Incestuous Step-Siblings Kill Parents, Have Sex With Bodies Before Feeding Remains To Family Dogs

After admitting to murdering their parents, a step-brother and sister then dismembered them and fed part of their remains to the family dogs. And … it gets worse.

Dating for several years, 25-year-old Leandro Acosta and 22-year-old Karen Klein reportedly shot and killed the couple for abusing their 11-year-old twin brother and sister, the Daily Mail reports.

In addition to feeding parts of their bodies to the family dogs, Acosta and Klein also burned some of their remains.

Their crimes were discovered when the pelvis bone of Miryam Kowalczuk in a bucket placed in their Pilar, Argentina home.

As the investigation went on, details surrounding the incident became more gruesome. According to The Independent, Monica Chirivin, Acosta’s defense attorney, said he admitted to killing his stepfather and eating his corpse.

“He told me that he ate a bit of the corpse. For him it was almost a pleasure,” Chirivin told a local publication, Perfil.

Metro reports the attorney also said the 25-year-old performed necrophilia — aka had sex with — the body.

Pointing a finger, Karen Klein said she was forced to dispose of the bodies because Acosta threatened her life. However, one family member said that the brother has “changed” and it was actually the 22-year-old Klein who was running the show.

Though the defense claim Acosta was dealing with mental illness and acted out following years of abuse, police believe financial gain was the couple’s main motivation. Both (fortunately) remain in police custody.

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