kids father was a struggling drug addict that decided he loved drugs more than them? They should be allowed to mourn…..without the entire town and now country knowing their business. You say it’s a million times more effective to have the kids in the picture. Cut the dead dad out and you would have no idea where they were. It’s just a family of 3 standing there smiling. Mom wants to make a difference in the war against drugs. That’s great. But haven’t these kids been through enough?? I do anything I could to protect my kids from any more emotional trauma and you don’t know how this picture will effect them. Yes it MIGHT stop one person from getting high. Or it might have strangers come up to your kids and start talking about their dad the drug addict. Oh wait…..they already do.

  • Sherri Johnson

    I don’t get why people are upset about this post. This women in here grief wants the world to know using drugs isn’t cool. In fact it kills I commend her .