Wind Advisory On Bridge Helps Woman Escape Ex Who Kidnapped Her

A woman who had allegedly been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend was able to flee to safety on Sunday when the car her attacker was driving was stopped due to a wind warning.

According to 13NewsNow, the woman, of Powellville, MD., first called 911 from her home and reported that her ex had broken in and was kidnapping her. When officers arrived, according to 13NewsNow, they found “forced-open door and an open Glock handgun box and ammunition,” but no one was home.

They were able to trace her to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and learned that her ex, Phillip James Timmons, had a domestic-violence history as well as an active protective order against him.

Timmons was stopped by authorities because he had two surfboards on the back of his truck, and wind restrictions necessitated that he remove them. While the boards were being unloaded, the victim managed to hop into the driver’s seat of Timmons’ truck and drive to a police car. She told the officer that “she had been kidnapped and Timmons was armed.”

After a short struggle, Timmons was reportedly remanded into custody, and was taken before a Virginia magistrate on kidnapping, abduction and firearm-related charges.

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