Convicted Murderer Carves His Penis Into The Shape Of Egyptian Serpent God

Nikko Jenkins is a convicted killer with a predilection for self-mutilation. He’s currently in jail in Nebraska awaiting a final sentencing hearing for the 2013 murders of Curtis Bradford, Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Andrea Kruger, and Juan Uribe-Pena. If a current petition drive to reinstate the death penalty in Nebraska succeeds, that hearing will be a death penalty hearing.

The abundantly tattooed killer has thus far attempted to carve a Manson-style swastika between his eyes, cut his tongue into two so it looks more like a serpent’s, and even cut “666” into his forehead. That last attempt (which was made earlier this year) went awry because Jenkins had not taken into account that he was trying to carve the numbers while looking into a mirror. The “666” ended up looking more like three upside-down “9”s. After the botched “666” attempt, Jenkins reportedly told the court that he was under the command of the Egyptian serpent god Apophis.

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It appears that Jenkins’ latest self-mutilation was an attempt to bring Apophis to life. Jenkins reportedly carved his manhood up to resemble a serpent under the influence and voice of his beloved deity. The damage ended up garnering Jenkins a reported 27 stitches. Jenkins has reportedly let it slip to folks who work in the prison that he’s using the repeated attempts to carve unusual things into his flesh to bolster an insanity defense and claim that the prison refused to treat his purported mental illness.

Guards at the Nebraska State Penitentiary are mystified about how Jenkins keeps getting the tools he’s using to carve up his flesh. There has been repeated concern that someone at the prison is slipping Jenkins razor blades, but even cameras in his segregated cell and a regular watch checking on him every 15 minutes are not giving them any answers. If the prosecution’s assertion that Jenkins is doing this to not just prop up the insanity defense, but also embarrass the government, he’s not doing a bad job.

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