Mom Charged With Pimping Out 12-Year-Old Daughter For Money, Gifts, Trip To Hawaii

A mother in Colorado is accused of pimping out her own young daughter for money, gifts and a trip to Hawaii.

ABC 6 says 43-year-old Julie Anne Greiner allegedly allowed her 12-year-old daughter to have sex with a 23-year-old Australian man – for her own benefit.

The inappropriate relationship began back in 2014 when the report says the child met 23-year-old Thomas Keski online. Jefferson County District Attorney spokesperson Pam Russell said that Internet relationship eventually turned sexual.

At some point, the man in Australia began to ship thousands of dollars to Greiner, along with electronics and jewelry, ABC 6 reports — and the girl’s mother did not turn it away. In fact, the report says she used a lot of the money to pay rent and bills, about $10,000 worth.

Fox 31 obtained the arrest affidavit, and 14 pages of the report detail exactly what was given to the mother. The report says some of that money was used to buy an engagement ring for the little girl — a gift from the suspect. There were sex toys discovered as well — items believed to have been shipped to the child for photos and video chats.

At some point, Keski wanted more than just online sexual fun. Reports say he arranged a trip to the United States — accompanied by his own mother — to visit Greiner and the victim at their home. The four of them then left for a vacation to Hawaii, believed to have been paid for by Keski.

ABC 6 reports that, during that trip, Keski slept in the same bed as the 12-year-old while both moms shared a room nearby.

The Jefferson County District Attorney announced the charges against Greiner this week. They have formally charged her with pimping of a child, sexual assault of a child with a pattern of abuse and human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude. Greiner is being held without bond.

No word on how authorities caught wind of this, but they say Keski is under arrest in Australia and he has been charged there.

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  • brooke schmidt

    so sick

  • Kathy Patterson

    this is unbelievable!! how could a mother do that to her own child???? they need to put that bitch in general population and then announce over the speaker what she’s there for! aren’t there enough sick SOB’s out there doing this? now we have “mothers” doing this. i just don’t get it!!

  • leslie

    The ‘Mother of the Year’ competition is really heating up…

  • Miriam Correal

    The Law must definitely must put an end to this type of behaviour.People need to ban together and speak out and to their children, children will talk amongst themselves, and this is how We can find out about the children that come in contact with other chldren. !

  • Rixanne

    and she had 3 other kids. an older boy and a young boy and girl about kindergarten age. All parental rights should just be instantly gone. and as much as I hate that those kids are the ones who are gonna suffer for that, at least they’ll have a chance. There’s no chance with someone this messed up in the head.

  • Michelle Velez

    This is NO MOTHER, This is a MONSTER, Thank GOd she was caught no telling what the 5 yr old was being prepped for, she would not have st30opped, she would kept on and hurt all of the rest of these kids, I think that the girl with a lot therapy can heal from this, Never will she forget and she doesn’t need to forgive! This was the ONe person that above all others was there to protect not Pimp. This woman should never be allowed to be around her children or any other kids again in life, She needs to get charged with White slavery Law interstate transportation of a minor for the intent of Prostitution. THat should keep her behind bars for 30 yrs while her kids grow up and forget her!

  • Brashard Bursey

    This mother was pimping out her own 12-year-old daughter!? That’s just plain nasty and sick.

  • Ceci

    How sad. I wonder what her sentencing will be. She allowed her daughter to be raped by a pedophile. She should be forced to have a hysterectomy and life imprisonment.

  • Janice

    This is terrible.