Facing Evil Podcast Ep 1: Did A Mom Really Murder Her Infant So She Could Play A Facebook Game?

I’ve seen bad things and met bad people. That happens after 20 years in the FBI, 10 years as a Psychiatric Nurse and another decade reporting on crime with Investigation Discovery.

On FACING EVIL, I sit face-to-face with killers trying to understand what makes them do it, so others might avoid the same mistakes.

I am often asked “Are these people evil?”

That’s for you decide.

Listen to Episode 1: Alexandra Tobias

In the premiere episode, I explore the Alexandra Tobias case.Tobias was portrayed as a negligent 22-year-old mom, so caught up in online gaming that she murdered her three-month-old son because he was a distraction. How could anyone really do such a thing? Candice goes behind the headlines and prison walls to find out. Serving a 50-year sentence, Alex is still a young woman, with a lot on her mind.

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