Real-Life Salem Witch Sues Warlock For Harassment

A self-described Massachusetts witch priestess is suing a warlock after accusing him of harassing her for three years.

Lori Bruno-Sforza of Salem claims the “world’s best-known warlock,” Christian Day, has harassed her over the phone and online for several years. And the judge saw her side and granted her an order of protection, the Boston Globe reports.

The trial was a circus, to say the least. For example, the 75-year-old witchcraft store owner testified, “I can see into my own future. That’s why I’m here today.” Recieving death threats on Facebook, Bruno-Sforza said she wanted to protect herself from Day, a man who she once considered a friend.

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“I am a woman! I am not somebody’s footstool,” she exclaimed.

Dressed in a yellow outfit — a far cry from his typical all-black attire — the 45-year-old warlock didn’t testify. However, his lawyer claimed their 27-year friendship fell apart after a deal in 2012, when the witch priestess decided to split their business, the New York Post wrote. Despite the bad blood, Day is well-known throughout the witchy community as the founder of Salem’s Festival of the Dead.

Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of Bruno-Sforza, saying that the evening volume of calls carried out by Day were excessive. Storming out of court during the ruling, the 45-year-old claimed he would appeal the order.

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  • amyetkind

    In the interest of full disclosure, Christian Day is a personal friend of mine and Mrs. Sforza is a former teacher of my coven’s. We didn’t leave on bad terms, just shifted direction.

    There was no proof offered of the existance of the phone calls. It’s her word against his. Harassment by telephone is still a federal offense. Where are the police reports? He got calls every night for over a year and he reported them to the New Orleans police Every. Single. Time. And who issued the death threats? He didn’t. Even at his worst, he’s not THAT stupid. He has every right to appeal. He asked for, and was denied, a continuance, as his own lawyer was ill. He wound up having to use some lawyer lurking the halls and they were given only 30 minutes to prepare. He wanted to testify, but the guy he was stuck with didn’t want him to, without prep time. He’s also offering a $10,000 reward for proof that he made those calls (if they even happened).

    • ladyopal

      he is a lawyer what a crock, and I doubt anyone will ever see that money he is all talk…. he got what he deserved. he does this all the time and then cries “wolf”

  • Xen Mistress

    Did she cast a love spell on him that she couldn’t undo?

  • ladyopal

    Christian does to many people then denies any wrong doing, he is a self centered bully who thinks his life is the only one that matters. I am glad he got no sympathy from the courts.He got pushed back, poor baby,I know him and I know many who know him, cross him in anyway and he tears you apart in many ways. So please spare me the boo hoo, Amyetkind, he is a sham to the entire pagan community. have the proof of calls made to others. he know what he does, he just got caught and some one fought back good for them! he is a showman and a bully when it comes your time to be on the receiving end let me know how that works out for you.