Wife Accused Of Stabbing Husband For Saying Another Woman’s Name During Sex

A Florida woman is facing serious charges for purportedly stabbing her hubby while having sex.

Christina Balazi is accused of stabbing her beloved in the neck, chest, and head, the Palm Beach Post.

The victim told authorities he was at home when the couple decided to get amorous. After taking off his clothes, the 39-year-old Balazi got on top of him in an “intimate” position— but then put a sheet on top of his head and repeatedly stabbed him.

According to a police report, the husband felt a sharp pain in his neck and removed the sheet, only to find his wife over him with a kitchen knife in hand. He got up and ran, his wife following him with the weapon, saying “I’m tired of this,” the NY Daily News wrote.

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Following a brief car chase, Balazi claimed the incident occurred because her hubby had said another woman’s name during sex, authorities noted. Treated for non-lethal injuries at a local hospital, the husband claims his wife has bipolar disorder.

Charged with first-degree attempted murder and fleeing and eluding, Balazi is being held on $105,000 bail.

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