Man Allegedly Beats His Grandma To Death With Hammer For Blowing Her Nose At Dinner

A man in Minnesota is charged with murder after reports say he allegedly beat his grandmother with a hammer after being upset with her for blowing her nose at dinner.

On Oct. 15, CBS Minnesota reports that 35-year-old Timothy Steele’s mother called 911 about the death of her loved one. Officers in Dakota County say that when they arrived, they found 84-year-old Agnes Steele dead from blunt force trauma.

Authorities say they didn’t have to look far for the suspected killer. In fact, the woman’s grandson was still sitting on the couch and seemed extremely calm about the situation. When officers began to question him, CBS Minnesota reports that he told them, “I killed my grandmother.”

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The news station says that, in a post-Miranda interview, Steele told authorities he was not only hearing voices, but had been upset with his grandmother for a couple of reasons. First, he believed she’d caused a hole in a jacket he owned and he was extremely annoyed that the victim had been blowing her nose at the dinner table earlier that evening.

The report says at some point after dinner, Steele went up to his bedroom, where he was stewing about the incident. He became “fixated” on the “feeling of mucus in his mouth” and he claims he could smell mucus – all because his grandmother had been, yes, blowing her nose.

It was after he apparently started hearing voices that Steele went back downstairs and allegedly found a hammer. The news station reports, according to the criminal complaint, that Steele said he would feel better if he killed the old woman. So Steele went into her bedroom and hit her in the head with the hammer at least seven to eight times.

After the brutal killing, Steele wanted to kill himself as well – but his mother, who was also in the house at the time, talked him out of it and called 911.

Steele’s bail is currently set at $750,000 without conditions and $500,000 with conditions, CBS concluded.

Agnes Steele lived at that home for more than 50 years before her tragic death.

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